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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will be the premier third generation massively multiplayer RPG. A vast, seamless, immersive virtual world filled with elements of familiar High Fantasy, including traditional themes and more, all depicted using cutting-edge graphics technology. Sigil's expertise and experience in the field will bring groundbreaking static and dynamic content to the genre. Vanguard will build upon the successes and strengths of earlier MMOGs to improve popular game mechanics and features, but also address these pioneering games; mistakes and deficiencies. Vanguard will focus heavily on interdependence, challenge, and reward, while simultaneously addressing tedious and annoying issues, including camping, excessive downtime and more.

Total Rating: 7.32
Reviews: 28

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Review Archive

Post Date: 01:32 24-08-2008
Rating: 0
Author: prestontate
Nothing good about it, slow combat, no community

Post Date: 17:59 26-06-2008
Rating: 5
Author: preston244
Comment: yuck
the only thing i liked about it was being about to go first person and acually see my hands cast the spell
graphics and plastic like and you need an amazing computer to run in(i have a nvidia 8400, but... i have vista =()
its really hard to find groups and the enviorment is dead. if u like eq, u might like this

oh ya
but the interface is an exacty copy of WoW.(im not a fan boy, i hate WoW aswell)

Post Date: 20:18 24-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: ruilli
Comment: An excellent game. I would recommend it to about anyone. Stunning graphics, some scenery in the game is just amazing. I have been playing for a while and i am loving it. Ignore any older reviews about bugs and lag. I have experienced pratically none. I'll admit the system requirements are a bit steep, but the game is well worth it. Ff you have a computer that can handle the game you should have no problems. Very immersive gameplay, huge world, friendly community, and unique crafting and diplomacy systems. The features are endless. There is tons of races and classes to choose from. The character custimization options are superb. The overall gameplay is more challenging then games like WoW, but that is good because it offers a challenge as well as it helps weed out the immature children that plague other games. Definitely worth trying if you like mmo's.

Post Date: 14:35 29-12-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Noremac
Comment: Its not too bad, a bit too hard to ever make it mainstream now though and coupled with a terrible release as well as very intense hardware requirements has doomed it. If you've a experienced MMO'r and have some friends to play with it would be enjoyable.

Post Date: 10:55 25-11-2007
Rating: 9
Author: SorceressAshura
Comment: Hello, like so many who've mentioned here. The game has tremedious potential in becoming the best MMO ever. The graphics are just mind bending, and the depth of character customization is just incredible. In order to grab my attention, its character customization. This game just went over and beyond what I thought a MMO was suppose to be.

The only draw back I found was,.. of course,.. the lag issues. I've upgraded everything but the motherboard to my computer and it still gave me choppy game play. I'm giving it an 9 since it is still a game I fully support. I feel with a little more time to fix all the glitches, the game will out shine all others.

Post Date: 17:52 01-09-2007
Rating: 9
Author: gsker
Comment: This game was good....i like the pve the most when i watched my friend was good the only thing is that u have to pay so i rate it 9 because i would rate it 10 have to pay so 9 it is

Post Date: 16:39 16-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: christwarrior
Comment: got new grafix card, tried the game again, its pretty good, but i think 20 GB harddrive space is stupid. the game is big enough and has graphics of a true next gen MMOPRG, but i wouldnt say that this game was really ready for launch, but whats done is done. in conclusion this game is pretty good, but it still lags a little bit (mostly in populated areas) the game is good, and is a true next gen game

Post Date: 13:42 16-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Orelius Zimmerman
Comment: Author: christwarrior Realy has to buy a new rig .. I mean if your pc cant even handle the char creation screen , then your pc is from the middle age's mate ^_^

But from my stand point.. the game is just great this is the game I whas waiting for to get off wow.. at first i had to adjust my feeling to the game but eventuly you get dragged into the massive world, you cant imagen how big the world is.. some people I know dint see the half of the world yet and they played over 300 day's... its just awsome how much content there is in the game..

The city's , there are alot of village's and city's and yes they REALY feel like an village and city not like a rond circle like in Ironforge in wow.. The city's are huge aswell . What took me the most whas the little allie's in the city's the little streets and the feeling when you walk trough the area's...

i played 1 week and i only got to lvl 5 , why? well the game is soo big that you just go and explore... its so nice how the hills flow with the landscape.. and the sky falls down in the distance...

