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Janis is a transfer student from the United States, living in Japan for the second time (explaining how she can speak Japanese right away). She was forced to move back after her father had yet another job transfer. It is in present day Japan where she meets Kagome Higurashi. The two become fast friends. One day, Kagome is absent from school and Janis goes to check on her. Soon after she reaches the Higurashi Shrine, she is attacked by a demon and is almost killed. Janis is rescued, however, by a mask wearing priest named Sen (or Monk Sen). He tells her that her destiny lies on the other side of the Bone Eater's Well. In the Sengoku Era, she is reunited with Kagome and the others. Something strange happens though. She touches a sacred jewel shard and it melts into her body. According to Monk Sen, Janis possesses a divine power called Kamuitama, and says that she is the daughter of Kamui. The shard inside Janis is even undetectable by Kagome.

Total Rating: 8.00
Reviews: 1

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Post Date: 18:02 26-06-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Ichigohollowfied
Comment: Great Game actually. Although i have to say introducing a new character called Janis was a little bit unexpected. Bought this game randomly kinda and wasn't expecting it to turn out this well. I do wish the ending was a bit more challenging though it was fairly simple.

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