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A new age is dawning in the world of Warhammer. It is an age of bitter rivalry and legendary heroism. It is an age of lethal conflict as the loosely allied realms of Order stand against the relentless onslaught of the armies of Destruction. It is the Age of Reckoning.

Total Rating: 8.21
Reviews: 61

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Post Date: 05:50 03-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: yawn
Comment: Love it now!!This game has come a long way from release. I quit this game about 7 months after release for many reasons. I don't need to mention those reasons cause all of them have been fixed!!!!! If anyone quit awhile back its worth coming back to give it a shot!! I could never see myself going back to WoW or Aion. Warhammer has everything I need. The best thing about Warhammer is that it seems to be more of an adult player base. Dont have to deal with the kids spamming in chat and annoying the p*ss out of you lol. Worth giving it a shot. Free trials going on now. The trials are for unlimited time, but can only lvl to 10. I am willing to bet that most of the people that try it will love it! I know Iron Rock (the server I play on)is a good balanced server.

Post Date: 01:46 27-11-2009
Rating: 10
Author: xhaou
Comment: great game am playing it now with 5 real life's friends we just quit wow for this game its really amazing and is in depth with character earnings you feel like you achieve something every minute you play and is always exciting with people in vent and doing keep sieges and taking zones to flip the game world in the order of your faction.

Post Date: 06:13 17-09-2009
Rating: 2
Author: mmowiz
Comment: not as good as it could have been. sorry, but the pvp does not save the entire game from mediocrity. other mmos will pick up the few nice features warhammer has and that will be that

Post Date: 11:47 11-08-2009
Rating: 2
Author: BrawnTx
Comment: i was completely unimpressed. the races are boring to look at. completely unexciting. the evil races have stereotype looks. "oo look he is evil." the good races are all boring and unexciting. i spent hours downloading the patches, played 10 min. quit and uninstalled the game. I'm sorry but if i am bored right from the beginning, why would i wanna spend time leveling a character. You log in and there is your quest giver. 10 feet away is the enemys you have to kill. turn it in get another quest and 20 feet away is your next enemys to kill. I dont remember what they called it in this game, in wow it would be your talent tree. you have 3 choices (based on the white lion class) and in those choices you have no more choices. you ding, you select the next talent. no choice. this is your spec. this is your talent. It has basic elements of a rpg. get quest. do quest. turn in quest. the interface and the pop up boxes that tell you what is going on, whatyou have earned etc, is a complete eye sore. You have this decorative window with this tiny picture of what it being talked about. example: quest reward, and some text. it looks like it was thrown together quickly while making sure to have all the rpg elements are present. Sorry but maybe it is a cool game once you level but like i said, if im not impressed within the first few quests, why go on. hell i was bored when looking at the race selection screen. Sorry coming of off wow and i'll still be searching for a good replacement as wow is going down the tubes now too.

Post Date: 15:01 24-06-2009
Rating: 8
Author: adid727
Comment: great game. great pvp. addictive. slow beginning but improves with time. you could pvp anytime. oh by the way Projectsniper88, level cap is 40 not 20.

Post Date: 00:13 10-04-2009
Rating: 10
Author: c0dc0mand0
Comment: This game is great! The only reason i dont play it anymore is because I dont have the money to invest in it, that might change now that i have a job =). This game has some of the coolest features i have seen yet, like public quests! Why cant other MMO's implement this? The PvP is great, pretty balanced for not even sharing classes. If i remember correctly each race has different classes for the roles which are similar but each having their own different perks and move sets, you aren't gonna have the same moves being a dwarf tank as say an orc! The CE version of the game is pretty awesome as well. You get special items that change how you look or that give you an easy start.

Post Date: 01:02 10-03-2009
Rating: 6
Author: TalkinCrap
Comment: This game has good graphics... but that's pretty much the extent of it. When I first started playing it, I thought it looked a lot like a 3d version of Diablo.

After playing for a while, I began to notice that it practically mirrors World of Warcraft in a practically infinite number of ways.

The PvP is good, but thats the only good thing about this game. The controls feel clunky, the quests are awkward and weird. At first it's pretty overwhelming and not very appealing... Maybe if I stuck with it I'd feel differently, but in my eyes it's just not worth the monthly fee.

Post Date: 16:48 24-02-2009
Rating: 7
Author: wither
Comment: Brilliant MMO with the best PvP I have ever played, but the layoffs really trouble me. Ea shelves too many MMORPGs for my taste. If you are not going to support a MMORPG stop making them! I hate spending time and money in a game and then it dies. WAR is a great game, but I have my doubts on EA keeping it around for a long time.