I say again this is a wow killer..
I wont say wow is a bad game Defenetly not! but it has more potential and more mature players... then in wow.. wow is kinda of a kid game ..

Ofcourse there are bugs , ofcourse there is sometime's lag (never had any yet) but i mean .. with all the trouble the game had in the develepment... it had to come out with some bugs..

If you cant stand that.. well dont make this game look bad and post reviews that are so untrue..

This is a game you SHOULD defently try out... its great and now i'l give a to much rating 10 but it desirve's more then the average total rating 7.25 zo i'l boost it a little =D

I hope you liked my review and if you have questions Please ask them in a mail , [email protected]

Post Date: 04:30 14-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Rahvin
Comment: Vanguard is an excellent game. The graphics are good. There are a few things that need tweeking but thats very normal just after release. People complain of Lag, I have yet to see this lag. I used to be an Eq player, then eq2 player.. i tried Wow after that.. but couldnt get into it. I decided to try this game and i am very pleased with it so far. The world is Huge, lots of classes and races to choose from.

Like i said.. there are a few bugs they have to work out... not huge ones, but once they do. Vanguard will be the Best mmorpg out.

Post Date: 21:50 12-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: chryses
Comment: I have been playing this game for about 3 months now. I get sick of all the whinning about lag, performance, bugs etc. I wonder if any of these people have ever played a new game before. I have submitted a few bug reports myself but I still love the game. As most have said, crafting is just great and I have found myself spending 3 weeks in the workshop. You really feel like that you can create some unique objects in the game and you really cant flood the market so items have a real worth. I have 2gig of ram, 2x256 7600gt cards, 4400 AMD dual and using an asus mobo. The game runs just fine and I have it on a high setting not the highest setting. (FPS range 30-60) The graghics are just gorgeous and I have stopped numerous times and stared at the scenary. PvP is good enough. I have had some pretty cool times having it out with Shadows and if you get ganked by a powerful player it really doesnt damage you at all (They need to be within 5 levels). I agree with the others, this is not a childish game and it is one that needs attention. People I know who enjoy this game tend to be old school RPG fans 25+ years old. However I can see a very long future for VG as I can see a huge amount of content and land to explore. Plus the developers are tweaking, fixing and adding content semi-frequently. So the game has improved dramatically since launch.
People who complain about this game mostly have poor rigs, poor imagination and little patience for a new launched game.
I have played over 12 MPOGS and it takes a lot for me to play a game more than 2 weeks. VG has sucked too many hours out of my life already and will do so for a very long time. Other games I love are EVE, Neocrom, Mightgames and Earth and Beyond (but hated the lack of PvP!!) In fact I have not logged on to EVE for 3 months because of VG.

Post Date: 03:05 12-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Thalki
Comment: If there was any way to just make sure all the 12 year olds would stay on wow and away from this game I would pay an additional monthly fee. The game takes a lot out of your computer, I've got a DXP061 Intel duo 6300 @ 1.86GHz with 1G RAM, and then I upgraded my video card to an 8800. Ta da! Life is good and no lag issues. The crafting system is awesome, I love the fact I can actually make USEFUL items and don't have to spend every coin I've made from hunting on my crafting. Use some of those self-start skills your teachers tried to instill in you, coupled with trying something new before your friend has done a number crunch and you'll find out there's a brand new world filled with different adventures; go on any you choose. Just do some old fashioned exploring and quit your whining. Its new, its ok, console yourself with the fact you also have a new computer. You can't find every answer online, and guess what, you shouldn't be looking up every answer anyway.

Post Date: 02:07 12-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Nightfall5
Comment: Graphics look good and it looks fun!!

Post Date: 07:31 29-04-2007
Rating: 2
Author: 28k
Comment: Well I had really really high hopes for this game, the graphics engine (Unreal) char and class variety, massive world etc. But....this is the poorest running game Iv"e seen in a while, its well unplayable in my opinion compared to other games of this type. My computer is a 5500 AMD 64x2 with an 8800GTX card and 2 gigs of ram on an extremly high in DSL connection and its a slide show on anything except the "high performance" setting. But even after you get it to playable framrates graphically (anything less then 60fps I consider unplayable on a comp like mine) the lag is simply staggering, go into a town and try to turn a 180 and your comp freezes for a sec or two, the network code is junk considering the engine has been around and tweaked on for over 5 years. For those thinking 25 fps is acceptable and enjoy watching players lag and warp all over town than this is your game! If your only concerned with content then maybe your all set with this one, personally I demand BOTH for my money. if you want a game that runs good then forget this one.. I tried three different servers same results. Wow and Guild wars play flawlessly on my comp so I know it Can be done and the best looking games ever made Doom 3 and Prey run at 80 to 100 FPS at max settings, so ya you can make games that look good AND run good. And dont give me this load that games like WoW have bad graphics thats why they run good, thats not why they run good, its because they are DESIGNED to run that way, its just a shame because this game had potential...

