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Wurm Online is a community-centric fantasy MMORPG fully developed in Java. Towns will remain safe as long as the computer controlled guards are alive. You are not able to attack other players or perform any other illegal activity inside the town without first killing all the guards. Outside the towns, however, you can do anything you want, but performing illegal activities will lower your status in the nearby villages.

Total Rating: 7.73
Reviews: 22

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Post Date: 15:41 05-06-2010
Rating: 2
Author: unsaved
Comment: There's pretty much consensus that Wurm's strengths are its realism (not graphically, but wrt what the player must do), and it's most obvious weakness is a steep learning curve and brutally unforgiving game play.

I give a rating of 2 for the following reasons.

I concur with a couple other reviewers that it is ridiculous to put this much effort into a game and to give every single PC avatar the exact same 2 faces (depending on male or female). I am a Java 3D developer, and totally static (non-morphing), low-res humanoid models like Wurm uses take very little effort to create.

I emphatically concur with some other reviewers that there are some serious bugs that effect non-afiliated players (i.e. players who are not also GameMasters or developers), and, as it doesn't effect their own game play, they really don't give a fXXX. They concede that these bugs are fatal to game-play for the many people who complain, but they just don't give a fXXX. As noted elsewhere, if some noob harvests a GM character's fruit tree or something-- watch out, the apocalypse is here!

Finally, whereas I am of the type who would willingly, and in fact have, contributed many hours to building my character up; terrible game balance regularly eliminate the fruits of months of online work. It is VERY EASY to get killed by super-strong monsters randomly spawning where you can not escape them. If you try to run and get killed in the woods, you can easily lose hundreds of hours of belongings because you can't re-find the corpse before the allowed timespan expires. If you join a community, you will mostly need to beg rude privileged players for the privilege of being allowed to get the resources needed so you can invest continual hours of work to just keep your own house secure and maintained.

Post Date: 02:45 23-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Freecol
Comment: Fun game, takes a bit to get into it, and you have to pay to get most of the game, graphics arnt that good but you can do just about everything and the terraforming options are pretty cool.

Post Date: 02:19 06-04-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Ubiquitous
Comment: I agree it doesn't have the sexiest graphics in the world.
I agree that it can seem a bit difficult to get the hang of it.
I even agree that some work needs done on the interface to make it a bit more user friedly to new players.


I am very glad I made it through the first few days. This is the kind of game that makes me wish I had millions of dollars to spare. I would approach these guys and beg them to use this game's core to create the most in-depth mmo in the world. And that satisfaction that it existed in the mainstream would be all the return on investment I would need for my money.

If you enjoy being able to do more of what you want to do then you need to try and learn this game.

Want to hollow out a mountain as your base of opperations for your solo raids into nearby villages? Do it.

Want to band up with a community to undertake massive structural projects? Do it.

Want to infiltrate an organization, collect information about it and then organize a war against them? Yea..that's right...do it.

This game takes character diversity to a new level and with the support of more players I'm confident that Rolf would run with the opportunity and just keep making things better.

You can call this game crap if you want, but it would only display you inability to learn how to play a new game. If you had taken the time to learn it you would have to concede that it allows you to do more than any other MMO in existance. As a beta researcher I can almost guarantee it allows you to do more than any game currently in production too.

It's not the prettiest or most user friendly game out there. So if your looking for flashy and trendy the go elsewhere. If your looking for quality and depth then stop at this game. You found it.

Post Date: 20:38 19-10-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Blargh
Comment: Graphics 7/10
meh....should get better as the game progresses

Gameplay 9/10
Very cool, you can do basicly anything you want. Farm, blacksmith, fish, pottery, mine, cook, and the coolest concept of this game is the "terraform" ability to change the terrain....you could move a moutain if you got enough people with shovels XD

missions N/A

Community 10/10
Everone is nice and willing to help ( Un-like runescape where everyone is running around screaming NOOB! NOOB! YOU SUCK NOOB!)