Post Date: 05:24 19-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: mehlia
Comment: Oh, btw, projectsniper88 obviously hasn't played the game. The lvl cap is currently 40 and has been since day one. It is easy to level via pve or rvr.

Post Date: 12:47 17-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: mehlia
Comment: Warhammer is great and a must try for new ppl to MMO's and veterans alike. Just one warning...you might have read about lag/bugs, etc...yes, they do exist w/o the proper computer system. Check out a website service to see if you can play, such systems lab requirements(?)on our comp. Because of the clean graphics and dymantic PvP(RvR) play there can be lag. Game is amazing though! Great solo play w/ many quests for you but the highlights are grouping in public quests. You can automatically be placed in a group in a designated area to tackle down x amount of mobs and elites to recieve a great reward. Also, RvR(pvp) is fun for all, even someone like me who find pvp'ing boring in other games. For example, you can choose to join many scenerios(battlegrounds) just at a click of a button and by particapiting in them you'll get xp for lvling and points for new armor. Or you can join a group to take over a contested area very easy. RP'ing is great here also. If you choose evil(destruction) you ARE evil just by completed your race's quests. They all have to do w/ hurting your enemies. Finding a quest objective is easy, just look on map for a red blob. Also, many patches thus far w/ many, many in game events.

Post Date: 19:46 02-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: poxxs
Comment: This game deserves a 10 just because of the PVP if i could rate it another 10 it would go to PVE the Public Quest idea what brilliant. It was the best thing that does not make you bored. I would suggest anyone to buy this for their New MMo or even your first MMO game its well worth it i gaunrantee you will love it. the community of this game rocks everyones nice. Even the opposite faction is cool . If you are on Dark Krag On order side give me a tell im Poxxs just send me a tell.

Post Date: 18:02 24-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: blackvaultz
Comment: i tried this game i liked it but my dad canceled the subscription it can be buggy and theres way more destruction players than order and of course ppl if u dont know alot about warhammer play this and youll learn some other than that if u wannan learn more go to games workshop.com

Post Date: 14:34 21-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Hardor
Comment: I've played Warhammer Online since release and am extremely impressed. I came from a background of DAoC for close to 6 years (joined shortly before Shrouded Isles Expansion) and love this game. I tried out WoW for about a month before I eagerly returned to DAoC, looking to get back to a game I enjoyed. I will admit that WAR can be buggy but what can you expect from a game that has been released for only a matter of months? I love the overall game play and the end game stuff is so much more enjoyable then WoW's.

ORvR is such a blast when you can have Warbands of people going at it head to head out in the middle of nowhere and whats more exciting then storming a castle held by the other side?

Mythic definitely did an amazing job when it came to RvR. They fixed a lot of the issues that Dark Age suffered when it came to such a thing and made it possible to join up into Scenario's no matter where you are in the world. Dungeons are a blast, RvR is a blast, and even some of the quest lines can be a blast if you get into the storyline behind them.

For those looking for a fun, PvP based game to get away from other games, this is the game for you.


Post Date: 05:01 19-01-2009
Rating: 3
Author: Projectsniper88
Comment: this game sucks takes for ever to lvl, lvl cap is 20. i wasted m money on this my friends said it was the best but it sucks...

Post Date: 03:45 19-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: wraith1108
Comment: Epic battles!! Strong PVP! Awesome world! Young game with more improvements coming! Devs will listen to you too. Big plus not Gear dependent.

Post Date: 22:06 27-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Venomstryke
Comment: Darklord, please do not rate a game when you've never tried it, and if you want to know if a game is better than another game, do not post in a review section, go to the forums and ask, or read about both games and decide yourself. There isn't ever going to be one answer on which game is better, because there are players that play LoTRO and players that play WAR, most of them will say that the game they're playing is better, but find out yourself, I know that LoTRO had a trial before, and I tried it and didn't like it, but that's because I never got past being a newb, but WAR I got into higher levels. So just find out yourself.

Post Date: 01:14 22-12-2008
Rating: 5
Author: darklord2517
Comment: Ok. Here goes. THis game sux!-- Just kiddin. Ive never played this, and im just starting warhammer tabletop. I wanted to know if this was better than lotro or not. Plz reply.

