Welcome to GameOgre.com this is your home for all things gaming related! We welcome all levels of gamers newbies intermediate and all out pros. You are welcome to help out all of our other members by adding your own tips for games wiki info or even start a nice trivia game. We hope you enjoy your stay at Gameogre.com!

GameOgre offers a lot of things for newcomers to experiment with. A few things we offer to everyone are an Arcade loaded with a ton of your favorite flash games and constantly being updated; compete against your friends with the highscore system that is set in place a Tournament/Ladder creation system; able to handle all you gaming tournament/ladder needs a forum with a very friendly community able to help you with any problem you face a Review Directory; a valuable way for you and everyone else to search for game reviews and loads more!

Our MMORPG Forum is an amazing feature of GameOgre. It is a definite must for anybody to check out if they are looking for a nice gaming community. Everyone here will help you out with any problem you are having if possible. Our forum offers a point system you can exchange these points for a variety of things like Runescape Membership Card Ultimate Game Card ($10 $20) and even a GameOgre T-Shirt! You may earn points for a list of things logging in daily posting in the forum participating in forum events like trivia and contests. This is our way of saying ?Thank You? for being a loyal active member of GameOgre! A chatbox is in our forums for everyone to communicate quickly and it provides a way to just relax and hang out with other members that happen to be on. Our forums also offer a forum game section forum games offers plenty of games for you and other members to play. And if you have an idea for a game that doesn?t already exist then make one and maybe it will be become a popular game! Of course we are always open to ideas for improvement so if you have an idea let us know.

The Arcade System is a fun way for everyone to relieve some stress and just enjoy a nice game now and then. The way our arcade system works is you search for any flash game that we have in our database and play a way. There is a highscore system in place were you can compete against the whole forum community and see who is top dog when it comes to flash games. An in-arcade tournament system is available for all to use and set up tournaments (up to 8 players) to have an all out brawl for the title of arcade king! GameOgre also has two games called OgreMaze and OgreWars. OgreMaze is a very difficult cursor controlled maze game. Screenshot you best try and share it with the rest of us on the forums. OgreWars is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) Game where you pick where your nation will be based and then you have to raise and army train their offense and defense and equipped your warriors for combat. When ready you can try to invade/spy on other nations and fight for the right of OgreWars Champion!

A separate tournament/ladder system in embedded in our forums for everyone use. It enables people to join/create a team and so people can make tournaments for any purpose they want or need! For example you could set up a tournament for an online game you know about or you could set up a tournament to see who the best artist is. The possibilities are endless! Another feature is that you can start a ladder where players can challenge each other for the specific purpose of the ladder. These two features will ensure you plenty of entertainment!

One thing we offer inside of our forum are game pack keys. We at GameOgre sometimes get closed beta keys item pack keys and other type of keys from game developers. When we receive keys you can bet you all will have a chance to grab one for yourself! You may also request a key giveaway and we will see what we can do.

Once again we welcome you to GameOgre.com and hope you see you around in the forums if you have any questions you can Private Message Ogreman Catica or any other Ogre Regular (Members with a Green Name) in the forums and I promise we can help you. Welcome and Happy Hunting!

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  1. Awesome forum overall. There’s also forum events like the current Champion event which you can enter, if you finish in the top 7 you earn forum points and if you complete the entire event you earn a special medal.

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