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Very popular Facebook game by Zynga where you farm with your friends.

Total Rating: 5.83
Reviews: 6

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Review Archive

Post Date: 06:32 19-06-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Xavator
Comment: Many people said that this game is somehow addicting without a reason. In my personal opinion, the reason is because it's like managing your own farm, except that it's online. Not everyone wants to try to be farmers in reality, thus there are games like this to satisfy their curiosity. And yes, playing with friends is the best thing about this game. I've seen my friends playing, and I asked one of them once, "Why Farmville?" And she said, "I need to be better than her!" So, yeah.

For the sake of fans, I'll give it a 6

Post Date: 05:30 15-06-2010
Rating: 4
Author: Rebirth
Comment: I used to play this game, but it was getting way to addicting. The game itself is simple, buy plants, plant plants, buy animals, buy buildings, etc.

I don't see what makes the game so addicting, I think it's just the fact people are trying to prove the point "my farm is better than yours!."

I've seen people pay other people to gift them an item in Farmville, I've seen people make fake facebook accounts just to gift themselves on Facebook, this has taken over some people on facebook.

I personally don't like it, but I can say it's really addicting.

Post Date: 17:23 14-06-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Aaddron
Comment: Farmville has taken the world by storm and has quickly became one of the most popular games ever. Does that make Farmville a good game? No, actually most gamers don't like the game, even some people that play it don't like it. It's simply addictive and always there when your bored. It completely embraces the pick up and play motto, you can play it for a few minutes or a few hours, it's never "hard" so you can play with very little effort. It's simply the ultimate casual game.

I honestly consider the game a money pit but if people are having fun with it and it's introducing gaming to more people it can't be all bad can it?

Post Date: 15:24 12-06-2010
Rating: 6
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: Farmville... I really don't like this game. However, for review purposes, I cannot simply give it a low score of 1 or 2 or something. This game is very addicting for a lot of people, and it's in the category of the sorts of 'idle games' where you only have to go on for a few minutes a day to progress. However, it seems this game is an 'idle game+', because I've heard people go on it for HOURS at a time.

I'm not too familiar with it, but if it can get people who aren't normally gamers to play games with each other, and also get these non-gamers to play this game for HOURS, then it's a pretty good achievement indeed. While I myself cannot give it that many points simply for being fun and addicting to other people, I will give it some points for being a fun and addicting game to non-gamers.

Post Date: 04:58 09-06-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Joker
Comment: Farmville can be a lot of fun. I have tons of friend requests on Facebook mostly because of Farmville! Like Jared said, it takes alot of your time. If you don't have the time, look elsewhere.

Post Date: 11:29 07-06-2010
Rating: 7
Author: jared
Comment: Its A fun game But it takes up alot of your time and its addicting You always want to get all the new Things and get higher levels than your friends and lots of people play it:)
the longer you play it for the more youll learn how to level up faster and that kind of stuff but you can play it for like a year or 10 months then youll get bored of it.

i give it 7 outa 10

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