A Brief History Of Gaming – Everything You Need To Know


Here is a brief history of gaming, and how it has evolved over the years from 2300BC up to this day. Read to find out more about gaming.

Gaming means playing with the aim of winning. Before online casino games the first functional gaming software was built it was protected by software created by an online security software development called CryptoLogic, from then on online safe transactions became possible. This gave birth to the first online game in 1994.

Gaming has been around for hundreds of years if not thousands, and it is completely connected to human origin. From Ancient China where the rudimentary game originated from tiles in Egypt to scenes on Roman and Greek pottery. Around 200 BC White pigeons were played in several gaming houses in China with the approval of the province governor who received some percentage of the profits.

During those days winning in gaming was very difficult. Some games are believed to appear first in China in the 9th century, though the games played are not known. The games were usually designed for physical activity, but as the games became more popular across Europe the Queens and Kings of countries began to play.

How The Internet Changed Gaming

The easy access of offshore providers added with interactive gaming as a venture constitute a new format and way of gaming. In recent times, the nature of gaming involvement is moving with interactive gaming having a remarkable and growing effect on overall gaming participation. One of the greatest changes experienced in the gaming environment in the last 15 years is the increased availability of interactive gaming. The term interactive gaming is another word for online, remote, and internet gaming.

It refers to a wide range of activities, which include gaming, which is provided via interactive media such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and digital televisions. This type of gaming that is powered by technological advances differs from in-person outlets. Research shows that involvement in interactive gaming is fast-growing and expenditures through this mode take approximately 10% of the global market. Internationally, interactive gaming differs widely depending on the country.

What to expect next? It’s pretty difficult to predict what to expect in the gaming landscape. Though a lot of its focus is presently on the mobile game market, with online games striving to make more content fun, compatible, and exciting across all devices. Virtual reality technology is another exciting technology to watch out for. Imagine how it will feel to sit playing a virtual game with friends across the globe, share a laugh, tell if you can find a tell-tale facial tick, all done from the comfort of your home.


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