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Transformice is a free online game game where you are a small mouse and you run around trying to get the cheese before all the other mice.

Total Rating: 10.00
Reviews: 1

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Review Archive

Post Date: 08:32 30-06-2010
Rating: 10
Author: ec2
Comment: Honestly, this game never gets old. There are bugs every now and again but that makes the game even more fun!

The game itself is very simple. It depends mainly on teamwork of the mice and the shaman or shamans. The mice's objective is to get the cheese then get into the mouse hole, while the shaman's goal is to get as many mice into the hole as possible by using balls, boards, trampolines, and boxes. A large majority of the mice tend to race for first place, while others like the mess around and joke. In each room there is a ranking system, the faster you get the cheese in the hole the higher your score! If you happen to have the highest score in the room at the end of a round you will become the shaman! There are literally an infinite amount of rooms to make/join a room just type "/room roomname" so you can join one of the popular rooms, or make a room just for your friends! There are over 60 maps that are randomly generated, and sometimes if you don't act quick you might fall off the screen and die! Once you collect a large amount of cheese, then you can access the shop to customize your mouse, they have things like top hats, a headband, an army hat, sunglasses, a monocle, and more! As you earn more cheese and save more mice you'll earn titles to display and show off to other mice!

The game can be treated as a speed race or a strategy game, but I believe it to be a more casual game where people collect the cheese to buy items to dress up their mice and hang out and joke with others. :)

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