Spider Solitaire is a game that requires immense skills and patience. It used to be one of the go-to activities of PC users, and today, you can participate in online tournaments to earn nice prizes. The game is available online, and you can download the Spider Solitaire app on your smartphone. Each match session lasts for five minutes, and they are multiplayer matches. So, you can engage in 1V1 intense battles with real-life opponents showcasing varying experiences and skills. Watch out for ongoing 1VN tournaments and participate in such contests. You can read more about the different game modes to make your decision.

If you have played Spider Solitaire before, you already know the rules. However, if you need some help, the game is played with a deck of 52 cards and one suit. Rearrange the cards ascendingly and transfer the relevant set to the foundation pile to score points. You can play the four-suit Spider Solitaire game to increase the difficulty level.

If you want to become a pro at Spider Solitaire, you cannot ignore the following strategies. Play sufficient practice games to implement and perfect these tactics before partaking in the tournament contests.

Try And Create Empty Piles As Early In The Game As Possible

Start moving cards from the tableaus that have fewer cards so you can empty the column quickly. When the column is empty, it is used as a temporary storage space for the cards when sequences are arranged. Also, empty columns are used when you need to turn over more cards to increase potential moves.

Show Love To The Undo Button But Exercise Restraint

You’ll find the undo button at the bottom of the screen. The button is there to help rectify your mistakes. If you have played a wrong move and find yourself stuck, tap on the undo button and go back to execute the right move.

However, do not go on tapping the undo button because it might make you lose points. You need to check the scoring system of the game app and determine how many times you can tap the undo button before it qualifies as a penalty.

The Higher Cards Need To Be Built First

It would be best to focus on the highest-ranking builds instead of the out-of-suit builds. The problem is that out-of-fit builds cannot be moved to another column as a unit. Therefore, the build is helpful when you need to temporarily store your cards from other piles.

If you start arranging the cards with a low card, your build will be completed with an Ace, which will be rendered useless.

Wasting A Move In A 5-Minute Game Must Be Avoided

All the moves must be executed expertly to beat your opponent. Since the match only lasts for five minutes, you must ensure never to lose a move. If you waste your move, your opponent will get an undue advantage.

During the game, you may face situations where you can cause a card to turn into a column, and you can complete it in two moves. But you have also discovered that moving cards in a different order means you can flip a hidden card and also turn the hidden card into a column.

All your moves must be calculated, and you need to think of future consequences before making your move.

Dropping A Column Early Is A Strategic Move

Empty tableaus play a significant role, and they can make or break your game. When moving cards and arranging them, the empty columns are used as a temporary storage space. You can use the empty piles to create natural card builds and quickly create relevant sets to beat your opponent.

Ensure Not To Waste An Empty Column During The Game

Empty columns are strategic to your game, and you cannot afford to let them go to waste. The empty piles are used as temporary storage areas for cards when you transfer them from one tableau. Whenever you see an empty column, ensure to use it.

Think Of Uncovering As Many Hidden Cards As Possible To Increase The Potential Moves

You need to flip as many cards as possible throughout the game. The more cards are exposed, the more moves you have to execute. So, don’t stop discovering what’s hidden.

King Cards Must Be Placed On The Open Columns

You can place the King cards on the open columns because the card cannot be placed above any other card. You might want to switch a card to an empty tableau early during the game so you can put it somewhere else after the deal.

Extracting A King Might Be An Excellent Strategy If You Can Execute It Correctly

Most Spider Solitaire players think the King card must not be placed on an empty column, and it must be extracted when columns are empty. It is a good strategy, but it isn’t always practical. It would be best to make that judgement after playing several matches.

When the King card crowds columns, you will lose the game unless you can take down something—as such, extracting the King is your only option to save the game and increase your chances of winning.

Summing Up

Spider Solitaire games are not always solvable, but you can win most of them if you carefully strategize. The tactics mentioned above will help you become a Spider Solitaire whizz and give your opponents a run for their money.

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