Post Date: 13:00 21-12-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Fivealive
Comment: I think most everything has been covered in this review section, although one thing i would like to add is every type of character in this game is fun to play. My biggest problem right now is trying to choose which of my eight characters to play as they're all incredibly fun. Also, while there are similar characters on both order side and destruction....they're still not carbon copies like In WoW. Bugs are definately an issue, and it seems to depend on your system more than anything else....it's been getting smoother with every patch. the community can be a bit lacking i found especially in tier three (lvl 21-31) but every other tier and especially T4 is very active. The guild system is amazing, with a leveling system of it's own....which allows your guild to gain new abillities with each level coupled with the fact that you can form alliances with other guilds to form one massive super guild with it's own chat channel makes finding a questing party, or even a pvp party much easier.
All in all i would say WH is definately puts up enough bang for the buck

Post Date: 02:43 21-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Venomstryke
Comment: We all have different expectations for a game. Like since I don't use PvE much something new like PQs satisfies me. But if you really like PvP I was able to get to lvl 25 with only doing (o)RvR and (o)RvR quests.

Post Date: 06:38 13-12-2008
Rating: 5
Author: TSamee
Comment: Hmmm... venomstryke, the PVP was amazing, i'll agree, but the PVE was to unimmersive for me...

Post Date: 06:09 11-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: jellybean
Comment: oi venomstryke nice review

Post Date: 22:19 07-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Venomstryke
Comment: I want to start out by saying, I have played both WoW and WAR, just so you know I"m not making any of this stuff up.

Warhammer Online - WAR for short.

Gameplay (pve) - I want to say, that I myself have never been a PvE fan in any game, but this game blew my breath away. I love how you can find a group easily with open grouping. The main PvE feature is Public Quests (PQ). There are different stages you have to do to finish the quest. The first stage is usually killing X amount of guys, and the second and third get harder with killing Champions, Heroes, or Lords (Mobs that are buffed). At the end, you get points to win prizes. Your main points are from rolls, but you can get bonus points from participation, like if you participated the most you would get +500 points. And then the pq calculates who has the most points and gives out prize bags, which has different prizes you can choose from. 10/10

Gameplay (pvp) - The reason I"ve quit most other games is because it lacked what I was looking for in PvP, but this game, man this game is above and beyond what I was looking for. Sure WoW has different maps to play battlegrounds, but WAR takes that and brings it to a whole new level. In most of the scenarios it"s not kill and win, it takes strategy and a lone wolf will never succeed. I can"t explain everything in PvP or I would spend the rest of the day writing, but mainly, you CAN level up PvPing! You may think you"ll level up slowly, but for me T1 and T2 scenarios (WAR"s version of WoW"s battlegrounds) leveled me just as fast, if not faster than if I would do quests. Since I never liked doing quests PvP was a blast for me. You also get some of the best gear from drops in PvP. 11/10

The Community - In a lot of games you would think, uh-oh, the community is bound to have pissy teenagers who like to ruin the game, and gold sellers. Well let me tell you something, NOT IN THIS GAME!!! There are practically no gold sellers in this game, BECAUSE gold is easy as heck to make, and you only need about 30g to go through the whole game (15g for your mount and 15g to spend on gear). You should be able to have 30g+ at level 20, and it only costs 15g to get your mount at level 20, and if you ran short of gold by just a little bit, if you ask any level 40, they would probably be glad to lend you that 5g to buy your mount. 11/10

Graphics - I found the graphics to be a lot like WoWs except not as cartoony looking, but still a little cartoony. Enough to satisfy you gamers who NEED good graphics. 9/10

Sounds - Hmm, this one doesn"t impress me as much as others, but it"s still great. There isn"t much music, but you hear clangs of swords and armor and shields when you go into PvP and when your fighting stuff, and your characters grunt and talk, not too bad. 8/10

Conclusion - I found this game to reach new heights compared other MMORPGs and it"s even better than WoW. You may ask, then, why is WoW rated better than WAR in the forums discussion for the game of the year thingy, well simply because WoW has had YEARS of perfecting their simple game, while WAR just came out and is new, still has some bugs, but is improving with every patch, not very laggy unless you have an old computer, and WAR is getting more people every day.

Thanks for reading my review -Venom

Post Date: 14:07 02-11-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Tamitra
Comment: WoW may be better in other ways but WAR is more social and has better PvP. Period. Now WoW can improve these areas but at least WAR beats the big bully on the block in something!

