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Syrnia is the new online adventure land where the rules are set by the players. Are you able to discover the land of Syrnia, are you brave enough to beat other players on skills as mining, smithing,cooking, fishing, fighting, farming,magic,thieving and many more?

Total Rating: 4.25
Reviews: 16

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Post Date: 21:32 10-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: Syrnia shares some of its graphics and gameplay with Runescape. However, since it is text-based, the grinding works much better for me than in Runescape. I give Syrnia a 9/10 mostly because it is completely free, and because it doesn't require constant monitoring, only every 5 minutes or so.

Post Date: 17:34 22-02-2009
Rating: 2
Author: Wa1ker
Comment: I've played this game for over 800 days now. And I would have to say, that as of late, this game isn't really worth your time.

Updates are few and far between, and the updates the game gets are not the most important on the list. It seems to be more of a way of hushing up the voices of the game for just a little longer.

World chat is a place to avoid. It is packed full of stupid ignorant people. Don't get me wrong though, there are some decent people out there that are nice, and that act mature. But on the whole, this isn't the case.

Quests, there aren't too many of them. About 23 in total I think. And for the thousands which play, and for the hundreds with high levels, this doesn't suffice.

The owner gave the idea of frequent updates, and that the more we help the game the more it will improve (be it by donations or getting more people to play) how wrong this statement was.

If M2H gets a grip, and starts caring about the game once more, I believe it could hit its potential. As things stand though it is far, far from reaching this.

Post Date: 01:50 29-01-2009
Rating: 5
Author: george nile
Comment: Lies there is not 5 chats much more. There is announcement chat [0] pirate chat {6} guide chat[89] mod chat [99]? Could be wrong on that number. and some other chats mods can view probably who mutes what or when. Mods were ok before now they just are terrible they should vanish from the tags, some can stay though. But the forum mod though man he stinks I say get rid of him I ask a yes or no question and he goes all up in a fit stupid mod. Either than that the game is good. 5/10 because of the mods.

Post Date: 12:37 11-01-2009
Rating: 1
Author: funeral
Comment: After playing this game for just over a month (6 weeks), I have to say it totally sucks. There are 5 chat channels available and you get punished for using the wrong one! There is a forum available but you get punished after you reply to the jerks that slag off on you. I finally quit after I was asked to donate towards the game, even though on the home page it says it's a free game. I suppose the game could improve after time, but you have to put up with a real lot of abuse to do it. I wouldn't recommend this game to a single player. (Maybe as a group you may be ok)
My ratings:
Community - 2/10 You have to spend a lot of time finding players that are nice and polite
Gameplay - 0/10 Even though there are 11 skills, the entire game is combat skill based.
Quest - 1/10 Basic quests are available to new players, then nothing.
Overall - 1/10 There are 000's of other games available. Avoid this one for a while.

Post Date: 23:21 04-12-2008
Rating: 5
Author: eXoZmM
Comment: Challenging, fun, and friendly is basically what this game is. Half of the community is friendly(Which is more than you can say for most other games) but there is still that part of the community that can make you mad. Why do I stress the community? In a text based game, community is everything.

Community - 7/10 - Why not start off with the part of the game I would most like to review? The community is really home-like and friendly, if you want it to be. The community in Syrnia is in no doubt friendly, but it's more of a clique, kind of like the popular kids at High School. If your not popular, they don't really pay attention to you, and just the same, it's hard getting into the popular group. The popular group runs the game basically. It's those people that you only see talking, and rarely see any new faces. The game really needs a better community base.

Gameplay - 6/10 - Very challenging, but completely time based. To mine 1 iron ore it usually takes around 90 seconds, and that's every single time. So, exp goes slow. The gameplay is also a lot like RuneScape. Either Syrnia or Runescape stole some skills from each other because they all have the same skills, and they are run the same way. The only difference is, you don't get a character(Though M2H, the creator, said he will input graphics in the future)

Quest - 1/10 - Almost no quest support, and the quests they have are horrible. Just forget questing, stick to leveling.

Overall - 5/10 - I'm being VERY giving on this. This game is good, but the community is wrecking it. It's worth playing if you can get past the jerks/moderator-want-to-be's and find some good, nice players and a nice guild. I say give it a try, forget about the community and play the good gameplay. Hope this review helps!

