In the past couple of weeks, has added quite a bit to our online community. First, we changed our MMORPG Forum from an old version of Vbulletin to the latest version of Xenforo. Instead of being stuck with abandoned plugins like the Conquest System and Video Directory, we moved on to a more mobile-friendly forum that runs much faster and smoother before. We also had to change our forum’s currency from Experience Points because that plugin is not available on our software. We finally found a good currency program and have thus named them Ogre Dollars. The active members then got a currency exchange from the old forum on a one for one basis. New and old members can generate forum cash by replying to posts, making new threads, referring new members, and various other things. We also hold Events, contents, and even trivia to further bolster ogre piggy banks. However, Xenforo lacks one small thing at the moment, a fully working store.

Secondly, we added a new theme to our main site so we could move our old directory to a much better directory. Fortunately, the theme also has a store and its own currency system that we have renamed Ogre Points. Like the forum, you can gain points by doing different things on the blog. For example, you can get Ogre Points by viewing articles, commenting on an article, reviewing a game, and even buying a game in the new Shop. The shop contains various items including game cards and Steam Games. The biggest game is probably Chivalry Medieval Warfare and we have a couple of copies of that.

How do Ogre Dollars turn into Ogre Points you may ask? Simply sign up on the blog/main site and then PM me me your user name from the forum. The conversion will be done and you can continue earning points until you have enough to make a purchase. Items will continue to be added from time to time.

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