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Wakfu takes place 1,000 years after DOFUS. The World is largely submerged by water. Wide islands and many archipelagos float in a unique Ocean. What happened? How did the DOFUS era become the Wakfu era? No one knows. Though the wise men's specters of that time have been summoned many times thanks to specific incantations and spiritualist rituals, they all remained silent. As for the old books recalling past stories, their pages faded away. But, oral legends mention a cosmic battle between the gods and a unique enemy, an endless deluge and the advent of a titan. But the story of Wakfu still has to be written! The World is awaiting for its heroes!

Total Rating: 5.00
Reviews: 1

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Post Date: 01:17 15-02-2011
Rating: 5
Author: Pheeble
Comment: (Review for BETA)
Beta for WAKFU is looking great so far, and the graphics are amazing!
But I dislike how unorganized this game feels. Although worlds are separated from portals there is a different range of monster levels spread across a world. Even though monsters are separated by mini groups in the world a player could simply walk from one location to another by simple click instead of being separated by a new map location that can notify a player that the monsters here are out of their ability. Because of this I’ve died many times confused as I walked from a low level monster to a higher level which are separated only a few clicks away.
I enjoy this game because it requires a strategy like a board game instead of simple battle options. However I dislike how time consuming it is waiting for the monsters to move as their own strategy.
I really enjoy the map options letting you mark important areas on a map with markers. So you don’t have to strain over looking for the training area you were at yesterday. But I do they should have a mini map the side or corner of the screen instead of having the open it to view where you are. It also makes it difficult following another player.
Overall I think WAKFU is doing great.

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