Sudden Attack

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A free Korean MMOFPS that is currently in closed beta.

Total Rating: 7.88
Reviews: 8

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Post Date: 18:01 24-12-2011
Rating: 10
Author: lumlehsumleh
Comment: If you have played games like black ops, or call of duty, it's more of a game where you use different perks, electronic,advanced guns. Suddenattack is a simple game where ur true skills show. there are no camping spots, and whenever you kill a person, it's gonna be a face to face combat. it is highly addictive, and i still play it.this game uses the mouse and the w a s d keys. this game is a very strategic game. In korea, they have a channel on tv for gameplays of this game, because it's that popular! As you get used to the game, u will be joining different clans, and clanwaring. that's when two clans battle for victory. there are over 50+ weapons. the new suddenattack updates allow users to complete tasks, and there are new tasks everyday. it's like black ops's "contract." I definity reccomend trying this game if your into shooting games.
Tip: if you plat this game, aim your crossair on the third line from the bottom of the wall at all times. This is where the enemies head will be. it allows you to get a quick headshot kill. One Shot, One Kill.

Post Date: 13:54 11-11-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: A pretty nice game. Too many hackers though. It's not the best though, but probably one of the best :S

Post Date: 01:48 11-11-2011
Rating: 10
Author: lumlehsumleh
Comment: AMAZING GAME. Although there are a lot of hackers. Most of FPS game originated from this. This came out in 2005, so basically all the other FPS games copied from this. Really cool. Best FPS game I've ever played.

Post Date: 21:46 17-10-2011
Rating: 7
Author: rooneyray
Comment: Sudden Attack is a good game.

Post Date: 16:57 29-03-2011
Rating: 10
Author: nick_wainsmith
Comment: IT's not as good as CS was and it could be alot better. If this had graphics nearly as good as Cod or Halo, it would definitely attract more players although it technically already has nearly a few million players registered worldwide.

Post Date: 01:44 31-12-2010
Rating: 3
Author: Adrian
Comment: This game reminds me of Blackshot and Sudden Attack. Graphics suck, not a whole lot of maps, few modes to choose from.

Post Date: 03:34 23-09-2010
Rating: 8
Author: woolimis
Comment: It's great... a lot better than counter strike, but my pc is slow and the game lags due to slow connection. Unlike call of duty or halo, you can't aim your gun. With grenades, you only get one, but that adds the challenge of the game. You get 100 health and you could actually survive a few wounds as long as they're not vital shots. Headshots are instant kill, that is if you have deadly aim.
The game works on a point system and a cash system as well. you earn points for every kill you make and for participating in certain games and rounds. You also get experience based on how well you play a game.
Everyone starts out as private, and you rank up through experience points.
I'm a total noob when it comes to shooters, but i just play for enjoyment. My death to kill ratio is probably the highest in the world, about 7:1. But i've already ranked up twice and have only played for two weeks.
I only know of three servers currently. The North American server, The European server and the Asian server.
For best results, play in the server of your continent, or the one that's closest.

Post Date: 01:00 12-02-2009
Rating: 7
Author: notch
Comment: I can't playe yet because it is closed beta but the screen looks cool.

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