The Mafia Boss

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Become a boss of a crime gang where you will have the choice to collect money from your casinos, loan sharks and gambling dens. You could also produce drugs, liquor and Counterfeit money. You will use bribes, and minor crimes during your daily routine. You will embark in street wars against other gangsters for control. You can bring your gang forth to join a Crime Family with a well structured hierarchy or even form your own Crime Family. The options are endless under a proven business logic with extra scope for illegal businesses and use your legal businesses to clear out the money.

Total Rating: 4.00
Reviews: 1

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Post Date: 01:17 29-03-2007
Rating: 4
Author: Brand_ME
Comment: The Mafia Boss is a R18 game, no downloads and easy to set up, u can only play on 1 computer, if u play on another computer u will be classed as cheating and get ur character will be deleted. Each round is 10 days long, when u get in u usually get attacked by the more exp players straight away, usually u get spammed with invites to mafia families (Best to join a good one). There is no fighting sceens, but u can attack and get attacked. I haven't seen the whole point of the game yet. All it is just using turns (Start off with 2000 turns and $500 mil, you get 25 turns every 10 minutes) hire thugs, bodygaurds and hitmen as ur defence units, card dealers, Whores (sorry for the name), bootleggers, hustlers and punks as ur operatives. You have a choice of how u want to collect money, u can pimp ur girls, get ur hustlers to hustle, force ppl to gamble high from ur punks or from ur card dealers. You can produce Coke, Drugs,Alcohol and counterfit money. You also have the black market, where u can buy or sell products that u have producted, Buy weapons (ranged from Glocks, shotguns, uzi's and AK-47's)and transport (ranged from Chrysler 300, S-Class Limo, Gulfstream Jet and Boeing 737-400). It's a time consuming game and usually when u log off u get attacked by afew ppl.

Take Care All and it worth a try

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