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Trickster Online is the ultimate MMORPG for adventurers from all over the world on a mysterious island hidden in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Following the sudden death of the eccentric billionaire and founder of the world�s largest game company, Megalo Company, the Trickster game was begun. Following the final request of the recently deceased legend, Don Cavalier, Megalo Company established the world�s largest and most advanced virtual reality game. The game covers the entire island of Caballa, and only by joining the game can one hope to unlock the mystery of the late Don Cavalier�s true final wish. Where did the island come from, what special secret did it hold to so entrance the founder of the world�s greatest game development house? What riddles will be answered? What adventures lay ahead in the ultimate creation of a game designing master? Join the quest with adventurers from all around the world, and find out for yourself, in Trickster Online!

Total Rating: 6.36
Reviews: 33

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Review Archive

Post Date: 00:33 26-10-2011
Rating: 7
Author: lumlehsumleh
Comment: Trickster is a very fun online game to play, you can get many items, and complete many quests. It's like maplestory but it's kind of 3-D. More people should play this game, to increase the fun.

Post Date: 05:28 12-07-2011
Rating: 5
Author: Razzmatazz
Comment: This game was rockin back in the day when it was still in open beta and a few months after that. People were actually drilling for equips that had 2 slots, Everyone was making a party to kill a boss or just plain grinding. But as soon as they started selling equipment/pets that had uber stats in myshop, the game practically started losing people. No need to party if you wanna kill a boss anymore, no need to drill for equipments because myshop offered 1,000% better equips.

Nowadays this game is just plain boring
1.Community is not as good and friendly as before
2.Boss die in less than 10 seconds from a single player because of myshop equips
3.PvP fails because everyone can just 1 hit/2 hit kill everyone (myshop equip's fault again)

So basically if you like playing games that offer godlike items in exchange for your hard earned cash then this game is for you.

Post Date: 05:09 22-08-2010
Rating: 4
Author: bearylx3
Comment: So i was bored and decided to check out reviews for this game and amusingly, most of what i wanna say is already said. i also played this game for bout 3 yrs on and off and after ur level 200, there is really nothing for u to do. might i also point out how annoying myshop/cashshop items are beginning to get and breaking down the game's economy. it is so difficult to get a unique boss set without spending 24 hrs a day on the computer or u can buy it from some1 else which will cost u bout 500mil or more, good luck cus i dun even have that amount and barely even passed 100mil in this game.

i'll admit the graphics are cute and i love the music in a lot of places in this game. it brings back old memories when i first played it many summers ago. this game is free to an extent, but what good is a free game in which there are no actual in-game pets, accessories, "face" accessories that are for level 200 and up? everything is either event, myshop or gacha. i feel like they purpsely do this to make ppl spend money in this game.

and cus this game brought back memories, i decided to give it another chance recently, and i was disappointed in how awful it became. ppl in this game are not as nice anymore, ingame weapons and stuff are extremely expensive for the decent, and if not those, u either spend real money or get nothing. the vibe i get playing this game is not the same anymore, it used to be fun and appealing, but this is what happens when a game that is good gets carried away. poor trickster

Post Date: 00:12 14-08-2010
Rating: 5
Author: AyeitBriAn
Comment: Dude... this game.... I loved this game 3 years ago when it was beta?? This game was AWESOME, I loved the pvp, the ability to make your own shop and the graphics. Not that many people had myshop too so it was alright using in-game equips. Today everyone uses myshop and your character can't really be strong compared to them without myshop. Idk what happened to the prices of equipment in the game it's like an economy crash or somethin. Beta times were probably the best:P. 6/10

Post Date: 20:03 06-08-2010
Rating: 5
Author: mycon24
Comment: Sorry, I meant Ice Bears in SNOW MINE** not Tapasco, a big mistake. I forgot my password on the username I used for the review and for some reason I could not get it.

Post Date: 16:42 02-08-2010
Rating: 4
Author: mycon23
Comment: First of all, I have been a player since BETA, about a few weeks after it opened up and I can honestly say, this game HAD a lot of potential. The graphics are quite cute, and the gameplay is easy to get a hold of.

