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Wiki is a casual 3D MMORPG based on intense levels of cooperative interaction. The relationships and actions of each individual player directly influence the entire Wiki world. Wiki incorporates an adaptive system enabling the decisions players make in quests and missions to contribute to the individual personalities of characters, including what they wear and their facial expressions. Wiki promises to deliver a lively, creative and interactive online game play experience in a whimsical and charming environment.

Total Rating: 5.25
Reviews: 8

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Post Date: 16:27 01-06-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Sweetche
Comment: Hi, Good day to all...
Looks like little cute character.
And new Online Games. Can't w8
to come and I'm so excited on this.

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Post Date: 20:07 08-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Kayasha
Comment: the game was said to be released in 2006. here it is, 2007, almost 2008, and all I've seen are the same trailers and screen caps over and over. I was at first a little optimistic for this game, but I've heard nothing new about it for almost 2 years. Does anyone know anything that I may or may not be missing? Did they decide not to release it? Did something happen?

Post Date: 06:13 05-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Rip The Sky
Comment: This game is going to be another one of those games where it's nothing but chatting and doing nothing but chatting and looking the best. Im betting the lvling system will suck, the people will be kids or older teens with nothing better to do in their lives, and well, nothing much to do. Keep track of when i posted this and when it's actually out for everyone without the beta and it'll be exactly what i said. Appearances can be decieving, and are. Just a matter of experience and common sense. It's a kids game.

This game will blow.

Post Date: 04:34 08-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: lokikagnok
Comment: It so looks like Legend of Zelda Wildwalker too man

Post Date: 23:45 02-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: xillix
Comment: This look pretty cool and all but umm whens it coming out?

Post Date: 00:30 29-07-2006
Rating: 6
Author: Eurudice
Comment: looks cute ^_^" dont look at me! I am a GIRL. 6_6 loooks worthy of playing.

Post Date: 17:45 23-07-2006
Rating: 5
Author: RastaB
Comment: how youre interacting seems to be very important in this "yet another korean webzen" production.

im not sure though if its supposed to be for kids or for bored stoners ^^

and its supposed to come out in 2006, so... thats this year, yeah.

Post Date: 23:21 23-05-2006
Rating: 8
Author: killerkomb
Comment: looks like a MMORPG of zelda windwaker

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