War of Titans

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Can you hear your enemies calling? Strike fear and terror into their hearts and claim your rightful place as the strongest gladiator in the Roman Coliseum! As a Titan among Titans you feel right at home in the arena. Defend yourself in treacherous PvP and PvP battles and don't miss out on the action!

Total Rating: 2.67
Reviews: 3

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Post Date: 18:16 23-04-2010
Rating: 1
Author: chr0nic
Comment: I have now played this game for approximately 2 - 3 months. So here is my review.

This game is very repetitive and will almost certainly require you to spend hundreds of dollars to succeed. This game is 'technically' free, however, you will find it virtually impossible to do well without spending significant money.

The exp is painfully slow, and gets slower and slower as you progress.

The chat moderators, are.. how would I describe it.. militant?
They will ban players for laughable reasons (if it weren't so ludicrous).
their customer service is completely lacking.

I would recommend you steer clear of this game. Unless you enjoy spending a significant amount of money on a game that gets old FAST.

Post Date: 02:50 03-02-2010
Rating: 0
Author: ice grim reaper
Comment: A terrible sequel of Gladius 2.The silver drops is very low,the weapons are over priced and the gameplay repeats itself.

Post Date: 02:12 01-02-2010
Rating: 7
Author: anigous
Comment: A very potent combat system. The only issue is disconnecting mid PvP. The arenas are pretty innovative considering the games I've played. Best of all it reminds me of Diablo. Now when I start off in a game, I want to jump right in. The tutorial is very short and sweet, aside from all of the slower learners asking how to do what.

The game is very good in terms of graphics considering it's in a web browser, and attacking with only 1 key is awesome. Very little other attacks are used. Now to the bad parts; it just so happens unless you have an appropriate amount of coinage, you'll look like a sorely abused slave the whole game. OK, well at least the game is fun, and getting gold isn't P2P only. Premium features are there, but NOT "Pay to have fun", as most of the games are now.

The AI is incompetent, but PvP is very smooth. Issues are that people can gang up on you, and slaughter you. Dying isn't the end of the world, you lose some armour durability(from taking the hits, not upon death), but nothing terrible. The community is very friendly, but there are bad apples. The game only has Global chat, and you're bound to here things not going on in your arena.

Graphics: 9/10(You just rate web browser games differently here)
Gameplay: 6/10(Considering almost no variety, but nice and smooth)
Community: 7/10(Not bad.)

Conclusion: If you like the game early on, you'll pretty much have to pay to keep up with the community. Still fun, nothing you'll get addicted to.

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