As many people say, there are pros and cons in all MMORPGs. But honestly, there are no pros here unless there are cons. And also, NO MMORPG is EVER entirely free, and Trickster Online has proved itself one of them.

Why this game had potential about 3-4 years ago:
1) The community was nice and no one was rude.
2) The game did not rely on heavily boosted cash shop items.
3) The company and GMs focused more on the players.
4) The game had an actual in-game economy.

What about now?
1) The game is heavily geared towards only money...greedy and pathetic. Over 3/4 of the community relies on cash items for better stats. Not only is the in-game equipment a failure and a smack on the face, but most of these so-called good in-game equipments are actually from old events! which means there is a limited number of them which inflates the price dramatically. I spent money on many cash items for boosting my stats, if I can hardly survive in areas I should be in (i.e., Ice Bears in Tapasco), then imagine how is anyone going to survive without cash items?
And boss equipment? Yeah sure, some people killed a boss 500 times and did not get a single drop. Want to buy a level 35 Golden Sword? You"ll get the money once you"re level 125, where you will need a much more powerful sword than that. Can the boss equipment compare to the cash shop? Despite what people say, NO it cannot. Boss sets are extremely expensive, unaffordable by the average player, and they do not have all the boosts and perks that cash shop items have, like face accessories, head accessories, speed accessories, etc. Whoever says boss equipments are just as good as cash shop items are just trying to justify this game.

Without cash shop items, you will be killed easily in PvM and definitely easy to be killed in PvP and GvG. If you do not want to waste your money to boost your stats or get lured into one of their "random box" sets, I suggest you not play this game. You can refine your equipment in-game (free), but if it breaks, you have to PAY real money to fix it which is ridiculously stupid.

2) The game also lost its economy as now anyone who spends real money can get in-game money by fusing untradeable cash items to sell for in-game money (galders) You can sell myshop (cash shop) to higher level players when you"re like level 40 and have more galders than a hard working level 200 person.

3) Capes? You can forget about getting a cape unless you want a cheap time limited one from their cash shop. The rest require you to spend a ton of money or you can try in-game ones which are watered-down versions that do not even boost the stat you may need. OR you can have that level 50 person play Gacha (which requires real money) and get this rare 4G5 card which is.. ODDLY.. tradeable for in-game money. So again, if you have real money, you can get easy in-game money.

If you do not spend money in this game, it is a pure JOKE! I am not being biased, but rather truthful. I honestly felt this game had so much potential in the beginning where things were not heavily aimed towards greed and money. The game HAD an economy where Sense types and drillers were able to sell their drilled up items and equipment for galders. Now, anyone can be rich regardless .. as long as they have real money.

4) And now, all you have is random annoying beggars trying to trade you, message you, follow you and annoy you everywhere you go. Why? Because galders is not easy to make anymore and it is all Ntreev"s fault. They are so lucky they are making money off people who actually spend thousands of dollars supporting this game, otherwise it would shut down immediately, as the support is awful, it does not even work on Windows Vista for most people, and definitely does not work on Windows 7, unless you have 64-bit which requires major tweaking. So generally speaking, I can estimate about a few hundred people are on the Jewelia server and probably a few thousand are active on the Fantasia server.

I am pretty sure if this game wasn"t all about real money, other players would not be so discouraged to play and more people would actually enjoy this game. I cannot even introduce this game to other people because I do not want them to think I lured them to playing a game that requires mostly real money. It is a real shame because I loved Trickster Online so much! But I guess all good things come to an end.

Post Date: 16:53 01-08-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Zephyrus
Comment: Hmmm I played this for few times....let me try to give the ideas of pros and cons:
1. Story is quite challenging as you goes on, pretty good for the people who likes challenge.
2. introducing drilling system, you can drill to the ground to get valuable items and exp.
3. There're interesting classes different from other games: cardmaster, explorer, Entertainer, etc.
4.The pure build can be really hard from the start but you'll get extremly powerful at the end.
5. It's a cute game overall, cute character, monster, etc. It's pretty good for people who like cute stuff.

