Online games have exploded in popularity over the last few years, delivering to players an immersive and highly exciting form of entertainment. You might be wondering what exactly live TV game shows are and how they differ from other live casino games. Players are most probably familiar with the enticing aspect of live online games. Live TV game shows have now burst onto the scene, offering players an exhilarating way to enjoy online games, but with the familiarity and nostalgia of popular games.

Why are Live TV Game Shows so Popular?

Popular TV game shows in their heyday attracted millions of viewers, so it’s no surprise that when merged with live online games they are a massive hit. LiveTV game shows are bigger and better than other games, combining a professional and endearing host, state-of-the-art graphics, and the chance of course to win prizes along the way. These types of games have the ability to attract more players as they are completely accessible in terms of skill and knowledge. Some players might feel unconfident playing some modern games as they believe they lack the skills, so live TV game shows bridge this gap. There are no strategies to learn; just playing and having fun is needed!

These types of games also allow players to get a taste of participating in a TV game show they may have watched before. So, if you’ve ever seen one of these shows and were frustrated that the contestants were not making better choices, now is your chance to take on the challenge yourself!

What TV Game Shows Can I Play?

While of course the classic games still dominate in the live game category at online game sites, there is a growing number of TV game shows to choose from. We want to cover the most popular ones today, so take a look below at what TV shows have had an online game makeover for your entertainment.

Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is a game based on a magic wheel from the venerable board game franchise. This game has won not only a Game of the Year award in 2019, but also the Game of the Year again in 2020 for an online gaming site. Many timeless segments are available, from the classic ‘Chance’ cards to allowing the host to roll the wheel a second time, unlocking prizes and an exciting 3D bonus game. The 3D bonus game is the star of the show, giving players the opportunity to travel with Mr Monopoly around the classic board to win further prizes.

Deal or No Deal

This is a branded game based on the very popular show, Deal or No Deal. For this game, players are invited to predict whether or not the money in their virtual briefcase is higher than the Banker’s offer. Each phase of the game ramps up the excitement, leaving the player with the decision to stick with their briefcase or accept the Banker’s offer.

The Money Drop Live

This TV game show allows players to build up their balance and then see how much they can keep. They hope to deliver a ‘world class gaming experience’ and with The Money Drop being adapted for over 50 countries, there is certainly a wide reach for players all around the world.

While there are additional side games, the main objective focuses on four platforms. A player can choose between these platforms to place their balance, either by spreading over two, three, or all four platforms. Whatever money is remaining after the drop gets taken into the next round and players are one step closer to winning with the highest balance!