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Toribash is a turn-based fighting game. Create your own martial arts movies in single player sandbox mode, or join the competition in the multi player modes. Focus is on tactics rather than reaction and button mashing. The game features physics, full dismemberment, decapitation and comic style blood.

Total Rating: 8.11
Reviews: 9

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Review Archive

Post Date: 08:51 04-08-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Marks
Comment: For me it is very good game.Graphics is good.It can be played online and there is much that can be done.

Post Date: 00:03 15-02-2013
Rating: 8
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: This game is awesome you can create your own moves in single player and its turn based i like the graphics and the blood looks pretty cool to if you ask me

Post Date: 16:05 10-04-2011
Rating: 7
Author: Adrian
Comment: If your into turn-based fighting games, then this would be the game for you. I like how you can create your own movies in single player...7/10.

Post Date: 09:22 10-04-2011
Rating: 8
Author: EcLuD
Comment: Hahaha, really the game is very entertaining and fun, but the graphics are very simple, but hilarious! RECMA it! 8 / 10

Post Date: 01:33 24-09-2010
Rating: 8
Author: RandomZ
Comment: A unique game because it's one of those few fighting games where you don't spoil your controller over it. Steep learning curve, and funny gameplay cause you're basically fighting with sticks

Post Date: 13:40 27-06-2010
Rating: 8
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: Toribash is a great game, and I really want to rate it higher. But, it does have one inherent problem. I'll talk about this later in the review. Firstly...

Graphics: 8/10
Graphics are simple I admit, with just two opponents to render, and both being basically stickmen. However, this has a purpose. It keeps you focused on the action instead of anything else (and in most fighting games, are you focused on the background or the fighters?). The stickmen-like combatants are also integral to the gameplay system, which I'll explain later. Finally, there's a lot of gore in this game, which adds to the 'fighting feel' of this game, but careful if you're squeamish!

Gameplay: 8/10
Now, on to the main topic of this game. The gameplay, which is the backbone of this game. Toribash uses a very unique combat system that is based on body parts. Yes, body parts. The reason why the combatants are stickmen is because it allows the game to show the major BODY PARTS of the combatants (for example, the abs, the knees, hips, the elbows...). The game splits the body up into several body parts, and combat happens in frames, almost as if you are editing a video when you're playing it.

You can choose how many frames to advance by, but what happens is:
You can contract or relax specific body parts.
You then advance the frames, and these body parts would be contracted, or relaxed as the frames progress.

You repeat this step over and over again, and the idea is to contract and relax body parts to make your combatant move and do something.

BUT, this is the inherent problem of the whole system. It is VERY hard to master. The learning curve, to me at least, is practically vertical. There are many body parts to choose from, and first time, you wouldn't know how to make your character do ANYTHING, let alone even execute a punch.

There are tutorials in the web, with some people posting step-by-step video tutorials of how to execute moves. I did these, and they worked, I executed punches, even a decapitation on a still AI. But I didn't know how to do anything else. To play Toribash, you'd have to know exactly what each body part will do when you contract/relax it. And then you'd have to contract/relax specific body parts to execute the moves you want, in ANY situation.

Unless you are an expert on martial arts, and what each muscle does in the body to execute a particular move, or even for the body to jump forwards (believe me, this is VERY complicated), Toribash will be very daunting to a new player. That is why I gave up on it, because I just couldn't be bothered to figure it out.

Conclusion: 8/10
The game idea is great, and it includes MULTIPLAYER! But, the very steep learning curve lets this game down a LOT.

Post Date: 17:44 28-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: termntr
Comment: great game, come up with your own technique, or copy others, either way, it's an easy game to learn, but hard to master.

Post Date: 05:04 16-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: wadjet2
Comment: ok... This game ROCKS! The really cool thing is, ther is literally NO limit to the amount of moves to pull off! What I mean by this is that you actually move the joints themselves to make your guy move.

I rate M.
graphics 9/10 Cool
innovativity 10/10 WOW
gameplay 9/10 awesome.
Dev. support: email them and expect an email back in 10 minutes! (most devs at least lol)
learning curve: 3 hours... but its a fun 3 hours lol

Master curve: to tell the truth, probly never... 240 hours to become an expert though

Post Date: 01:28 19-01-2008
Rating: 9
Author: mmoking
Comment: Tricky to figure out, but has has a good tutorial, and if you have a good system, very good graphics whith great shadding. Once you master the art of toribash, you can pull off sick moves, smashing you opponents head off of "decaps" as they call them. Once you have mastered your moves, you can go online and decapitate people from all over the globe. Once you have gotten the hang of it, Toribash provides hours of hilarious, gory fun.

My rating: M for intence violence, blood and gore.

graphics 9/10 simple but sweet.

inovativity 10/10 you need to play it to see.

gameplay 8/10 complex but fun

Dev support: lots n' lots

learning curve: 2 and a half hours

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