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Hollow is a FREE online, web based Multi-User Dungeon (MUD). With a community of over 5,000 active players, there is bound to be someone online 24 hours a day!

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Post Date: 17:19 25-04-2010
Rating: 0
Author: Connely
Comment: Fun gameplay, but many rules that do not even truley apply to the game. You may NOT talk about ANYTHING UNRELATED to the game. So you people who like talking about that awesome football game last night, are rudely interrupted to sit in an admins "office", being hasstled and insulted about your actions. I highly reccomend Hollow hires a whole new team of admins and reduce "Jail time" for those who have broken simple little rules that were never meant to see the light of day! I swear, I said something about swimming in my pool at home, and they gave me a week of "Jail time". They are extremely rude and abnoxious! I reccomend not even wasting your time on this!!!!

Post Date: 21:28 08-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Leofloren
Comment: First of all, when they say this game doesn't need graphics, they hit the nail on the head. This game is excellent. I'm actually glad there aren't pictures to distract from the essence of it.

It is a unique browser based RPG, with many interesting races, although it doesn't do overkill on it. Many people enjoy playing as a vampire or lycan, and those are offered on Hollow.

The combat style is interesting. The community appears friendly, intelligent, and humorous. It can be as challenging as you like to make it. I recommend it to all.

Post Date: 16:27 05-12-2005
Rating: 5
Author: silent_hunter4321
Comment: none

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