So gaming is normally for people to have fun and pass some time with friends, but some people have been lucky enough to get rich, have a look.

There are a lot of gaming sites which are widespread in the gaming industry and receive a lot of respect, as they are trusted to host some of the top providers’ games in the industry.  If you feel like relaxing with a game, you will have many to choose from.  Furthermore, a variety of games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch, World of Warcraft and much more are waiting for you to play. You will always be entertained when you play Bet365 roulette.

Some people game for fun and others game with the aim to earn money. Here are examples of people who got rich by gaming.

  1. One of the most known ways to make a great deal of money gaming is to be a successful esports player in a highly competitive game like League of Legends. Stadiums around the globe hold widely watched tournaments of this particular game. Elite LoL players have been known to make close to one million dollars per year. Yes, there are esports athletes that make more than there sports counterparts. The funny thing is that no long ago nobody would have guessed how much gaming has turned into a great spectator sport.
  2. Some of the most famous gamers like to negotiate their names as brands which leads to selling game gear by them. Some players have even started their own companies to sell the merchandise. One of the more obvious examples of this would be Fatal1ty Gaming Gear.
  3. Youtubers who can attract massive fan bases also do quite well. Making videos becomes their primary focus once they learn that they can support themselves by making game videos. The numbers of views and likes can ratchet up quite quickly with each new video no matter what the game. In contrast, an unknown gamer can make a great video on the latest top game and barely anybody will see it. The most popular Youtubers can make quite a bit via advertising.
  4. Similar to making videos, live streaming is another way to make some serious coin fast. The main way to do this is through an extremely popular service by the name of Twitch. Like Youtube, you have to develop a strong following before making money on Twitch. This can be done with paid subscribers and donations on the streaming page.
  5. There are a couple of honorable mentions such as blogging and running a game website, but the last one that will be discussed is making the game themselves. Although the majority of games are made by large game teams, some indie mega-hits such as Undertale and Stardew Valley were made primarily by one man teams. At a price tag ranging from $10 to $15, these games can make their developers mounds of cash in a hurry. Who doesn’t want that?

This is proof that people do get rich from gaming, whether it is by luck or by skill. All these winners have a different outlook on life, enjoying every moment thereof. You can also be the next big millionaire to be recorded in the history books. Whether you play esports or real sports, you have access to any of your favorite games online.

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