Post Date: 11:01 20-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: jellybean
Comment: cmor the problem you have with war is problably cuz your computer is full of viruses and crap or viruses and some bugs and lag are going to be deleted mythic is working hard on it to get the game more perfect then it already is and to get the kotbs and black guard in game funcionating and well the game is overall better then wow

Post Date: 11:39 19-10-2008
Rating: 7
Author: cmor
Comment: WAR is not that great. PvP is better than WoW but not that much better! On the other hand, WAR is too buggy right now. I have to sign the stupid user agreement every time I go to the login screen. Every time! The game freezes 50% of the time whenever I take a flight and I get disconnected frequently. Whenever I get disconnected in a public quest, I have to leave the public quest area to get the progress of the quest again. Worth trying out but not worth keeping.

Post Date: 22:31 17-10-2008
Rating: 9
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: The best MMORPG today! WoW is great and all but WAR has passed it up. WAR manages to make a PvP game actually fun while WoW really dropped the ball on PvP. The graphics look awesome too. I am taking off a point for lag and a few minor bugs.

Post Date: 12:40 14-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: dm7210
Comment: Great game. I'm still trying out various classes at low levels. PVP is fun and so far it seems very balanced, I like that you can jump right into PVP from anywhere, and when your done your right back to what you were doing before. Public quests are fun too. The open party thing makes it easy for casual grouping/ungrouping. All the classes seem well balanced in PVE as well. You don't need to grind to level, (although you still can if you like). You can even level with PVP. My only con is that if you have the minimum computer requirements, your FPS will be pretty laggy. But, it's still playable and fun.

Post Date: 18:42 07-10-2008
Rating: 9
Author: jellybean
Comment: i have the game and its realy cool
here i got some pros and cons

graet pvp
pve allso rulez
living guild system
public quests
and a lot more


not all the capitals are added
still mising 4 classes
some bugs but those will probely be fixed soon
realm balance as a destruction player i need more targets

seeya on the battlefield

ps. styspa = world of warcraft fanboy

Post Date: 17:05 05-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Mr. Peel
Comment: The WoW comparisons are inevitable but WAR goes beyond that and carves out a great niche for itself. WAR is 100 times better than DAoC and is better than WoW if you like PvP more than PvE. The PvE is not bad but WoW does do a better job in that area. A great MMO in its own right! 10 out of 10.

Post Date: 09:28 24-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Athekkhar
Comment: I managed to play the dreary grindfest that is WoW for about 9 months before i got bored. After the huuuge grind to 70 the only thing that kept me going over that time was some instance runs and mainly PvP.

Ive been playing Warhammer since the open beta and i have to say i've probably already had more fun and excitement in WAR than in the whole 9 months i played Warcraft! as soon as you start the game you can choose to start contributing to your realms war efforet by jumping into scenarios and capturing game world objectives in the RvR zones, and because you also get experience and loot for killing enemy players its possible to level just by PvPing! Also the PvP and RvR elements actually feel like an integral part of the game rather then a tacked on afterthought like in WoW, and you dont have to spend hours playing to get the super uber epic gear to stay competitive, a team that play well together as a group will always beat a group with superior gear but that are less organised.

Im actually a big fan of the graphics, especially the big chunky armour, and how busy the gameworld is- it feels like you're in the middle of a war zone as soon as you set foot in the game.

The PvE elements are well done IMO, theres is a strong story behind the quests that draws from Warhammers mass of lore and history and really immerses you in the Warhammer universe. Oh and i know everyone been banging on about them but the Public Quests are absolute GENIOUS!! as is the open party concept; no more spamming the LFG channel for an hour before you can get that group quest done!

All in all i am hugely impressed with this game so far and considering its only just been launched, the few small glitches there are will be ironed out pretty soon and with a bit more polish in a few places this game is going to be HUGE fun.

See you in the WAR!

Post Date: 20:37 23-09-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Banger
Comment: Great classes like the witchhunter and whitelion. The public quests and Realm vs Realm are awesome. This game is better than WoW. The only cons are more destruction than order and lag can get bad at times.