Post Date: 00:44 24-04-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Aille
Comment: In my opinion this game was Not ready for release, I totally agree with Tech311 on everything, it was a total waste of $50 and a waste of time while I was playing it! you want to see a good game with Great Graphics?? go check out Rappelz, Oh and the best part of that game, ITS FREE!! free to download and play, check it out you can't go wrong. you will look back at Vanguard after trying this game and say what was I thinking!

Post Date: 17:48 20-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Ticktock
Comment: Not a game for the children I see so often in WoW. This one actually makes you pay attention instead of playing while watching Beavis and Butthead at the same time.

Post Date: 00:02 18-04-2007
Rating: 7
Author: l0wryda
Comment: I must agree with the comment by tech311. even SLI set up with 8800GTX cant run this game at full settings. And lineage 2 is still the best looking mmorpg out. Developers really need to work on their competitive analysis before claiming they've created the "3rd gen mmorpg" Everything in this game looks like plastic. Or maybe the entire world is covered in slime, im not exactly sure. I suggest not getting this game and waiting for a couple patches. There are a lot of other mmorpg's comming out this year as well so there's no point getting into a new mmorpg thats not that good yet.

Post Date: 23:10 14-04-2007
Rating: 2
Author: tech311
Comment: This game is a joke. $50.00 I'll never get back. Takes too long to get started as far as actually getting the feel of the game goes. Personally it has way too many bugs and problems to be anywhere near retail. And lag free? That's the biggest load I've ever seen, because I DO have the requirements, P4 3.73GHz Extreme Edition, 2 gigs OCZ, ATI X1950XT 512 meg, so tell me another one. How does Sony expect this game to make it if it has problems on a high end machine let alone people who have a decent one? The best graphics? HARDLY......go play Lineage 2 and come back and tell me HONESTLY who has better graphics.

Post Date: 23:35 03-04-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Gattz
Comment: Garbage, nothing but a lame attempt to rekindle the Everquest fire. The box almost looks like the inside of an Everquest box for christ's sake.

Post Date: 23:45 07-03-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Big Mo
Comment: Definitely not for gamers who like training wheels lol. It won't ever beat WoW, but I am enjoying the bigger challenge.

Post Date: 02:40 03-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: yannismak
Comment: In a couple of months,when most bugs will be fixed this game will be the best around! WoW? its a game for children! This is not WoW killer cause little kids play WoW. Anyway this game is THE GAME i 've being personally being waiting to see in my life...Don't be afraid to try it, you got nothing to lose.Don't let bad reviews scare you! Just give it a shot.And for those that being complaining about lag just get a life or better get a new pc for gods shake!!!3rd generation games are to be released soon.Cya in game guys ;)

Post Date: 15:26 28-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Nicolemunne
Comment: ---BY FAR BEST GAME----

This game is NOT for underaged children who enjoy the low "shotcut" Cartoon graphics and eays gameplay of wow. Vanguard is a next generation mmorpg the first of its kind.
This is not for children is is vass and is very complex even its crafting system is outstanding.
The game is lag free the lag issues come form peopel who DID NOT read the requirements--

Requirements- Recommended--
Nvidia Geforce PCi Express- 7800 -
2gigs of Ram-

Lag Free specs--
3 gigs of ram -
Nvidia Geforce 7800 +-
Again the specs requirement is HIGh because this is a game for HARDCORE gamer snto casual children who hopp in a game to grief other players or simply have allt he time to burn in easy gear grind.
This game has 19 races and 16 classes.
Teh graphics are extreamly well made and the game is not about Spending 6 hours daily in an instance full of 5 year old like WOW. Its about your effort social weaving and how much overall skill you have-


There is great pvp they have FFA- ( Free for all) pvp and they have TEAM pvp-

Team pvp is decided by race - Each race group- 3 in all- so basicaly is liek wow"s horde and alliance with an added faction-


Each class has a role and unique class skills, the classes are unique and extreamly fun to play the overall game requires vast amount of sKILLS to play, again not for little children it takes an adult gamer to udnerstand the concept of this game skillfull fighting pve and pvp alike.


