Dota 2 is not just a video game, but a true entertainment phenomenon. Every month an average of 15 million unique players fight online matches in this famous cybersport. Various Dota 2 eSports tournaments are organized worldwide, some of which are actual continental championships, but the most important is “The International”: Dota 2 World Cup.

The most beloved and popular global cybersports tournament brings a truly unprecedented economic return. “The main event” of the tournament is broadcast live on the big screens of U.S. movie theaters, where more than 2 million viewers are connected at the same time.

Make money doing what you love – playing the most interesting, fascinating game—the perfect option for ambitious players. But to become a true professional, as in any sport, even if you just sit at the computer, you need persistence, the will to win, and certain skills and abilities. This article will consider a few tips for those who want to become a professional in such a powerful Esports phenomenon as Dota 2.

Find Motivation

As with everything in life, it’s important to play cyber sports for the right reasons. The passion for competition, the satisfaction of growing as a player, and the feeling of contributing to the team and community are all valid reasons to play.

In the long run, positive motivation is what keeps players engaged. On the other hand, players motivated by money, fame, and quick success are likely to burn out before they even become professionals. Loving the game and the best payout online casinos in Australia will make a huge difference during daily practice as you gradually acquire the skills to become a professional.

Practice, Practice, Practice

A trivial but relevant thing is practice. The most important thing is to treat the game not just as entertainment, but as a real opportunity to play on a professional team. Try to make a routine of your day, in which, of course, most of the time you should devote to training in Dota.

Make sure you give your eyes a rest and get some air in between games. This will help you calm your nerves after winning at Aus casinos. Remember that only your desire and diligence can achieve any goal, if you play regularly, you are no worse than those who now perform on the professional stage.


After a while of training, when you become a confident player, start looking for a team. If you have friends or colleagues who also play Dota 2 at a good level, it’s worth including them. Specialized social networking groups and forums will also help you select the best teammates. In the beginning, you will have to play a lot of tournaments without any money. But it will be a valuable experience of playing and teamwork.

If your teammates will be reluctant to train and do not want to look for tournaments to take part in, look for a new team. At the very beginning of your career, you will probably have to change teams many times until you find some energized players who are willing to work hard and make their way into cybersports. With them, you have a much better chance of success.


Teamwork is an essential part of Dota 2, and interaction is the most essential part of teamwork. You can’t read your teammate’s mind, but you can signal specific moves, plan possible actions, and execute accordingly.

Communicating with your teammates is a surefire way to improve your ranking simply because many players don’t bother to do so – you can use the chat wheel or, better yet, use voice communication to communicate effectively.

Watch Replays 

Reviewing your own errors will allow you to eliminate them in the future, consider the situation on the map correctly, and be useful at all times. By analyzing your game you can judge from the outside whether you’re playing correctly and what you need to change.

Professional matches are often a source of tricks and tricky strategies that you can try out yourself. And remember, if something seems strange in the actions of professionals, try to understand why a particular player has made a particular action.

The ability to analyze develops critical thinking very well and allows you to assess the situation more deeply, and understand why the pro player/streamer acted in a certain situation. So, don’t just play, but think about how to make the right match.

Map Knowledge

Map awareness is essential to becoming a professional Dota 2 player. It has several levels, but at its core, map awareness involves being able to make mental notes about where the heroes are after a glance at the mini-map.

Developing map awareness is easier said than done, especially if you’re a beginner, but it’s a skill that will serve you well if you focus on developing it.

The information you gain from your map understanding will guide your hero’s movements on the map, making it easier for you to plan your attacks and avoid unfortunate situations.

Multiple Heroes

There are more than a hundred heroes in Dota 2. Learning to play every hero inside out would be nearly impossible, so instead of spreading yourself too thin, you’d be better off maximizing your potential by focusing on mastering multiple heroes – preferably three or five.

Ideally, you should have a sense of a bunch of other heroes in play, but in terms of pure practice on your path to mastery, you’re better off focusing on a few heroes. This allows you to act to the best of your ability, as you will have a crystal-clear picture of your heroes’ strengths and weaknesses.

Players with a higher level of player selection rarely go beyond the small pool of heroes they have mastered for different roles. Applying the same practice over and over will do wonders for your gameplay.

Maintain Balance

While a grind mentality prevails in cybersports, professionals must learn to find a balance between their training regimen and behind-the-scenes action.

According to professional players, a holistic approach to training that includes proper nutrition, exercise and an active social life improves concentration and prevents emotional burnout. Leading a healthy lifestyle will keep you motivated long enough to develop skills that will eventually attract professional organizations.