Post Date: 04:19 22-09-2008
Rating: 5
Author: StyPsa
Comment: I have been testing both WoTLK and WAR. I started playing MMOs back in the UO days. I enjoy both aspects of game play PvP/RvR and PvE. Mythic"s DAoC was a breath of fresh air after my EQ years and I had high expectations for WAR being that Mythic was behind it. I"ll rate each topic on a scale of 1-10. My take:

WAR"s Gameplay is a bit different than World of Warcraft and for those looking for a change this may "liven" up your online time for a few months or even longer. Even those new to gaming community will find it easy to pick up and learn how to play this game effectively. (rated - 7)

WAR"s Graphics: I had hoped for a more DaOC look and feel for this game, but Mythic decided to go the "toony" look. Perhaps because it is less intense on your average computer. None-the-less, they do a fine job of making it look great. Turning up the video options throws you into a vast new world for would be adventurers. There are quite a few amazing scenes and landscapes (rated - 6)

PvE / Questing: Mythic has taken a more "social" approach to grouping and questing. WAR will differ from WoTLK in that the more people you invite to your group the more fun you will have. You"re not as restricted to picking the "right" class, or even spec as you may find in WoW. I"d consider this a plus if you are a casual gamer. You"ll likely not hear "Sorry, we need a caster spec"d frost" or "LF healer ... must be Umpalumpa healer!". Instead, you"ll find that just about any core class will be accepted into any group. I liken WAR grouping to that of Guild Wars. You can group with just about anyone to finish a quest, but you don"t hold any "ties" with those persons. Once completed you shrug off to find your next quest or task. Your friends list will more than likely be populated with names you will barely recognize or even remember. (rated -4)

PvP: Unfortunately I did not participate enough in pvp to have a sound opinion. I can offer up that it appears to be more "regimented" in WAR. less sporatic/spontaneous than in other MMO"s. There seems to also be less of an impact on personal loss if you die in PvP. the feel is more of "Oh that guy killed me .... ok" (Rated - not enough to form an opinion)

In all, WAR is a decent game to try for a few months. If you"re burned out from WoW or want to join the MMO community for the first time .. WAR is a game worthy of trying.

WoTLK ...... Oh my :)

Gameplay: WoTLK is Classic WoW with the introduction of the Death Knight class. So same game play same game mechanics. For those of you that fell in love with WoW"s control and feel this will be a good thing. For those of you tired of how WoW plays ... then a bad. I played a Death Knight for a few weeks but grew bored of it. It is a "new" play style utilizing the runic power and runes. You mash a lot of buttons! You"re always busy mashing buttons. It seems hectic at first but in time, The DK class gameplay will become a 4th style in WoW.(Rated -5)

WoW Graphics: WOW! and I dont" mean the name of the game. It is very noticeable that Blizzard"s Concept and Visual department spent quite a lot of time and energy on designing and programming Northrend. The zones are absolutely amazing. I"m not an artsy fartsy type of person but I have on many occasions stopped riding around just to take in the scenery ... it"s cost me getting ganked by an opposing faction pvper but the breathtaking views are quite the spectacle. the best part is that your computer won"t require a hardware upgrade to see these landscapes. Blizzard thought HUGE on this one (Rated - 9)

WoTLK PvE: Blizzard added a few features that are aimed at making questing an easier experience. Unfortunately, the only one I noticed was quest sharing. It seemed the quest descriptions were more detailed, but for those who refuse to actually read the quests it won"t do you any good. You"ll still spam in general chat, "where do I find the thing with that guy in that place next to that other thing...?" and undoubtedly, you will get a dozen replies 1 or two of which will state "read the quest log!". Do just that, read the entire quest log. Blizzard explains the quest objectives, and locations very clearly. WoTLK PvE is more of the classic WoW quest lines fetch this, kill those, explore that ... I however enjoy it (Rated - 6)

WoTLK PvP: I play a mage in WoW and I absolutely love every minute of online time. Whether I"m killing or getting killed. The fast paced, explosive pvp found in classic WoW is re-kindled in the expansion. If you reside on a carebear server you"ll have less frustration from the opposing side, but if you thirst for pvp you"ll find both instance and world pvp readily available. Blizzard took on Mythic"s RvR mass warfare system and implemented their own in Wintersgrasp. As impressive and enjoyable this is in WoTLK, I still have to favor Mythic on this topic just because of what they did in DaOC. I would like to think that WAR"s mass battle system will be better than BLizzard"s ... we"ll have to see on that one. (Rated - 8)

In conclusion ... I have had an exciting gaming experience with WoTLK this past month. I am very much looking forward to its release. I would like to think that I"ll continue to play WAR and see what unfolds (the living guild aspect intrigues me) but I find that each online session I get results with my clicking on the WoTLK icon vice the WAR icon on my desktop ... hope this helps.


Post Date: 21:28 18-09-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Franky
Comment: I have not played yet but I loved thed PvP in DAoc for years. To me War looks like WoW 2.0. I hope it beats WoW anyway because I like free games like Requiem better than WoW!

