Today March 16th marked the 12th Anniversary of Everquest. While it may not have been the first MMORPG as games like Ultima Online came before it, it was one of the biggests MMORPGs during its time before the behemoth that is now World of Warcraft. Everquest was my first MMORPG and one that I played for almost four years. It is still the MMORPG that I hold other games to their standard and while some have been fun and good, there has never been one that held my attention for as long and as much as Everquest.

For those of you who play MMORPGs or online games in general, you probably understand just as much as I do what draws you to these games as much as they do. While playing games solo or even multiplayer at your home is fun, there are so many more people to play and get to know online. Not only are you talking with people around your area, you’ll be able to meet and talk with people from other countries. While you may never meet these people in real life, relationships are born as you already share one passion with the person: gaming.

This is truly what made MMORPGs blossom and what made Everquest as great and addictive as it was in its time. Everquest is an “old school” MMORPG that almost requires being in groups to do anything. There was not as much you could solo in EQ than other games. Because of this, you had to make friends, join pickup groups, and meet new people. Eventually you’d probably join a guild so you have even more people to talk to. You become part of a family and feel obligated to them as they help you and you help them. This was what made EQ addictive; it wasn’t about the game itself as much as it was the people. I knew people that logged in and stood in the same spot for hours just talking with other people and enjoyed the game as much as anyone.

As with all fads though times change and people change, especially in the technology industry. EQ is an old game now and though people play it and enjoy it, it isn’t as amazing as it used to be. I always look back and think happily about the 9 hour sessions of playing EQ but knowing that there is no way I could do that now with what else I have in real life. MMORPGs now are more about soloing and graphics and being able to play one hour a day, and honestly that is much easier to fit in my day. Looking back I still miss the old EQ like an old friend but I’ve moved on to newer and better things.

Feel free to post your thoughts and stories about your first MMORPG or online gaming experience. We’d love to hear from ya!