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Starport: Galactic Empires is a free online strategy game. Unlike some free online strategy games Starport or SGE is a fully graphical action game. You can either try to come out on top of other players in a two-week game period or you can play on a persistent server.

You start out as a lowly spaceship captain but you will be able to upgrade your ship as you earn funds hauling cargo and passengers. Think of Han Solo in Star Wars transporting passengers through dangerous environments and you get an idea of this phase of the game.

The strategy of the game really kicks into overdrive when you claim a world and start building your empire. Not only do you have to keep your world properly defended but you must also keep your colonists happy find trade routes develop resources and discover technologies.

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Author: Zain020
Rating: 8
Comment: Really enjoyed game. Great for any PC whether fast or slow. A lot of patching.

Author: MadAce
Rating: 10
Comment: I (and many players with me) like the very addictive game play together with the PvP. Yes it is hardcore player versus player. No it is not a fighting game 100%. It involves a lot of strategy and long-term reflection. You have to plan ahead.

There are two types of servers. Perma s (never-ending servers each of them quite unique) and rebangs (servers that can last up to 18 days and the highest ranking players are rewarded with a medal a status symbol) both have similar game play and goals but both are equally accessible. You can team up in corporations which is VERY fun. You can also fight over galactic domination. This isn’t like in other mmo where the devs “create” wars regions and such to get players to fight. In SGE you can decide that yourself. Thus an average server is filled with politics intrigue wars and struggles for power.

You might think that this is a mean community aiming for the demise of their fellow-players. Big mistake. The community is one of the most open ones around by far. It is possible to encounter the wrong person but unlikely. MANY people are really willing to help you out as a new player and will continue to do that since there is so much to learn. It seems like a simplistic game but it really isn’t. You can get to Galactic Domination in a lot of ways.

There is also a great deal of close contact with the developers. They often listen and they tend to tell why they implement certain changes. There is a steep learning curve. Although the developers did the effort to implement a tutorial it is not a kiddie game. The community is dedicated but this brings with it that some players get upset if the devs change some things. Remember it involves work to build up an Empire and it is never fun to see your massive creation damaged by outer-game changes. So this tends to bring out some rivalries between players. Some players support the developers while other players question their judgment. However this only shows how much there is to care about this game.

In conclusion you would be a fool not to give this game a serious try. Warning: Your social life can die because of this game. Soon wars and power will be more addictive than… Food!

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Pricing Model

Starport: Galactic Empires is currently 100% free to play. The game is funded by donations. The download is about 50 MB.

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  1. It’s a mix of space simulation and MMORPG, though the game leans more towards a space simulation since there aren’t a whole lot of RPG elements in this game to really consider this an MMORPG. Game features real-time PvP combat, so that’s kind of cool. Game can get a bit boring with harvesting resources and managing colonies, but that’s mainly because of the genre itself. Graphics are alright; I don’t really expect a whole lot out of graphics from a game from 2004. Overall, I’d rate this game a 3.5/5; doesn’t seem too bad for a space simulation game.

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