Population 10/10
The most people i have ever seen online is 150 on the Jenn-Kellon server, so you could build a house basicly anywhere.(i hate overcrowded games) Oh yeah, there are no NPCs so almost every town in the game was built by people from the reasorces around them

GIVE IT A TRY, i know you will like it =D
My name is Alucard and i llive north of White Hill

Post Date: 10:27 30-08-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Scribbles
Wurm is a MMO unlike any other I've played. Instead of focusing mainly on combat like other games, Wurm Online plays more like a Settlers game.

You make a little settlement and spend your time gathering resources to make items, which will improve your skills, which in turn allows you to make more powerful items. Everything in the game is made by players, there are no NPC towns, all towns (even the beginner town) are built and run by players. There are very few NPC's in the game.

Because the game is rather time consuming, it's important that you join with a bunch of friends, or join an existing village/community. The game is very complex and has a steep learning curve, so it's very hard to try and figure out everything by yourself.

Perhaps the best thing about Wurm Online is it's completely deformable terrain. When you dig somewhere, you actually change the terrain and make a small hole. If you mine into a mountain, you will start creating tunnels, and you can eventually create massive mines. Players really have that much of an impact on the terrain.

When you play the game, you have the option of being a basic or a premium player. Premium players can train their skills much higher than a basic player, but they will have to pay a monthly fee of 5 euros per month. Basic player characters are still free and allow you to do almost everything, however you will not be able to play on all servers.

I suggest you try it out, but remember, you will have the most fun if you play this game with friends rather than by yourself.

Post Date: 06:36 30-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: AAetius
Comment: Wurm Rocks! I quit Tribal wars to play Wurm Online. I like making 50ish QL war arrows to be pelted at the evil Mole Rehans by our elite and glorious Jenn Kellon archers!

Post Date: 01:50 30-08-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Lorgren
Comment: Wurm Online is an online game which is unique from all the other MMORPGs out there. Its not the primary goal to kill many monsters to level up.
Instead Wurm is a game where you can make nearly everything yourself: Terraform the landscape (it's fully deformable), Build your own house, make a village with other people, Make Mine shafts to get ores to smith tools and decorations, Cut down Trees and build things out of them even great ships to sail the world which is 16km x 16km per server or just kill the wildlife around you and perhaps go to the PvP server to kill other players or siege their villages, castles or whatever they build. You can do every profession if you like cause your not limited to how much skills you can have.
There are 2 types of Accounts:
Basic Accounts: They are free to play as long as you want but your limited to 20 in your skills (which go to 99,99) and can only play on the Jenn-Kellon Home Server (1 of 3 servers atm). As a basic you can do many things, try out the huge crafting system, make your own place to live with your individual houses. Some things are resticted because you need skills over 20 like the big ships or stone houses.
Premium Accounts: They cost only 5€ a month and you have no restrictions anymore.
Ingame Money:
Money is mostly needed for villages, they cost some money depending on their size or its used to trade with other players to get better equipment. You can get money from traders by selling items you made to them or buy it at the shop.
Its also allowed to trade the ingame currency or ingame acconts via the forum, to either get a quick start in the game or to make some Euros.

So come and take a look at wurm, playing it 16 months now and i love it. Its something different from all the monster killing MMORPGs out there.

Post Date: 01:12 30-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Arakus
Comment: It's an excellent game but that of course is only my opinion and point of view after playing it for roughly 3 months.
Its very unique in the mmo genre the only way to appreciate said uniqueness and find out if you love it to is to do a quick download and register on the f2p server 'Jenn Kellon-Home' and try it out.
Only thing I'd add is give it time, some things do feel different to your 'usual' mmos and some concepts are a little difficult at first but just ask in the main chat and one of the many helpful players will give advice but anyway thats its uniquness coming through, play for a few weeks, shape some land, make some nails, build your very own house, cook your first stew, catch your first fish, hug tackle some easy wildlife then decide wether its the game for you :)

Post Date: 00:52 30-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: derek123wil0
Comment: Definately a game that everyone should try.

Post Date: 20:12 29-08-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Corodix
Comment: Great game with a great crafting system. And being able to travel between servers is also a great thing. Some servers, like the home servers, don't allow pvp, while wild servers do allow it. So what Jaryd said about it being pvp-only is complete bull.

