The Saga of Ryzom

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Three generations ago, the proud civilizations of Atys perished in the Great Swarming, when hordes of Kitins swept from the Prime Roots and wrought war and genocide. Now it is time to reclaim your heritage. Join forces with thousands of others, master the arts of sorcery, war, and tradecraft, and re-forge the destiny of your people. The secrets of the past have been lost, but the Saga of Ryzom has just begun.

Total Rating: 7.63
Reviews: 16

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Post Date: 05:51 27-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: yarrow
Comment: This was an extreme good and unquie game. I loved it. Saddly it wasn't advertised and went unnoticed by so many ppl who could have loved it and helped make it truely shine.

I tell everyone I know about it. And would love this game to make it and rise up the ranks of truely awesome mmos.

Post Date: 05:32 02-10-2008
Rating: 8
Author: cenovis
Comment: Update on the game: It has now been picked up by yet ANOTHER company and at the moment is F2P. The issue now is that the community is completely stagnant. Because of all the issues with the game dying, and being revitalized only to die again, all the sane people have left. What we have left over is a community full of emotionally needy people who cling to this game like it is a life raft in a sea of despair (aka real life.) Needless to say, coming into this environment is not very attractive to the new player who just wants to try it casually. They are friendly enough, but once you get to know the people in this game you will be disturbed by the unhealthy behavior. For some people this game is more real to them than real life, and some of the drama that goes on in this game brings a whole new meaning to the word "ridiculous." Please do not hesitate from trying the game, but bring your friends. We need normal people to play again.

Post Date: 18:11 10-10-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Cenovis
Comment: I put off trying this game because of the difficult client downloader (please guys, a single file download is better for those of us with high-speed connections) and because I'd never heard of it. What a mistake that was! I have now maxed out all the newbie skills on newbie island and am waiting to see whether the game will be picked up again before I pay. It is totally worth the money.

Pros: Graphics are great. In screenshots I thought it looked so-so, but once I logged in I was pleasantly surprised. The characters, world, and everything are all so unique, you will not play another game like it.

Skills?! My god, there are plenty... and you can edit your skills and change the way they work! Want to increase your casting range? Well, simply learn the cast range modifier and edit the spell you want to increase in range. Later, change your mind and remove the range modifier to save mana. There are lots of modifiers to learn, and different levels to each of them. You can apply all of them, or pick and choose the ones you want depending on the situation. Cool, eh? The PVP an PVE potential is enormous with this.

There are other skills to learn, too, like gathering and crafting. In most games these skills just suck. They're poorly implemented, don't contribute much to the game, and aren't fun to do. Ryzom changes all this. Everything is made by players (and signed by them) and resold by NPCs. There are so many different ways to make items, because there are so many different materials which affect different aspects of defense (like dodge or parry, slash or pierce etc.), and you can also learn skill modifiers for crafting that infuse your items with HP, mana, etc.

Gathering is also fun because there are so many variables to it. Prospecting is like playing a game of marco polo; one that rewards you in riches. I hated it when I started, but then I learned to use modifiers I realized how great it could be.

There are many aspects of this game that might be a little confusing at first, so you will need help with them. Don't be afraid to ask questions in universal chat. The players I have chatted with have been mostly friendly and intelligent, the only people who've ignored me have been other newbies on newbie isle.

Cons: Nothing is perfect, including Ryzom. The original company that owned this game went bankrupt, and now the game is in limbo. There are several groups interested in buying it but whether they will or not is still undecided.

This has led to several problems in the game, one being massive lag and downtime. Lately, the game has been unplayable due to lag. I was lucky enough to start in a time when the lag had temporarily cleared and got to experience the game as it was meant to be. An interesting, but annoying, aspect of Ryzom, is that when you lag your character moves in slow motion. I can't tell you how very, very, frustrating this is. The more you lag, the more you slow down.

I have also read that the game has not been developed much since the original company went bankrupt so there aren't very many quests. It's up to you to make yourself useful when you finally move off newbie isle, but I hope this will be remedied in the future.

Overall, this game has been extremely enjoyable for me and I would recommend it to anyone who likes unique, and interesting game play. This is not a grind-until-your-fingers-bleed game, it's actually got content. Play it before it gets the axe, just so you can say you did.

Post Date: 02:17 08-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: sieges
Comment: It will be a shame if this game goes under. I started playing about the middle of Summer 2007. It is, by far, the best MMORPG I have ever played. Very beautiful, diverse, completely original and the community is just wonderful.