Post Date: 23:02 08-09-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Donwon206
Comment: To me it really doesnt matter if this game is worse than WoW because no matter what happends at the end of the day I will still be utterly bored with World of Warcraft. If WAR turns out to be amazing then that is just the icing on the cake for me. It is about time that someone ends the Blizzard stranglehold and monopolization on the MMORPG world. WAR from everything i have seen and read online seems to have alot of good things going for it, and I am very excited for its realease. The only thing I can see being a potential problem is the balance in the game, as someone has already mentioned. I have a strong feeling that the Destruction will be much more popular, thus creating many realms with an unfair balance that has not been seen in other MMORPG PvP because of the RvR which the game is based around.

Another thing that makes this game all the more intreguing are the number of classes available...i believe there are 12 on each side? thats a total of 24 classes in this game with the ability to specialize in your class as well...hopefull no one will have a hard time finding a class that suits them.

I cant rate a game I have never seen live, but for excitement ill give it a 9

Post Date: 15:11 26-08-2008
Rating: 9
Author: iceestorm
Comment: I would just like to get a couple of things out there to the gaming community about Warhammer V. World of Warcraft. It is true that originally Blizzard held the rights to Warhammer but before production ended signed the title over to another gaming franchise. GamesWorkShop was not the original franchise to set orcs apart by describing them as green, in both Dungeons and Dragons RPG (not MMO) and Warhammer for Table-top they describe orcs as green and for D&D they can be green or grey-skinned.
Another misconception is that it is copying Warcraft. It is hard to have an online interactive game without questing and pvp, that is the crux of what MMOs are all about. If you want to lvl wouldn't you rather have quests than having to just grind out the levels by killing monsters or other creatures alone?
People will always have personal opinions and here is mine about the two MMORPGs;

Warcraft - the success of warcraft is due to their mass market appeal, since their graphics aren't too demanding (let me just clarify that without a good graphics card playing this game is difficult due to lag and high latency and FPS rates)but still enjoyable for all of us RPGers who are MMORPGers at heart. I still play WoW.

Warhammer - As someone who is familiar with the table top I enjoy the story of this future MMO which is due for release on the 18th of september, not 2009. For those of us who have been with WoW since the beginning we are just looking for new niches, perhaps tired of dealing with the same people or having guilds that inevitably fall apart. We feel that Warhammer (and Aion) will rival WoW but with the Xpac to be released perhaps the behemthon will not topple. Still, warhammer has its' attractions: Better graphics but higher demands so not many people will be able to access the game, a PvP system like that of Camelot (which if you aren't careful could get a lot of people angry... Especially the 2v1 guild combat system and allegiances *so pick your allegiance wisely*)

People talk about new MMOs coming out glitchy etc and here is my advice to you, if you personally think the game has potential stick with it, I guarantee you glitches will be fixed and worked on around the clock. When WoW was first released you wouldn't believe how many things had to be fixed. Also, if you haven't played WoW, with almost every patch released something terrible goes wrong. A quets chain glitch, world glitch or sometimes elongated realm down times due to unforseen problems. It is inevitable when you have any game that requires around-the-clock uptime and service that something will go wrong (realm stability issues leading to angry gaming time *I have been there many times with WoW*.

In anticipation of Warhammer Online I say give it a couple of months and watch it soar

Post Date: 10:33 12-08-2008
Rating: 4
Comment: Warhammer online falls well short of expectation and needs polish
The Warhammer RTS games looks more promising that will be due our in 2009

Post Date: 21:49 28-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Chrissalty
Comment: it looks less like a 3yr old game than WoW.
i pray to god it isnt like WoW in the ALL Pure Grind quests. (because they arnt real quests.)
And i pray TO THE LORD it DOES copy WoW some to get back at the idiots at Blizzard.
This game would be the powerhouse and everyone would wet their panties if Blizzard didn"t screw them over early.
all i need is this and Dawn Of War 2(seriously going to be the best RTS in the world, look up that game.)
Im hoping for good things in the game, i would pay money to try this before WoW(i just plaied a few 10days, not that great lvl39, and then forget that)
Im giving it a 7, in hopes it will be a 10.

Post Date: 02:38 10-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Xenosaiyan
Comment: cannot wait, this game has it all from public quests, to PvP leveling, and PvP competition, look at dark age of camolot and tell me this game won't be good. with the success of WoW and the PvP of DOaC, this game is perfect

Post Date: 06:39 12-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: whiting1289
Comment: Ha ha ha. It's funny how the WoW fanboies call this game a WoW clone =p.