1. The classes are single-gender based, for example, you want to be a elementalist but you need to be a girl ._.
2. Most of the skill and combat sprites looks like the same expect buff skill and magic skill.
3.The npcs need to work better, I have even see a npc said: "Ok, I'll give you a free Daily Fortune since you're such a moron." WTF!?
4. Angel system might be helpful, but sometimes you might get bad person who try to give you wrong idea ):
5.Most good equipment need to buy from cash shop, if you see the players. At least more than 70% have a item from Cash shop.
6. Quest items is somehow hard to get, you need to go to a specific spot and drill it for a long time, it's wasting time.

Recommendation: It's a ok game, not really bad and not really good, you can try it if you're looking for a chibi-based game.

My last comments: Remind yourself people, there's no perfect game yet, there are always pros and cons between each games.

Post Date: 18:52 12-06-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Ichigohollowfied
Comment: This game was okay? idk its hard to say a friend recommended it to me but it seemed too 2-d to me.

Post Date: 17:07 02-04-2010
Rating: 3
Author: Alper123
Comment: Good game, unfortunately it doesn't even offer u anything, so it isn't a kind of a game like "Wow, that's great!", this a kind of a game like "Oh, OK, I knew this, I was doing it for 3 hours"

Post Date: 05:32 13-05-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Vashh
Comment: I have played this game for about...oh say, a year maybe two years now. I have to agree, the music makes you want to kill yourself, the non-optional grinding that must take place before you can actually enjoy part of the game.

The quests are okay, they are different than most i have played before, but I can truly say that for this pathetic game, its fun to do! Except the killing monster quests where you can run around for hours on end and find out mages or tougher high level characters are stealing your kills.

THE DRILLING SYSTEM SUCKS BALLS!!!!! I seriously hate the way this friggin turned out! I hate the whole aspect of drilling! I had to drill for 4 hours, i kid you not, 4 HOURS to find ginseng root. One! And i needed two! Almost three-fourths of the game is set up on drilling quests which is good for some because they might like it because its definetly different, but its SOOO pathetic, i would take grinding 55 hours over this stupid drilling system anyday!!

The community sucks as well, i mean when your lower than level 30 its fine because you get the angel system that you can call on level 120 players with and have they P-lvl you or answer your questions, help with eusts, etc. but the fact of the matter is that there is nooone after level 30 that helps you. the angels just see it as another way to get their angel icon (which is a small angel wing that changes colors depending on how many people call on them then reach level 30) to show off to their loser higher levels that call them noobs because they needed help.

The graphics are very kiddish and cutesy. I liked it ebcause it had an anime-ish cartoony look to it which appealed to me. I gotta say though the SOUND EFFECTS are stellar! I mean you get a critical hit and its like PSHHH! it sounds cool :]

But most of that, its all bull anyway, because trickster all in all is a grinding, non-helping/friendly community, time wasting, most pathetic game i have played thus far. I definetly rate you trickster revolution, a 5. Be proud because thats high on the scale for me -.-

Post Date: 05:09 20-12-2008
Rating: 8
Author: xxxlunarii
Comment: GMs don't talk to you much, only at O/X events...and even then they ignore most people
graphics are nice, event stuff is good, and the quests are different, so you don't get too bored.
Guilds are nice, but they die in a few months...smaller guilds die in weeks
and the music is just horrible, i've found a few people who like it, but i keep the sound off most of the time
it's a good game though, very cute

Post Date: 08:34 06-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: earisu
Comment: nerdboyxxx is a retard so I'm giving this game a higher than what I'd usually give it score to help balance the score, it's not fair to give a game a score of 2 just because you "don't want to view the page so badly", there are many games that don't appeal to me but if I don't want to look at them rating them would make me a complete idiot.

You can't judge a game based on graphics alone (omg it looks pathetic and childish cause it's colourful, seriously?), a lot of people seem to like Maple Story and I think it looks horrendous, and since I've never played it I won't rate it.

Anyway, Trickster is a fun game, I love the leveling and most free MMORPGS have the whole "collect x of this" or "kill x of this quest" but I find it fun and there are lots of other things to do when you get tired of questing like drilling and selling and buying items, sything weapons and so on.

I also love the graphics, reminds me of a cleaner Ragnarok Online game, the music is similar to RO as well.

The online shop has lots of stuff to purchase as well if you're willing to put in real money into the game.

