One must never think of Mahjong tips as clever ways to trick other players or win faster. The tips are nothing but a strategic way to face the game and become an advanced player. With the right tips on your side, you will never fall back on cheating or have to rely on hints. 

If you want to learn step by step how to play Mahjong, this guide has got you covered. Read all the tips to understand this interesting game and become its master.

Tips on How to Play Mahjong 

The tips below on how to play Mahjong online or offline will help you better understand this game. 

#1 Always Think One Step Ahead 

If you do not know how to play American Mahjong, you might think it’s a tough game. But in reality, it’s a simple game. However, you must not let its simplicity trick you. 

It’s a strategy game where one thoughtless move can make you lose. That’s why players are advised to think one move ahead while matching the tiles. 

Throughout the game, you will find several pairs that will be available to match and remove. In such a situation, you must not act on impulse. Instead, you should take a moment, survey the available pairs, and identify the best possibility.

#2 Delay Moves if There’s No Immediate Gain 

Whether you are learning how to play Mahjong online or offline, you need to stay vigilant of every tile and move even as a beginner. This game revolves around planning ahead.

It’s better to pair tiles that result in unlocking more possibilities. But there’s a catch. If the available pairs on the board are matching but not resulting in immediate gain, they must be avoided. 

It’s a tip based on the concept of return on investment, which is also applicable in other Solitaire games. In case of no immediate gain, the particular move can be paused and wait for the game to evolve. This way, players can get better opportunities. 

#3 Same Symbol Tiles Need Your Attention 

There is a possibility that several tiles with the same symbol will become available. In such a situation, you must focus on them because matching them cannot be a random decision. 

You must not make a move unless the tiles are available at an even number. Also, you should regularly check for new matching possibilities to appear. 

Players are advised only to match the tiles that help them to unlock most pieces and result in the quickest game progress. 

#4 Keep an Eye on Similar Tiles on Top of Each Other

Do you want to learn Mahjong to play like a professional? If so, your ultimate priority should be identifying and solving two similar tiles on top of each other. If not done, the game will become an unsolvable puzzle. 

The game will be considered lost if those are the only tiles left out of their suit of symbols to be matched. Also, you can’t shuffle the tiles as they will remain on top of each other. Thus, you cannot free the bottom tiles. 

#5 Focus on High Stacks and Long Rows

To correctly learn the Mahjong board game how to play, you should focus on high stacks and long rows. If there is no other block on the top of the tiles, then only you can match them. Also, one of their lateral sides must be free. For this reason, rows and stacks are believed to be the most problematic areas in this game. 

Players can’t see the tiles hidden below the upper pieces due to stacks. Similarly, long rows keep the tiles visible but inaccessible. That’s why you must always focus on these areas and make this approach a part of your Mahjong strategy to avoid reaching an unsolvable puzzle stage. 

#6 Unlock Unsolvable Puzzle with Special Game Features 

Compared to the offline version, online Mahjong has two special features, i.e., undo and shuffles. Players can use any of these features to deal with a situation where no moves are left. They can also use the special features to unlock puzzles. 

Beginners learning how to play Mahjong game can use the easy shuffle option to rearrange the tiles. Doing so opens up multiple matching possibilities in the game to progress. Similarly, experts use undo features as it demands a more strategic approach. 

#7 Don’t Always Follow Computer Hints 

Players must have a strategic approach during the game because computer hints aren’t always the best moves. 

Open pairs are identified and released to the player whether you’re playing online or on a software. You might think they are safe tiles and plan player discards accordingly, but there is no long-term strategy involved in the hints provided by the computer.

A good player always surveys the upcoming moves that will become unlocked as the game progresses.

#8 Unlock At Least One Tile Per Move

While learning how to play Mahjong game, you must try to unlock at least one tile per move. It is considered to be the golden rule of this game because this strategic approach helps you to become a master of the puzzle. 

You must scrutinize the pros and cons of each move to eliminate landing in an unsolvable game situation. Regardless of the type of tile, if it does not unlock a new move, find another possibility. That’s because the pair might create a possibility to open better paths in the game later. 


Mahjong is a great game that you can only win when you know the ins and outs. You must always have the self-control to avoid making moves on impulse – this is something you will learn if you look into how to play Mahjong Solitaire as well.

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