Post Date: 20:05 29-08-2008
Rating: 2
Author: war121
Comment: Great concept , could be a good game but the Developer makes stupid mistakes often the games full of bugs many game breaking which have been left for months some even longer! Yes theirs only one main Dev.
Gm/Cm team is a joke there are some good parts of the team but they are players themselves which brings bias into the picture often and rulings are often half assed and vary on how comfortable they are or if some one stole there space in the parking lot. and you better make sure you follow the rules that they make up on the spot which has happened in many cases.
Theirs a decent community but it also has alot of trolls for its size and theirs plenty of people up themselves.
To sum it up its worth a try, but its nothing compared to what it could be.

Post Date: 19:13 29-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: wingzero
Comment: I definitely suggest playing this game. You don’t just seem like another person as much as most other games do. The graphics on max are very good, akin to Oblivion. PvP is only in wild server- and even then you will rarely get attacked by another kingdom if at all- so if you don't want to fight you can stay on one of the two home servers. This game keeps its players because of the ability to terraform and construct buildings, roads, and many other things in the world. This is the best and most original mmorpg I've played.

Post Date: 03:10 12-08-2008
Rating: 9
Author: DerrickNX
Comment: Good Job.Skills not bad graphics not bad too.

Post Date: 15:07 30-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: MightySheep
Comment: This is one of my all time favourite games. I love how you can just set out to create your own village and create huge dirt castle walls and have a thorn ditch around it and expand your kingdom territory with towers. Then theres the raiding, with rows of catapults blasting down walls and everyone rushing in to grab loot. Or the peaceful home server where you can craft and construct trouble free. ah what a great game.

Post Date: 19:08 21-02-2007
Rating: 7
Author: soulslave2
Comment: graphics r pretty gud and i like the detail they have gone into with all the legal and illegal activitys

Post Date: 10:01 27-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Azzeh
Comment: Wurm online is a fairly new MMORPG built in Java created and developed by Mojang Specifications. It is set around about the medieval era if not before that. Wurm Online is unique and stands out clearly from other MMORPGs because of the sheer amount of interactivity the game has. You can interact with literally every single item on the game. One of the key distinguishing features of Wurm Online is the fact that you have so much freedom to do exactly what you want. There are no quests to complete or missions. You can set your own personal aims and goals, which will change over time as you complete them. Some new players’ goals could be a simple thing, such as build a small house or cut down a tree. Veteran players’ goals may be as extravagant as be the best miner on the game, or make a full set of golden armour.

Wurm Online uses very advanced technology that I will not even try to understand, but you will find out about it all on the game website under “The Game” page.

The Wurm Online community is a very positive and friendly group of people. There are no particularly hated members. All members of the same kingdoms try to help one another. It is not, however, rare for people of opposite kingdoms to aid each other also. Usually those types of things end up in a mess.

Fighting is part of everyday life in Wurm. You need good fighting skills if you want to be properly defended and safe while exploring the forests alone, or travelling. On the home server the worst thing that could happen is that you are attacked by a very strong creature while walking along in the forest. On the Wild Server, walking through the forest alone is even more risky because you run the risk of walking into an enemy town, where you are very likely to be hunted down by human opponents. On the Wild server, opposite kingdoms raiding each other is part of everyday life, so you can expect to log off one night with lots of upkeep in the town, then log in the next with your towns upkeep drained and your town in a complete and utter mess. This type of devastation, though, is very rare.

Wurm online has no levelling treadmill. Players just gain skills in certain areas and this makes them better at the skill so they can craft higher quality items with a higher chance of success. There is also no traditional hit points system either (although you can now see what percentage health you have left), players get wounds that either can be healed by applying a healing cover, rags or being healed by a Fo priest. Wounds which are not very serious heal up over time, whereas bad wounds that are very serious continue to get worse if not healed or bandaged up. Another great thing is that if a player hits you in the legs or feet, your character tends to slow down while walking, and so cannot get away as fast. Head wounds affect the player more that a hit to the arm, for example.