The only draw backs for me are:

The character creation, they should be more varied jobs and species and a species shouldn't be limited to one job, they should also have male/female choices for each species as I love the dragon class but would like to be female.

The support team. I asked a question on site and opened a ticket about a year ago and it never got answered, it was a minor thing (nothing about not getting paid for items or anything) so maybe that's why it never got answered but I still would have liked a reply.

All in all this game is great fun for people who want to play with friends and is good for those who either take MMOs seriously or not.

Post Date: 09:44 27-08-2008
Rating: 2
Author: nerdboyxxx
Comment: I cannot rate this game, but I can't stand to even click on the image to be taken to the site. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't rate or comment on a game I haven't played, but this game looks pathetic and childish...I'm giving this game a 2

Post Date: 02:58 12-08-2008
Rating: 2
Author: DerrickNX
Comment: To me I think that once your like level 20+ it gets quite boring. The skills were horrible but if you get high level with a Dragon you can own all the monsters.But graphics suck monsters arnt creavtive too.

Post Date: 04:45 14-06-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Theleio
Comment: Well, I can say one thing about Trickster Online; it's got the potential to become a great, involving MMORPG. But there are many downfalls that severely hinder this game's chances of making it to the top. Here's my review.

Graphics/Sound - The graphics are phenomenal. The sprite-based anime style looks better than most other games I've seen, and it even adds an enhanced 3-D look and feel to some environments.

The sounds are kind of cheesy, with your standard "pow!" and "crack", and the background music is just plain average. You won't find a bleaker soundtrack.

Gameplay/Difficulty - Oh, you can say that the game's got its perks...and the gameplay is no exception. They have a unique card based skill and combat system, which you equip a card to a skill slot and use the card to activate the skill. It's really unique, and offers tons of room for customization. And you still have the traditional point and click attack.

But difficulty...that's a different story. After you reach about level 35, it gets to become a CONSTANT (I can't stress that word enough!) grind fest. Think Maple Story with a different environment, and you get Trickster Online. The enemies are fairly decent, and the bosses are overpowered (just like they should be).

Events/Quests - The quests are bleak. Most are just your standard "go collect (x) amount of item and bring it to me for your reward" and the ever famous "if you kill (x) amount of this type of monster, then you'll get a reward". Lame. VERY lame. I can play Maple Story and get more fun out of that.

The events aren't so bad, but they're very rare. I find admins and Game Masters online ALL the time, but they rarely do anything with the players at all, save if they need help or assistance.

Community/Guilds - The community is decent. In the course of the two weeks that I played it, I made about 12 good friends (who are now playing RuneScape and Guild Wars along with me!). And there is absolutely no problem if you want a party; they're everywhere, and I mean that. About 78% of the people I ran into were in a party of three or more players. I find that but uncommonly among most free MMORPGs.

And joining a guild is actually quite hard. Most all of the guilds I tried to join (I was level 28 when I attempted to join), all had a certain level requirement. And when I asked the guild leaders about this, they said it was to ensure "maturity". I don't want to go into how many ways that's incorrect.

And that's about it for this game. I'll give it, overall, a 7 out of 10. It's worth the play, it really is, but it's not for the hardcore gamer.


Worth the play for a while, but it does get repetitive and boring. Worth the download.

See yall round.

Post Date: 23:38 14-03-2008
Rating: 7
Author: akiflyer
Comment: the grafics are kinda cute and u have alot of classes to choose. you can also drill around...and have ur own house. Kinda fun, but wayy too much grind and few cash... you also find freaky players! @[email protected] Oh and there is a card game which is pretty fun to play.

Post Date: 06:54 08-03-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Skylinez
Comment: this game is the sequel of maple story with more graphic's and better ideas

Some good ideas Pets - cards - shop etc
but there are big cons

Unimaginative gameplay you could say its simply
Grind grind grind...and then listen to horrible music while your at it ...only difference with most mmorpg's is that you get the option to drill instead of kill click on the ground and a random item pops greeeaat..

Uninspiring Quests most of them are exactly what you picked up 5 mins ago

Few events and group stuff but then again its just mainly grinding with potions or shooting from range endlessly with a gun
Community is good

Overall if you are looking for a pve game with some good ideas and a decent community and cartoon looks its basicly a average game with never ending leveling etc

Post Date: 14:25 12-02-2008
Rating: 8
Author: stev444
Comment: I like this game and how you can sell stuff from your own shop, drilling you make a fortune.

