There are a lot of online games available in the market for free nowadays. While most games are made with the demographic that has already played other games in the genre, some games are easy to get into. Better yet, the genre itself is easy to understand and easy to play. This article will discuss the best genre for beginners to dip their feet into the world of gaming.

Puzzle games

Unlike Kolikkopelit bonuskoodi, puzzle games are a genre that has been there since the dawn of time. These games have evolved, from board games to online games, but the idea remains the same: find the ideal solution to a unique problem. Such games have found huge popularity in the current generations, as they tend to make you scratch your heads which is an enjoyable experience while also being simple to play. A simple playstyle means a larger audience that can understand and play these games.

First-person shooter games

First-person shooter games or FPS games are the simplest games you can play. You aim, you crouch, you run, you shoot. You just need a smartphone or a computer system with a mouse and a keyboard. This reduces the audience a bit but still targets a large number of people that are interested in games that are easy to play. There is a huge variety of games that can be played, each with a unique proposition that makes every last one a blast to play.

Idle clicker games

These games are often played on mobile phones and have a simple task, click. You might find it boring when you read about it here, but they are quite addictive when you start playing them. These games are often best played when you have little time and want to blow off some steam. The name, idle clicker, suggests all that is there to these games, but they are the games that target the biggest demographic. People who just know how to use a smartphone and are not too proficient in gaming and people who don’t have much time.


Games are meant to be played for enjoyment, so it’s no use if the games you make aren’t targeted at a larger demographic. The challenge that a hard game provides is a unique selling proposition for various games but falls short to appeal to those who aren’t too experienced. Finding the best game for beginners is a hard task, but these genres are best for beginners.