COOL features.

No instances no magical load screens which is great gives the game a well made feel. Instances are EASY MODE for developers thats why lazy BLIZZARD ENT does that alot.

Players May own properties-----

And when you travel is nto an automatic Zeplin that flies you or automated bird. Players must seek otu a ship or transportaion, and classes do matter-

Example--- Druids are amazing to sailw ith sinse they can control the wind and summon gusts of it to make you head to your location.

This game is THE BEST mmo made to date- and anybody who choses wow over this is obivously a game noob or a child.


Ps- girls ftw

Post Date: 23:16 14-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Adeori
Comment: This game is extremely good. I started playing when it was released at large. For all those people who say the game is too hard, etc. Well, I think it's a good turn from the modern MMO that makes it way too easy to level or do anything. In reality, would you be able to solo an army of gremlins, ogres, and dragons? No, of course not. The game is not even that hard once you actually realize what class you are trying to play. Also, all the people complaining about bugs: THE GAME JUST CAME OUT! OF COURSE IT HAS BUGS!!! And the lag, hint: defrag your computer, runs perfectly. Hint #2: It is a seamless world, the lag is exactly like a loading screen without the annoying "Did You Know: ..." comments and crappy pictures. Besides, you get hardly any lag after defragging and reinstalling and various things like that (also, it tends to run faster if you don't wait a week before rebooting).

Post Date: 12:23 05-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: ogikarma
Comment: A note for those that want to give this a bad review for lag: Sigil Entertainment ran out of money for the game"s production and borrowed like 1.2 million from SOE (Not sure if that money amout is correct) but in doing so SOE rushed their release. Thus why so many bugs, they needed about 2 more months and it would probably be near lag free.

Post Date: 23:38 01-02-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Mr. Peel
Comment: Not bad, but needs a ton of polish. Not even close to being good as WoW. Was a little surprised by the graphics since I thought they would be better than that. Also, the game tries to hard to be harder than WoW. Diplomacy is fine but extra stuff like corpse runs just makes it tougher on the player when it doesnt have to be.

Post Date: 21:48 31-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: christwarrior
Comment: i didnt know u could lower the settings so i did and now i like this game! and 2 ogikarma my comp isnt bad i have a AMD Anthlon(tm) 64x Core Duo Processor 3800+, MMX, 3DNow (2CPUs) so dont say i have a bad comp i like this game now anyway! :P

Post Date: 19:17 29-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: ogikarma
Comment: This is the best MMO ever made. The only reason you lag is because your comp is bad. There is a bit of lag if you have a lower end comp but that"s why you can turn down the settings. There is nothing bad to say about this game. Beautiful graphics, best gameplay I"ve ever seen, awesome story, tons of depth, and a HUGE world.

NO ONE should listen to the bad review, he just has a bad comp and is taking it out on this game.

Post Date: 14:10 27-01-2007
Rating: 8
Author: turtlefuzz
Comment: This game does look very good. The Graphics sre fantastic, and the no dungeon idea, with just a huge open world just feels right. A WoW killer? I don't think so, but still this game looks very promising. The game also has mounts! Some of them look insane! From Horses to Camels, to Demons, this games transportation looks sweet. The game will also feature player ownd houses I find that very cool and I can't wait to see other players homes. There are also Ships to buy, which I am a bit confused how they work. If you could create a ship that would be preety cool. Though PvP seems to be missing, I havent heard really anything about the PvP. But since I am more of a role playing guy, I can look over that. This game does look interesting but it's no WoW killer, no game in the near future will kill WoW. Though it will be a great alternative like Guild Wars and Everquest.

Post Date: 20:51 16-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: christwarrior
Comment: just 1 freakin word describes this entire game: LAG!!! seriously, if u can actually get passed all the lag thru the char creation and get in game (it took me like 5 tries) than ur probly thinking: thank god thats over now i can play the game lag free right...WRONG!!!!! the lag is worse ingame! i couldnt even move around because the second i hit the "w" key the game went black...i had to do all this stupid stuff because of the lag!!!!! this game has awsome graphics but the worst lag i have EVER faced in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a ve....r..y la..g.....g...y 0 (thats pretty much whats its like in the game)

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