I love the wide selection of pets but i reckon there should be a few more armour sets and quests.

Also the worlds way too small, i reckon they should add like a Canyon and a ghost town maybe a mountainous area too :P

Anyway, i like the game and i give it an 8

Post Date: 03:22 04-02-2008
Rating: 8
Author: anigous
Comment: Hello everyone! I seriously did what the hardcore mmoer does^^ played at 12 o'clock to 5 in the morning! I got to lvl twenty and the drilling is fun.Not much community but i made alot of friends! (non of wich were from my school.)This game is a cute little that you should play for......... until MS's 10HR patch finishes ^^ (4th job to be specific)

Post Date: 23:44 22-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: kite12
Comment: great game with both male and female charectors such as dragon is a male sheep is female lion male bunny female tiger male and u get the point

Post Date: 09:13 05-12-2007
Rating: 1
Author: moomoocow
Comment: Terrible, terrible game. I played it to a fairly high level just for time wasting, and I realize I could have wasted it on a better MMORPG.

The music makes me want to stab something. The gameplay is this: you click something, and hope you kill it. Alternatively, you get your drill, click the ground, and hope you find something. This is all you do for hours, fulfilling stupid quests and then you realize the game blows.

The BIGGEST factor here is that the community is PATHETIC. We would all be hopeless if there wasn"t a small delay before you can pick up someone else"s item. Target something to kill that you know will take you a while, quick bathroom break, when you"re done YOU COME BACK TO FIND THAT SOME NEWB TOOK ALL OF THE LOOT.

The community are ravenous bastards and beg for items and money the entire time. Really. I think this ceases in the high levels though, this begging and shitty community problem is in the newb towns, which you will spend at least seven hours before you can venture out.

The only redeemer is this: The graphics are adorable. Its a nice change from dark and dreary games sometimes.

Post Date: 01:27 13-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: XRultima
Comment: Very good point & click game, but you have to not care that every single char is a female.

Community 10/10
Gameplay 7/10
Quests 9/10
Graphics 6/10 - your looking down on the char pretty much but still colorfull.

total 8/10

Post Date: 20:21 31-08-2007
Rating: 7
Author: adio01
Comment: good game little chartoonish and to the person who said the download is huge 300 mb u must have dial up download from gamershell a shorter time

Post Date: 00:52 14-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Shekumeh
Comment: THIS GAME IS SO FREAKIN' AWESOME! I've been playing for a month and have a lvl 69 cat... it's really addictive, but in a good way! It's really easy to lvl up in the beginning, and the guide is so helpful! And the jobs are really interesting! AND SO IS THE WICKED ART!

Post Date: 02:45 09-08-2007
Rating: 5
Author: xXCheungXx
Comment: Currently i play this game and for only a few days. I'd say it's quite fun and easy to understand. For instance, it has a tutorial(which i think all games should have tuts so we can easily understand). Leveling isn't as hard people think it is. The best thing i like about is going with a party with other people and exploring parts unknown.
There are some cons though. It lacks much difference from other games, not that there is a problem with it. It reminds me a lot of Ragnarok, except that there are challenges. This game makes it even more fun when you actually interact with other people(but i guess you could say that about all...most games). GMs often have events and it's a quite friendy community where you hardly(never for me) see people swearing all the time because they get angry at a noob or some other reason. One thing i don't really like is there isn't much variety of equips. It's god to explore the whole area to understand everything.
Overall, it's a fun and adorable game to play during one's spare time...unless you get addicted to it =P

