Zeno Clash

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Unique 3D fighting/action game showcased with a first person perspective in a weird fantasy world.

Total Rating: 7.13
Reviews: 8

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Review Archive

Post Date: 11:06 06-08-2015
Rating: 8
Author: SulzYee
Comment: Funny 3D free 2 play game. Graphic are good, gameplay too. My rate 8/10

Post Date: 20:44 08-05-2015
Rating: 8
Author: LosmiK
Comment: Zeno Clash is a sterling example of how to make a game. Graphics, sound and gameplay merge perfectly to make this more of an experience than just a game.

Post Date: 12:36 17-07-2012
Rating: 6
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Spore style ;D Buzzed men invented this stuff ;D Satur on the left? ;D Graphics great for me. I must to chceck this one ;D 6/10 before chcecking. i will veryfy me opinion if play it ;D

Post Date: 08:15 10-07-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Webber
Comment: Fun fighting game. You can buy it on steam for a song:D The only downside is the controls. The first person perspective feels awkward.

Post Date: 08:23 28-05-2011
Rating: 6
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: You have to buy Zenoclash. It's not free. I would rather play Last Saga.

Post Date: 13:29 11-04-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Adrian
Comment: The only word to describe this game is...well...to put it simply "Wild" lol. The characters look sorta freakish, but neat.

Post Date: 06:52 11-04-2011
Rating: 8
Author: EcLuD
Comment: I like, I do like the style of "turok" XD, this entertaining, I recommend it. 8 / 10

Post Date: 01:37 24-09-2010
Rating: 5
Author: RandomZ
Comment: This game is....I don't know, different for me. You can imagine it like erm..a less cartoonish, 3D version of Serious Sam. Yea, that's it. But personally, I still prefer Serious Sam

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