Top Online RPGs are updated on a regular basis so keep checking back here to see who makes this list Free online RPGs and top retail online RPGs have now been combined to make a stronger list.

Free Online RPGs


1) Torchlight 2
Torchlight 2 is a action RPG from Runic Games. Torchlight 2 takes a lot of ideas from Diablo 2 and for good reason Runic Games was founded by a few of the original creators of Diablo. Torchlight 2 can be played offline and online with your friends. LAN play is also included. Mods pets and New Game+ Torchlight 2 is quite the package.

2) Diablo 3
The long awaited release has finally come. Nearly 12 years after the release of Diablo 2 Diablo 3 tries to recapture some of that magic Diablo 2 created back in 2000. Diablo 3 got off to a rocky launch but it?s clear it is a Diablo game and has held it?s playerbase quite well.

3) Tibia
Uses an interesting tutor system to help newer players get in the flow of the game. Was launched back in 1997. Tibia is free but does have a premium account available.


4) Kingdom of Loathing
One of the funniest games on the entire Internet. Do not expect flashy graphics because KoL is all about satire and humor.

5) Guild Wars GameOgre Review
A ton of gaming value here since there is no monthly subscription and Guild Wars plays like a MMORPG.

6) HoboWars
Definitely one of the most original RPGs yet. You play as a bum and interact with other bums.


7) Neverwinter Nights
NWN sets the standard for all other retail RPGs to follow.

8) Pardus
Great space game where you can be a pilot trader or pirate.

9) Diablo 2
Simple game play that quickly satisfies a thirst for plenty of action and treasure makes Diablo a tough game to beat in the Online RPG realm. Throw in the online playability of and you have the recipe for one of the greatest selling PC games of all-time. However it can still not compete with the total gaming value of NWN.

10) Renaissance Kingdoms
Very deep online RPG with strong economic and political elements. You can run for a political office and the game’s website will announce your victory if you are elected.

Honorable Mentions

Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest
As can be seen by its review page some people love it while others definitely hate it. Either way AQ is one of the most played Online RPGs around.

Wheel of Time MUD
High quality MUD about one of the best fantasy novel series ever.One of the best MUDs still available.

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  1. The only game I played in this list is Torchlight 2 and I’d agree that it’s a good game and since torchlight is here I guess the others are good as well and I’ve heard good things about Diablo 2.

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