Post Date: 02:31 21-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: blackeandblu
Comment: this game is awesome:) the reason why grinding isnt so hard, is because.. the almighty lvl100.. isnt even almighty at allxP[not sure on the lvl cap yet, some say 400 some even say 999] plus, the tutorial"s pretty cool.. skip the other parts.. and get on to lvl4. you can either do quests or just grind.. This game pretty much forces you to party since it actually doubles your experience gain. money comes along easy, and if you play this game right, you could pawn anyone in the AWESOME pvp battlefields.. pets are practically a MUST since it ups your stats[pets can be easily bought], there"s a player shop feature, set up your ingame house "mycamp", join a guild and battle it out in gvg. the only con here, is the lack of variety in the characters" looks. but that can be easily ruled out with the type of armor you wear, 2nd job from 1st job looks[you can disguise yourself as a lowly noob if that floats your boat:)], and when THIRD jobs come out[which is soon, and you can either go hybrid or go all the way with your original type]. and who says you rarely get item in drilling. pretty easy actually. and check this out: you can compound stats into your equipment! add in AP, AC or even elemental stats! you can add HP to your shield.. blah blah and there are tons of accessories for different types so its really really addictive to play this game. and hats off to the coolest gms and admins, who update the game every week, plus there"s never a loss for in-game events. there are also other events, such as the trickster comic event, wherein you could earn in-game items. there"s a friends list that can help you locate your buddies when they"re online, good and safe trading system, awesome community and tons of players. oh and, you can switch servers WITH your character! and unless you have a really really slow pc, don"t worry about lagging. even IF you DO have a really really slow pc, you only lag in the main town, megalopolis, since there are hundreds of players selling there. so its cool for people who have low end pcs, or even cable connection. forum"s awesome:) lots of guides up in there. all in all, this game absolutely PAWNS. even better than some pay to plays out there.

btw im lvl127 here, so i know what im talking aboutxP cheers! and see ya in caballa!

Post Date: 19:03 03-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: rare
Comment: This is one of the best games I've played in years. Its just super fun. Unlike most of the games on this list, groups work. You can more then double your experience with no penalties just for making friends as you go. And for any girls reading this, finally you can have a pet without paying real money on this game.

I could go on and on about all the cool things in this game. It's just sad that my sister couldn't get through tutorial cause she hates to read. So if your like her just skip the tutorial and start making friends and ask people how to play.

This game gets a well deserved 10 from me. Because despite the lack of 3d graphics. This game is still way more fun then any of the 3d ones I've downloaded so far. That means you Scions of Fate, and FlyFF but I still love you.

Post Date: 03:53 06-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: magman
Comment: This game is okay but that its download is a huge 300 mega byte

Post Date: 15:40 05-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: pwner300
Comment: Don't expect the usual game. This game is really just trying to cut a niche into the game world. It hasn't yet, but if you're not into Diablo clones, try this.

Post Date: 00:38 22-01-2007
Rating: 5
Author: eatwhileplaying
Comment: It's an average game. I completely appreciate the concept that the developers are trying to execute. The different jobs and stuff are all right and making your own stores to try and sell items was pretty interesting. But I felt like I was playing Runescape, only with better graphics. The battles are pretty empty, you pick an enemy and all you can do is feed your guy potions and watch. Leveling in this game isn't challenging enough to create much interest either. Drilling is a waste of time, since you rarely find anything, and quests are very unalanced in difficulty as well. The game probably won't last anymore than a couple of weeks.

Post Date: 02:33 06-01-2007
Rating: 4
Author: oneyx
Comment: I... Hate... This... Game... I played this game for like one week and then got so bored... The only good thing on this game are the card battles... You grow levels with the stupidest characters that i have ever seen and for what... to go to school the next day and have everyone in school laugh at you because you play this game... It for preschoolers... Well it would be if they didn"t put so much reading into this game... All and all dont play this game if your looking for a game that you could get into and play for a long time.

Post Date: 00:43 03-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: kazza
Comment: Very good game. One of the games i have been looking for years =)

Post Date: 01:05 25-08-2006
Rating: 9
Author: demonprince
Comment: this game is very very good but the reason i rate it 9 is that nostale looks much better ^_^ But look at it its so beutiful mixed with 2-d and 3-d so everyones happy. This is my dream game ( other than nostale :P ) it has everthing combined. Pets houses fighting no level grinding at all like level 100 is not that high of a level. And this is original since they use magical animals as there characters. The only thing i dont like about this game is that there is no newbie stage which most people like so this game is basically perfect. Nostale is not out yet so this is the next best thing. But in trickster you have houses but in nostale you have land and gardens. You will be highly satisfied with this game.

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