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A free, online, multi-player game you can play without fancy and expensive software. In this unique quest-based game, advancement is measured not just by your combative prowess but by your ability to solve the varied puzzles and problems located throughout the land. These quests can vary from retrieving a lost artifact to repairing a tear in existence itself. You'll get to know people from all over while figuring out the multitude of challenging puzzles. Give us a try! TF offers a unique experience in the MUD (Multi User Dimension) community. Deriving its origins from the Dirt code base, this extensively re-written engine offers a substantial set of unique features. These include a full economic system with banks, merchants and tradesmen, a quest hint system, game characters with intelligence, newbie-friendly administrators, a custom-written learning area, interactive puzzles, over forty unique quests, a fully redesigned magic system, plus plenty more!

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Post Date: 14:31 15-11-2004
Rating: 5
Author: andrew_xl
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