The Prophets Song

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A free massive multiplayer online RPG, Where you can choose to play a character from 10 different races. Each with it's own unique history and abilities. All you need is a browser to join a world where you can interact and compete with other warriors, crafters or questers, all within the persistent Universe of a Dragon's dream.

Total Rating: 5.50
Reviews: 2

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Post Date: 08:26 14-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: mantewarless
Comment: Prophets' Song is an excellent example of gaming with a retro, combined with complexity of character, and the ability to play in coordinated teams as well as an individual. The flexibility of gaming styles with this game is limitless, dependent upon your choices.

There are three different servers allow you from one player account to play in different environments, thus allowing you to have characters whose attributes are totally different in development. Depth of characters is amazing as well. You can develop as a crafter, calling on any combination of 12 different general skills, training and practicing your art, in order to excel in producing armors, weapons, potions, rings, and various enhancement items.

As a warrior, you can train one or all of the 14 different weapon classes to either be a strong pacifist, or a blood-thirsty warrior who only counts the heads strung around his neck on a string.

The number of races available vary according to the three servers, and each has unique natural abilities. You can play as a nimble swamp-dwelling imp, a ravaging ogre, a blood-thirsty vampire, and many other race types (even a rotting walking ghoul always in search of replacement parts for his degrading limbs).

The game play itself is a clean interface, with an easy to understand structure. The beauty is it allows you to actually move through menus with ease, allowing you to access everything your character deals with, without having to click through various menus, whether it is for skill and weapon training, building a town, crafting, or just moving about the lands.

The battle menu also puts everything directly into one screen. When in battle, you can access your inventory, change weapons and armors, cast spells, or flee to fight another day. All battle information is auto-refreshed on the center frame, giving a round by round report of the clash as it happens.

You also have the flexibility to play both individual and coordinated play, allowing you to have an individual feel to game play even when working with other players.

The resources available to the player are limitless, allowing them to enjoy a sense of understanding in the game.

With an Admin team that is ever responsive, and public channels available in IRC, this game has the ability to at times leave your heart pounding due to last minute raids, as well as challenge your abilities to balance time and efforts for crafting, training, and exploring.
This is a game you will not only enjoy playing solo, but also playing with a group of friends. You will find the community surrounding the game is always quick to give help and teach the different aspects of the game.

Post Date: 09:21 22-06-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Pri
Comment: The game has potential for good stuff, but has been mismanaged for so many years that its once glorious player base has dwindled into near extinction.

It's outdated 2D map and graphic design is nice in a 'retro' kind of way and the game mechanics provide for interesting PVP, but nothing can save this game from the poor way it's being run by a group of people who seem to keep driving the game into the ditch by their decision making.

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