Post Date: 18:31 12-08-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Toastage
Comment: played alittle bit of it and I was very surprised at how good this was considering I had never even heard of it

Post Date: 04:36 26-07-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Dragonac Silver
Comment: Hello and im here to say that this gam is most stupid thing ever!!!!!!!!! Whenever I play this game it reminds me of Guild Wars because of the graphics and paying to play this laggy game is just stupid and it so hard to understand and get the hang of! I would buy the 50$ Guild Wars Nightfall and be happy

Post Date: 02:09 12-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Nightfall5
Comment: Looks awesome!

Post Date: 13:01 07-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Naatti
Comment: G-R-E-A-T game! There is really a lot to do, not just fighting. Crafting for armors, weapons and jewelry and harvesting the raw materials needed gives this game so much more content. If you have played Runescape, you get a pale glimpse what Ryzom is. Only everything is better done there's more of it.

Graphics has a fairytalish, story book style, but is 3D and very good and pretty. Characters and animals are well animated!

I've played many games, but the community in Ryzom is the nicest I have found. Partly I guess this is, because Ryzom isn't all about fighting. The game doesn't seem to attract people who are all about hack and slash and pking. The players seem to be more grown ups than quite young people. There's always game masters online, who help you in case of problems. And other players are very helpful: just ask in the public channel and you have soon people who offer help.

The world in Ryzom makes much more sense than in most of the MMORPGs. When you kill an animal, it will not drop swords, leather pants nor money. But you can get teeth, horns, skins and other stuff from animals, which you can sell onward. Also selling stuff that you dig from the ground or items that you manufacture, gets you the money.

In the wilderness, the herbivors move in herds, and are hunted by carnivors. Herbivors are peaceful, but carnivors attack you when ever possible. The animals eat, they stretch and scratch themselves. The world just makes so much more sense than in other mindless RPG-games.

You can play in the starter island for free as long as you want! The mainland has monthly fee, which I think should be a bit less (the only thing that Im not happy about in this game).

Post Date: 05:52 14-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Nevarine
Comment: i just like everything about this game, i dont know why they sell it for $5.00 at gamestop, its one of the best mmos out there, but it just didnt start off right for the fans, i have never even heard about it until a couple of months ago

Post Date: 18:47 24-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: loerdcraexy
Comment: This game is the best game i ve ever played.. pawns wow and all other !!!
give it a try folks;)

Post Date: 18:16 13-02-2006
Rating: 6
Author: ttussok
Comment: I played this game for the free trial, and I have to say it has a lot of potential. I like the multi class system where anyone can be anything, the graphics are awesome, and the experience and battle system is pretty good. On the other hand, their hit detection system is very bad. Invisible walls are everywhere, even on cliffs and beaches 3 feet above the water. The map is also very difficult to understand, as it doesn t show much detail.

But any flaw in a game is fixable. I think this game will be 3rd behind ddo and wow with a little fine tuning.

Post Date: 01:07 07-01-2006
Rating: 3
Author: skranken
Comment: Horrible controls and movement. I cant understand why people give this game a 10. A 10 is something you rate PERFECT! And how can this game be perfect??
Ive been playing both the BETA and ive had 1 month subscription after that. 1 month should be good enough to give this game a rating! Buggy, slow and REALLY hard to learn!

Post Date: 01:46 26-10-2005
Rating: 9
Author: Banger
Comment: A little expensive for not being known but still very fun.

Post Date: 12:23 28-06-2005
Rating: 2
Author: aegis
Comment: none

Post Date: 21:25 23-03-2005
Rating: 10
Author: zheel
Comment: I started playing this game about 2 months ago and I must say that I m very impressed with many aspects of it, from the beautiful graphics to the ease of use the user interface gives. This game is highly customizable and the players are very friendly. If you want a game with a truly unique story and new characters and mobs, then give Ryzom a try, it s free for 2 weeks!

Post Date: 11:24 21-03-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Enfinity
Comment: I ve been playing MMORPGs since late 1998.
So far, this is by far the best MMORPG I ve found.
The graphics in this game are absolutely astonishing, so very impressive.
I got EQII right before I found SoR.
I decided to try the 14 day trial.
On my 4th day, I set EQ on the curb after many years of game play and let EQII rest right beside it.
I ve also played DAoC for a couple years, Horizons, and many more.

This game is absolutely wonderful in my opinion, but not enough people are aware of it!!

Check out the trail, it s free, you get it for 2 weeks, which is long as it is.
You can find the trail at:

I know you ll love it, spread the word!

BTW, one of my favorite things about this game is that you re never stuck with one class.
One character can be EVERY class.
This saves a ton of time and frustration for me if I get tired of working on a skill.
I used to have a bad habit of what we call "re-rolling", basicly just keep making different chars until you re happy with something.
Not the case here. Do whatever you want, whenever you want.

This game is huge, too. I ve been playing for a while now, and I never run out of new places to explore.

SoR RawKs :o)

Love and Light,

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