Unawares to them Warcraft1 was going to be Warhammer for computer at first.

Everyone copies everyone, but Blizzard took it to a whole new level, because GamesWorkShop were the first ones to use orcs this way. You know, green and all.

Blizzard even copied Warhammer40k. The zerg are 100% the same as a race in warhammer40k. SpaceM are the same, also the protose are like the eldar!

Post Date: 17:19 21-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: halte-hjalte
Comment: OOOOKAY, calm down all of you people who say it isn't out and stuff. do you know the warhammer universe? have you been to warhammeronline.com and, well just lokked around. i sure have and every little thing that i saw was fantastic: the graphics(is that right?) the controls(yes, ive played the beta) and the general storyline,sofar, yes it is true, that they can't know everything about it, but they can rate the game from what they know, and i know alot, still 10.

Post Date: 01:31 19-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: excalibar
Comment: Tried CB, it's definately one of the most worthwhile upcoming MMOs.

EULA prevents me from sharing more, and CB is sectional in contents. However, trust me, PvP-wise, it's already better than WoW.

Post Date: 07:28 11-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Fatboy5706
Comment: "... because they are used to the cartooney characters that WoW has put out."

"people who decide that every game they see has to be compared to WoW are idiots"


My MMO career began with EQ. If anyone knows anything about EQ, it was and eye sore. TBCH, I am not a graphics junkie, but WoW's graphics are way too cartoonish, i said that from release, yet i played it until last thanksgiving. The way things in EQ looked made my mind feel like it was in the world of Norrath. Warhammer looks great and when looking at it, makes me feel like im actually in the game, the way it should be. If any game should be compared to another, it should be everquest, not the unbalanced, atrociously put together game everyone knows as WoW.

Post Date: 03:12 21-02-2008
Rating: 7
Author: KiKiweaky
Comment: I heard about this game from my brother and went :O i had to check it out. After looking through various forums looking at screen shots and reading a load of the questions the development team have been ansewring. I have to say i'm optomistic and I am waiting with ever growing anticipation..... but as we all know some gameworkshop games that have been made into pc or console games can leave alot to be desired. Need i mention fire warrior *rolls it up and tucks under the couch*. I also own warhammer mark of chaos and despite the games merits i just feel it is lacking in some shape or form. But all that aside done right i think this game will be *drools* breathtaking... thus i will give a seven.

Post Date: 00:11 11-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: z32enthuz
Comment: Wow I truly believe that there should be an age requirement to be able to rate a game or even give it a review. I haven't had the pleasure of beta testing this game but have full confidence in Mythic Entertainment as they are the ones that have truly changed the mmorpg world. All the kids these days dont know that simply because they were not around to play it. The graphics are great and are not even all there yet, kids and some people just dont think they're as awesome as they are because they are used to the cartooney characters that WoW has put out. I have the game pre-ordered and cant wait for mythic to save me from my boredom. Wow just cant do it anymore, there is only so much to do and the pvp system isnt as rewarding as mythics DAoC. 10 overall, of course some things could improve, but thats true for anything. you kids need something better to do other than to rant about a game that you have no idea about, do some research then post. thanks.

Post Date: 02:13 30-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: asdf82n3
Comment: 2 things:

a) people who decide that every game they see has to be compared to WoW are idiots

b) Stop saying OMG THIS GAME STINKS and stop saying OMG THIS GAME ROCKS, because it"s not even out yet.

Post Date: 17:37 23-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Izizzle
Comment: This game Warhammer Online, will outdo World of Warcraft, I played "WoW" for 3 years and it was an amazing game. Its time now for a new game to be released thats better, and is worth playing like World of Warcraft, and this will be it.

Post Date: 02:21 22-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Fatalis67
Comment: Listen, I really wish that people who haven"t even played the game wouldn"t post their reviews on it because "zomg it wow clone nub".
This was posted in another review:
"...for the one that wants to call this a "wow clone" blizzard stole the idea when games workshop tried to partner with them back in the early 90s to make a warhammer game and then blizzard backed out and then mystiriuosly came out with warcraft. all the character in warcraft and starcraft are based off of warhammer and warhammer40k"

Post Date: 03:08 08-10-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Jrod
Comment: Just because the lore came first doesnt mean it is going to do better than wow.It has the exact same features of WoW but + rvr also no endgame what so ever.Once when you take over the enimes capital city there is nothing for you to do.Balenced?It already has balencing issues!

