held its first meetup inside AQ3D on October 27th. Here are videos and screenshots from that event. Our next meetup will be announced soon and it should be held in a bigger room. Also, the next meetup could be more “official”.

ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 27 16.36

ScreenHunter_04 Oct. 27 16.37

ScreenHunter_10 Oct. 27 16.54

ScreenHunter_13 Oct. 27 16.57

ScreenHunter_14 Oct. 27 17.01

ScreenHunter_17 Oct. 27 17.03

ScreenHunter_20 Oct. 27 17.05

ScreenHunter_24 Oct. 27 17.09

ScreenHunter_28 Oct. 27 17.10


    • This should definitely happen for next meetup so we can have more people participate. Next meetup would be more official compared to last one we because of higher room limit. Artix could open that map or just change room limits for areas that we are going to visit during the meetup.

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