We have bits and pieces of this item in other places on GameOgre.com, but don’t think it has its own blog post yet until now. Here are the notes to keep in mind for this.
1. This was temporary, with potions, but is now permanent.
2. The Blue Ogre Ring is a permanent item that allows you to transform into a Blue Ogre.
3. The ring is crafted by using 10 Blue Ogre Souls.
4. The Ogreman NPC crafts the ring using the souls in the Ogre Cave!
5. Blue Ogre Souls can be acquired in many ways such as in-game drops, buying in the GameOgre shop, being an Iron Ogre in GameOgre Forum Events, and the discount sale/giveaway.
6. Souls can also be found occasionally by finding the Blue Moglin at the forum game.
7. The Blue Ogre Soul codes actually contain a total of 3 souls instead of just one.
8. AQ3D Events like the one upcoming will likely drop Blue Ogre Souls!
9. Completing some adventures in the Ogre Adventures RPG will yield a Blue Ogre Soul code.
10. A future forum game will contain a Blue Ogre Soul code as a prize.
Next Ogreman AQ3D Event
The next Ogreman Event in AQ3D is set for January 30th at 4:00 Eastern time on the Blue server! This Event will help introduce the travel form to AQ3D players and there could be some exciting drops!
blueogrecave 800x600
Ogre Jailbreak
Rumors have been running rampant that Ogreman has been imprisoned for wreaking havoc in the land of the Paladin. Although it is not the Paladin nor any of his inner circle, there is an evil group within that game that has taken a strong disliking to the big blue one! This wretched group of monsters are the ones¬†responsible for the dastardly attacks on Ogreman and the other Blue Ogres.¬† Only time will tell what exactly has happened, but do not be surprised if Ogreman needs rescuing from “jail” in the not too distant future!


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