Post Date: 23:23 11-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Esper56
Comment: Haven't gotten to play the game yet, but I have done a lot of research and a lot of video watching (am also signed up for Beta) and I honestly believe this could be the MMO that takes down the WoW champ. I am a WoW player - but I seriously think this game is better imo. I am more of a person who goes and kills other people and get rewards for it. Unlike WoW where the best gear for your game-play is in the PvE aspect of it. Also I hope this takes down WoW, because Blizzard took their ideas from Warhammer.

Post Date: 22:30 27-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: KrackedIntent
Comment: We really got some very stupid WoW kids reviewing these games. Ive played in the Beta and WAR is just everything i was hoping for in a MMORPG. This game has really great concepts and being a follower of Tzeentch i can predict it will crush Warcraft under its mighty boot. HERE ME NONE BELIEVERS AND BOW BEFORE THE FORCES OF WARHAMMER ONLINE!

Post Date: 15:14 10-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Artisan
Comment: If this Game is ANYthing like DAoC it will be far better than WoW. If you say the graphics are lame or there the same as WoW the game is still in Beta and the are not Game graphics everything is just in basic mode to get rid of all the glitches. Mythic invinted the idea of RvR witch is what this game is based off of and yes there will be PvP in this game also. This is a large scale war game not WoW"s epic raids for a peice of coth just to put you over the top and indastructable. This game is about skill and not so much armor weapons. The end if they did things right this could be the largest MMO to date with over 350k people singning up for the Beta already it will have a huge community. the end

Post Date: 08:07 11-07-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Vampiricus
Comment: I have been waiting for this for a loooooooong time, i have been playing the the table top for years now , heh put alot of money into my armies too. But yes for the one that wants to call this a "wow clone" blizzard stole the idea when games workshop tried to partner with them back in the early 90s to make a warhammer game and then blizzard backed out and then mystiriuosly came out with warcraft. all the character in warcraft and starcraft are based off of warhammer and warhammer40k. Yes i still play blizzard games i have alot of fun doing so but credit goes to games workshop.

Post Date: 12:09 09-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: sigmaar
Comment: first of all game work shop has been around since 1985 (way befor blizz) blizzard took most of their ideas from game work shop games, even star craft was taken from games work shop, atm blizzard are in a stage of craping their pants because as soon as this game goes live blizzard are gona lose a massive part of their comunity, ever person who plays games work shop games will leave for it, any1 who thinks otherwise should eather L2P or look into the game a little more and u will see.

Post Date: 22:26 21-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: uralure
Comment: OMG Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k have been out before blizz was even thinking of WoW....they invented the green ork so all u nubs who think its a wow look alike its the other way around.

Post Date: 04:27 12-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: jusbored
Comment: lol nevarine u went from 0-10 in a month and a day, but yea the RvR aspect looks cool and i played DAoC which Mythic made and its fun so i think warhammer will b fun too

Post Date: 22:06 03-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: GokoMKD
Comment: Some one know when this game wiil be public ?? and this game will be free to play or pay-to play ????

Post Date: 17:52 26-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Flick
Comment: This game will be just great! much better then WoW or LOTRO.
graphics are not uber cool, but it's still kewl

i give it 10

Navarine? L2P n00b

Post Date: 22:02 03-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Scorcher Reap
Comment: Neravine w/ zero rating. Where the heck do ya think WoW got their ideas? Completely copies of EQ. And the graphics are DEFINITALLY not the same. Read more????? THis game is based around PvP/RvR which is of of The Dark Age of Camelot which is by the same people who make Warhammer. and WoW stinks. I played it for 2 days and then got bored. WoW addict.

Oh and do A LOT more reading next time before you put a 0 as a rating after givin it a 10.

Post Date: 04:08 07-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: nevarine
Comment: ok, ive looked at the game a little more,....and its exactly like wow, the graphics, everything....lotro will be 10000x better than this 100% wow clone!!!!

Post Date: 15:49 29-10-2006
Rating: 8
Author: MMORPG Viewer
Comment: I believe it could of done better with the terxtures in the free world you may interact in, but other wise, the running, and walking system was very easy to use, and the attacking system was a little anyoing whenever you wanted to quickly fight something... I would Have to rate this as a 8 It is still a great ganme otherwise.

Post Date: 05:34 28-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: nevarine
Comment: i think it will do good, not as good as wow, but better than EQ 2

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