Post Date: 20:31 17-06-2008
Rating: 6
Author: qqqwwweee
Comment: ok..syrnia(and yes i am qqqwwweee the #1speed king btw..msg me in game)

this is my fair and just review of SYRNIA...

1.)game: it is basically runescape with out a moving guy that is 3d...this is the best part...actually playing...u can play and b on other websites for people that r online all the time u can play and do ur thing at the same time..if u jus played syrnia u would get VERY bored

skills: the best part of the game...and it is chalenging...(players like kyouji have played over 17000 hours)if you play syrnia to b in the top..i sugest at lest 6 hour days or ur not gonna go very far in the highscores...single skills r fun and u have a fair chance at becoming #1..there r 17 things to b best at: the 15 skills a tl and a combat

quests: forget them they r bad..exept for bluebell which is neciserry for majic skill..and a few select others


community:i say very poor...most people r jerks or weirdos...or the most horney losers u can find(lol)..but seriously alot of people r mean spirited

chat: this is basically the only thing to do excluding skills....but i would sugest not...definatly stich with clan chat..though some can b boring as not alot of players r in a clan at times...regular chat is boring and useless..and the r alot of accasional spamming that gets annoying

forum: it is nice to post on if you get bored...i would say alot better then chat

all in all this game is not for everyone it takes alot of time and determination and is very hard comparred to games like runescape(which i like jus as much as syrnia...maby more)

Post Date: 03:36 01-02-2008
Rating: 2
Author: jim_vierling
Comment: Skills:

There are 15 different skill catagories which is not bad at all. However a couple of them are set up to where leveling them is ridiculuos for an all around player that likes to do their own work. The game also allows thieving from other players, which in my opinion doesn't say too much for the person that came up with the game. Everything is timer based and how many other that are doing the same thing that you are doing does affect how long it will take you. That only applies up to 15 other players, but really sucks. Any reductions from leveling or getting better equipment are very small. The game is not very interactive at all. Meaning it is click and wait out the timers until the next bot check. Bot checks are entering a series of numbers at varied intervals between 10 and 20 minutes.


Laughable at best. The quests in this game could have been thought up by a 6 year old. Quest rewards are so bad that many are simply not worth the time to do.


Apologies here to the 20% of the community that are not bad, but the rest of the community here sucks. The game is pretty much more of a chat with a quaint little game around it than it is a game that has a chat. It is a community full of space cadet morons, complete idiots and total jerks. There are actually rules that are supposedly enforced, however the enforcement is inconsistent. The moderators are also players and some of them play favorites when it comes to punishing rule violators. Which in turn makes the game corrupt. Other moderators tend to use the "ahh you just need a hug" approach which lets the idiots and jerks continue to be idiots and jerks.


Yes there are clans in the game, unfortunately. Some of the clans were formed simply so the members could have a separate place to chat. Can't say that I blame them with the disgrace that is world chat. The rest are there because the members are just too feeble to actually play the game for themselves. Having members specialize in doing one thing and feeding the materials to another member to do something else with them is like cheating. It is pathetic. This is also part of what makes the community suck so bad.

Text Based:

It is a text based game. Which means that there are no avatars or little characters running around.

All in all, the game is barely worth playing at this point. Hopefully the game designer will pull his head out of his butt and clean it up.

Post Date: 13:55 13-04-2006
Rating: 0
Author: kobra_strike
Comment: poor game im disappointed .. thought it would be better

Post Date: 02:44 13-01-2006
Rating: 5
Author: smile0987
Comment: this game looks good can i play it ?

Post Date: 04:53 23-11-2005
Rating: 2
Author: wuheros
Comment: ... boooooooo, right on Mr. Peel

Post Date: 18:43 28-09-2005
Rating: 8
Author: CrazyMidget
Comment: Very good game, just takes a little patience. Stick with it for a week or so and you ll love it.

Post Date: 04:10 09-09-2005
Rating: 1
Author: suckish
Comment: none

Post Date: 21:23 01-09-2005
Rating: 5
Author: donovan
Comment: none

Post Date: 18:37 23-07-2005
Rating: 5
Author: james hipkiss
Comment: none

Post Date: 20:40 09-06-2005
Rating: 2
Author: Mr. Peel
Comment: Obvious self-plug.

Post Date: 14:33 09-06-2005
Rating: 10
Author: m2h
Comment: Excellent, i used to love RS, now I love syrnia, its ways better. I dislike Runescape now.

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