This popular game is supplying members with free gift codes to enjoy the game even more! To get one of these, simply reply in the comment box below requesting a code. The code will then be sent to you via email. You can also check out promotions on for more gaming goodness!

Code Redeeming Instructions
1. Once in-game, tap the “Events” button on the right hand part of the main game screen (the treasure chest).
2. Select the “News” Tab.
3. Select “Secret Code Giveaways!”
4. Tap “Join Now”
5. Type in your promo code in the box and tap “Claim”.

Each code contains a 1 Arctic Lord, 300 Djinni Shards and 300 Jewels.
Valid only once per account ID. Enjoy!

Clash of Lords 2 Information
Short Description:
Clash your way to the most indestructible empire by building your army of loyal soldiers, hiring lethal Heroes, and learning enchanting Magic spells. Send your army out on combat missions or raid players from all around the world. Upgrade your base and defend your reputation as the leader of the most unparalleled Kingdom in the Realm!

Key Features:
• Real-Time Command – Watch battles unfold in spectacular 3D Graphics!
• Recruit Fearless Heroes – Unlock legendary Heroes and command the most savage army!!
• Mercenary Mania! Training troops is history! Get into the heat of battle faster than ever!
• Tons of ways to battle! Different battle modes means non-stop action!
• Guild Camaraderie – Rally your friends and smash other Guilds in the new Battle Royale!
• Mystical Magical Spells! Intense clashing calls for new tricks. Protect your army with Magic Spells!

Developer: IGG
Publisher: IGG
Platform: Android, iOS , Amazon and Windows
Genre: Tactical RPG (Role Playing, Tactical)
Theme: Fantasy

Download link:

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  1. I never heard for this game, but since I see that there’s a big number of people asking for it and that award is rly big, I came to conclusion this Giveaway is amazing! GJ GameOgre 🙂

    Croco12 did not rate this post.
  2. Am I too late?!
    Just downloaded it.. at first I though it was a copy of coc but it’s not!
    I’d like a free code too, thx 🙂

    blue did not rate this post.
  3. Do u have any codes left? My dad said this is the best site ever…he got a package code and it helped him emensly!

    kaos10 did not rate this post.
  4. Amazing reputation gameogre….only site still doing give away…can I be included please? I would love a new character!

    kris did not rate this post.
  5. Why i should have a code because i always Find this everyday i try one by one and now i believe this is the truth

    Danial did not rate this post.
  6. Hi sir/mam,pls can you send me a code for COL2.thank you very much…IGG your the best

    Rizalito alipio did not rate this post.
  7. Just start play col2 , May i have the code please need artic lord much much for my lineup in the game , thanks anyway ¦’)

    Mohd Sanim did not rate this post.
  8. Please do not ask for more than one code at a time. It slows everything down. Have been deleting just the extra ones but will remove all requests from somebody who goes overboard asking. Just ask once and the code will be sent by email:). Your message will only show up here after it has been approved, but we see all that are submitted.

    ogreman did not rate this post.
  9. Hey I just started this game and was looking for codes and how their code system worked and found your wentire =D. So excited, hope I can get one! Thanks =)

    Ryan did not rate this post.
    • Awesome game, i need up hero…hahaha
      Please give me anything…hero…code…anything!!!!
      Thnks bro…

      Irham did not rate this post.
  10. Thank you for giving me a chance to get a free item giveaway. Please send me a code of free items for clash of lords 2 in my email above. Thank you

    FK_Lolo did not rate this post.
  11. plz can u send me on my mail d code ??….m not afford to buy gems in d game…plz help me to play better…

    chandra did not rate this post.
  12. Still have enough codes, but also still have a problem with repeats. Only one code per player please. Any double posting, same IPs, the exact same comment like secret code etc are slowing everything down. For example, the one directly above me for now only showed up (twice I might add) because he already had his comment approved and received a code.

    That said, we are going to go with talking about the game a little before getting a code. Keep in mind that it should not be a copy of somebody else’s comment. It can be a sentence about one aspect of the game or an experience etc.

    ogreman did not rate this post.
  13. These just above this post are examples of requests that work:). Talking about the game works. If you have sent a request before but not gotten a code yet, send a new one (previous ones had to be deleted because of all the repeats) with just talking about the game and you will get one. Complaining about not getting one before does not count for talking about the game:).

    ogreman did not rate this post.
  14. Awesome game, my wife and i love it and spend more time than we should on it ! Way better than clans

    Mhurdur did not rate this post.
  15. I have been playing Clash of Clans 2 for 70 days now and I am super addicted. I have spend over 100 dollars but it has been absolutely worth it. I am so far ahead of my friends now. I love this game

    John Smith did not rate this post.
  16. Hi happy birthday clash of lords 2 i got a landslide but it will be awesome if i got a arctic lord too and a code too

    Ericka mae did not rate this post.
  17. My promo code
    guys…plzzzz Help me i need
    urjent and hero,s Only
    so plzz help me Enter my
    promo code get receive u
    reward thanku…… plzzzzz i
    Very very (10×) Requested u
    plzz send me… code plzzz
    give me Rings I liked ur web
    site i Always use this for
    game…. I hope r u help me
    fast Thanku

    Arshad did not rate this post.
  18. Hi,

    I’ve started playing Clash of Lords 2 only a few days ago, so I am still new. But I am liking it more and more. I’ve played Clash of Clans, Game of War, and Star War: Galaxy of Heros. I like how Clash of Lords 2 allows you to build layouts with buildings, very similar to CoC. CoL2 is better in the sense that it has a lot more varieties of heroes to choose from, and the many ways to build up the hero, such as in Galaxy of Heroes. I also like all the freebies that are being giving out each day with events and daily gifts. To me, CoL2 has better gameplay w/o breaking the wallet like GoW.

    If you still have any secret codes left, I would appreciate it very much if you could send me one.


    Newbie did not rate this post.
  19. This game is AWESOME! Now playing it for two days and already got 4 epics! I didn’t know what I should answer at website: but it would be amazing if I still could get a promo code! Thanks guys!

    Mats327 did not rate this post.
  20. I would like to please have a code for the said shards and heroes I really could use to help, HAVOC guild imperium II, join us

    walter did not rate this post.
  21. Wew big fan of the game.IGG plz make the 10x easier i have gotten air elite 4 times in a row. its a waste of 1450 gems for me plz do something.

    Braxton verhine did not rate this post.
  22. id really like one as ive just started playing. Sp any help you could givee would be much appricated

    Marisa did not rate this post.
  23. Hello,

    Not sure if this is still live but a code would be super awesome.
    Regular daily player, good game even for free players as it has plenty of gem drops each day.

    Mick did not rate this post.
  24. can I please have a code for clash of the lords. This is an amazing site. Thank you.

    Earl Schanzoff did not rate this post.
  25. COL2 is awesome it’s my favorite game!!???? Whatever I do I only think of COL2

    Boduve vero did not rate this post.
  26. Hi. Please secret code. Clash of lords 2 new age. Thanks

    Acar Mahmut Sarioglu did not rate this post.