Players can take on many roles in the game ranging from primary to secondary and tertiary industry. If you aspire to be a restaurant owner, you can train up your cooking skills, build a suitable sized house and name it “playername’s Restaurant” or something similar. Some players even decide to take on multiple roles in a town or village. Players that live a lonely life as hermits tend to be good in every skill, as they are independent, and do not rely on other players for much help.

Wurm Online has many skills and sub-skills. The three main skills that are used to get raw materials are Digging, Mining and Woodcutting. These are essentially the main things that you need to be able to do any constructions or make tools and most items. Farming, fighting and Nature related skills are useful to have if you want to be a cook. The smith skill is probably the skill that has most sub-skills below it, for instance there is Armoursmithing, Weaponsmithing, Locksmithing, Jewellery smithing and many others. Under these are even more sub skills which really gives you plenty of choice in what to do. You do not go out one day and say, “I am going to become a smith” because there are simply so many sub-skills to do with smithing you cant do every one and excel at it.

The only part of the world developers make is the base terrain, and trees which are there at the start of the game (I don’t mean models and coding, the developers obviously do that also). The rest is entirely player made. You can even activate a shovel and manipulate the terrain yourself. Any changes you make will be there forever unless another player decides to change what you have done. Trees in Wurm online age, and start off small, then they grow bigger until they reach a suitable size to be cut down which may take several days. Once a tree is cut down by a player, that tree will not grow back or respawn. Players may craft and use sickles to collect tree sprouts in order to plant new trees, although trees can automatically drop and plant their own sprouts without player intervention.

The Wurm Online terrain is vast, around 16km x 16km. It is split into tiles, which enables many things, for instance the manipulation of terrain. There are millions of these tiles. There is a large amount of tile types which players can use for certain activities. For instance you can make a field on a flat dirt tile, but not on others such as cobblestone or sand.

Another distinguishing factor about Wurm is the quality system in place. Every item has a quality. Some items can even have the quality raised by improving them. Though a player can only improve an item just above the skill needed to improve that item, for example, a stone wall needs good masonry skill to be improved, whereas a cart would need a player with good fine carpentry to be improved. All items that undergo improvement need certain tools for it to be done, plus some high quality raw material the item was made from. For example, you need a glowing hot iron lump to improve an iron chain gauntlet, and you need the necessary armour smith skill and tools to do so. Raw materials such as Wood, Stone and Organic items cannot be improved, but you can improve your chances of harvesting a higher quality raw material by training your skill in that area. Higher quality items are better than lower quality ones because firstly you have higher success rates using them and they decay slower. Higher quality items are also much more valuable than lower quality items.

The Wurm Online experience can be greatly enhanced by the huge amount of PvP action which goes on in the Wild Server. To get to the Wild Server you must be a premium account owner. Premium accounts are quite cheap at 5 Euros per month. Also, you can buy silver coins at 1 Euro each, but the minimum purchase is 10 Silver coins or 5 silver coins and 1 month of premium time. PvP makes up a large part of Wurm Online. Basically there are four gods, three are White lighter Gods and one is a Black lighter (Horde of the Summoned) god. When players get to the wild server they have the option of travelling to the Bone Altar to convert to a follower of Libila (Black light god) or to the Altar of Three to convert to either Fo, Magrannon or Vynora (White light gods). Each god has different advantages and spells. White Light gods usually have spells that are good for the White Light side. Black light spells are mostly all spells that are used in fighting and destroying White Light followers.

Another important part of the game is Towns, Villages and Homesteads. You can buy them from traders and cost from as little as 5 silver coins for a size 5 homestead up to over 400 gold coins for a very large town. When you buy a town you get a deed. You must then go and find a suitable location to set up your town and plant the deed, but deeds can only be planted on territory of your kingdom. This is not a problem on the home server. On the wild server a tower must be built to expand your kingdoms influence, if the place you are going to set up in is not already controlled by your kingdom. Once you own a town, you can invite citizens to the village and pay upkeep to the village so that you can get NPC guards to protect your land from human and other NPC intruders. Villages have to be placed 100 tiles apart and homesteads 20.

