People who love to test their skill on games remotely but have gotten bored of playing online games should know that the Internet gaming sphere has much more to offer. Thus, in the content below, we provide six options that implement an arcade twist, hoping to induce sentimentality among retro gamers who like to do some online gaming now and again.

Fish Catch

Fish games have been a hot topic of conversation in the US over the past few years. That is so because these arcade-style video games have caused quite the controversy regarding their alleged legality. Yet, those hosting them state that since they incorporate a skill-based element, they cannot be classified as such. These are nothing more than shooting games, all following virtually the same gameplay style. Gamers fire at fish using different types of ammo and guns, and depending on which ones they hit, they win different kinds of prizes. Fish Catch is one of the most famous digital iterations of fishing, available for play at many famed online gaming platforms.

Max Quest

Max Quest is another online shooter in the same vein. However, instead of shooting at aquatic creations, players here try to eliminate hordes of the undead, primarily zombie mummies. These get taken out using weapons like machine guns, plasma and laser rifles, shotguns, grenades, and the like. That gets done so that players can get close to snagging this game’s top reward.

Max Quest has spawned various sequels, and it features extensive social options, avatar customization, achievements, waiting to get unlocked, and leaderboard prize pools. These can be found at most premium US-centric real money casinos that accept prepaid cards.

Fury Stairs

Lovers of old-school arcades will surely adore Fury Stairs by Turbo Games, a supplier focusing on the provably fair niche responsible for multiple simple online gaming choices that draw in the crypto crowd. Fury Stairs has shades of Donkey Kong to it, and it looks like the late 1980s, early 1990s home console title with its rudimentary graphics and straightforward gameplay.

In the vintage-like video game, gamers climb multiple rows. In every row, several hidden fireballs sit, and it is the player’s job to pick a block where there is no fireball. If he happens upon one, the round ends, with the gamer losing. We must say that this is pretty much a form of minesweeper, and it is a highly engaging one at that.

GO GO Magic Dog

The GO GO Magic DOG Game, which has graphics that appear to try and mimic ones seen on NeoGeo cabinets. These are cartoony ones that give off a 3D feel. As the name of this shooter suggests, the theme here is magical dogs. These appear to live on a post-apocalyptic Earth, engaged in battle with humanoids. Gamers get special weapons to help them combat the onslaught of magical canines.