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Vendetta Online is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) developed by Guild Software Inc. In this game, thousands of people will be able to play together, at the same time, in a single, persistent universe. Players take the form of spaceship pilots within this universe, flying to and fro between space stations and other locations in the galaxy. All combat within the game is fully realtime, based entirely on "twitch" skill (no "virtual dice rolling"). Players may fight one another, fight NPCs, participate in groups, or potentially even engage in large-scale Guild combat.

Total Rating: 6.00
Reviews: 4

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Post Date: 05:23 24-05-2008
Rating: 7
Author: XRyanX
Comment: Community 7/10 - Sometimes people kill newbies
Graphics 6.5/10 - Like opresser's post its not EVE
Sound 4/10 - Im ok with the songtrack but over and ove again it started to annoy me

Post Date: 03:29 19-05-2008
Rating: 4
Author: opresser
Comment: Don't get me wrong, this game is pretty good,

However its definetly not a game im going to pay 10 bucks a month for.

Ill still give it a fair reveiw

Community: 8/10 - Helpfull, not full, And wont kill newbies.

Graphics 4.7/10 - Not edsactly EvE Or JGE graphics but not completely out of date, probably about a 2004 realease.

Sound- 3.6/10 - This is the killer, its the same sound track.

Company Conception 1.7/10 - I don't know what these dough heads are thinking.. Who is going to pay 10 dollars a month for a 4 year outdated graphics matrix and a Sci-Fi game...

Post Date: 03:41 04-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Sieges
Comment: This game has a lot of potential. The graphics are getting better with every release. The community mature and very seldom does anybody insult anybody.

The developers got a lot of things right in this game. The ships don’t wear out and break, unless destroyed in battle (a huge plus). You also don’t have to buy “fuel” for your ship (this is a very big plus). The controls are precise and responsive. Having all players in a single universe is also great - it makes it easier to find your friends when they are all on the same server.

I have been playing for about four months and am still having a lot of fun.

Post Date: 01:59 26-09-2005
Rating: 5
Author: auto160
Comment: booooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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