Almost everything in Wurm can be accomplished by equipping a tool then right clicking the item you want to do something with and selecting what you want to do from the menu which comes up. This makes things a lot easier and more convenient for the player. Equipping items is very easy, you just hit F3 to see your inventory, and then you double click the item you wish to equip. To wield an item for fighting you drag it to your body which is also above your inventory in the same window.

Wurm online has a large number of animals, ranging from the very weak animals to the strongest animals. The strongest animal in the game is currently the Red Dragon. Some animals are special and can do certain things. Recently hens, roosters, chickens and eggs were implemented. Hens can lay eggs, which take a few real days to hatch. When the eggs hatch a chicken comes out, this then grows into either a rooster or a hen. This is the first sign of animal breeding implemented into the game so far, and we know many more animals will be able to at a later time. Another fairly recent implementation regarding animals was taming. This allows players to use food to tame an animal. The animal then, depending on your skill, will either obey your orders or ignore you. Once you kill an animal, you can butcher the corpse with a butchering knife for meat and other various animal parts. Every single animal can be butchered and nearly every, if not every animal has special items you can get from butchering them. These special animal items range from pelts to teeth.

Graphically, Wurm online is brilliant. Every model is made to perfection. From huge guard towers to sickles, everything is done to the best possible standard. None of it is a half hearted job. The creature models are very detailed, and the dragon models are almost jaw dropping. Currently there are very few animations in Wurm, but the developers are working hard to implement them. The new client that was implemented just before release made Wurm appear many times better because shadows were put in and generally made things look a lot more detailed and realistic.

In beta there were many sounds which could be heard while doing many activities in the game. These were of high quality, from the chirping of crickets in the night, to the sharpening of a sword. Many sounds were lost at the start of gold. However, many have since re-entered the game.

Overall I think that Wurm online has a very bright future ahead. I know for a fact that there is an incredibly long list of features that the development team is working hard to achieve feature by feature. Games like Wurm online will never be finished as long as there are players to give suggestions on improvements and desired features.

I recommend that you try the game on a basic account first, to see if it is right for you, then consider buying premium to enhance your game pleasure and experience that extra bit more. It is undoubtedly worth the 5 Euros per month.

Post Date: 23:23 18-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: malvado
Comment: This game has evolved a lot lately. I suggest you try it out and make your opinion afterwards. Its a community based game so don"t expect to be able to do a lot on your own as its time consuming so start off by asking in chat about how to play.

You get a lot of freedom compared to other games, and the concept is very good.

Post Date: 05:30 13-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Nevarine
Comment: why havent other games done this?

Post Date: 12:41 29-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: glandmasterq
Comment: This is the first 3D MMORPG with terraforming. You dig, cut down trees, farm, mine CAVES, and plant trees and bushes that grow over time.
Everything is player made from raw materials.

Post Date: 13:51 09-09-2005
Rating: 0
Author: Jaryd
Comment: This does not seem like a game being done as a business venture but more like a few people s pet project. Dev comments like "Meh" and "There are plenty of games out there for you" show a definate lack of professionalism. They have spent most of thier time on pretty picture sky and water but forget the content.
This is a PvP only game. You have no choice and are expected to just accept it that you are nothing more than a target. Though the game does have a fantastic base on players totally creating the world through crafting and construction.

My suggestion. Allow this game to die its already slow death. Hopefully some professionals will see it and make a REAL game out of the concepts.

Post Date: 01:51 04-03-2005
Rating: 10
Author: kinoss
Comment: Great game! Very original concept! The graphics are good as well, but not as great as more popular commercial games, as should be expected. There are some errors with the game but the developers are constantly working with the users to fix them. The gameplay is highly realistic which will detract some of the playerbase from enjoying the game, but I love it!

I don t understand how anyone could post about the graphics being bad though. They look great unless you compare them to HL2, which is an absolutely rediculous comparison.

Post Date: 20:34 14-02-2005
Rating: 1
Author: clics
Comment: bad gameplay, bad graphics, alot of errors.
this game is not worth downloading unless you want to prove that its bad.
-needs alot of work!!!

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