Ultimate Baseball Online

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Ultimate Baseball Online (UBO 2006) is the first video game to ever put 18 people on the same virtual field at the same time to compete for baseball bragging rights. Customize your own character traits and take the field with people from all around the world. Build up to 3 characters through successful game play with teammates in Pick Up Games, Tournaments, and Leagues. Baseball strategy and skill are just as important as video game prowess in UBO.

Total Rating: 1.00
Reviews: 1

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Post Date: 00:40 26-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: waaha
Comment: This games a joke,,

it has a great concept so I give it a 1

everywhere else it fails

The major problem lays in the company bought the source from another company, and they cant read it in order to update the game beyound trying to rip people off by making them pay to play in tournies

if only a bigger company would come along who can write code, (and read it), then this type of game could really take off

till then, enjoy your fav past time in the most laggest game youve ever play,

not to mention they claim they can put 18 people in a game

yet thats about the very peek number of players ever even playing the game at any time

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