No one can deny the fact that technology has brought a significant revolution in every sphere of life, and has brought a large degree of ease and comfort. The Gaming industry is not an exception in this case, and technology has been bringing many changes in this industry too. Here are some of the major changes that happened in the gaming industry through technology:

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence now allows gamers to compete with computers, which are already programmed according to the rules of the game.  Many players are now gaming with AI computers. Moreover, AI enables sites to find cheaters, block illegal sites, and customize the gaming experiences as per the wishes of the players. AI robots are being employed in some of the game sites. Game sites in Europe, in particular, are using artificial intelligence for tailor-made experience of players, regulations, better customer service, and for the prevention of fraud.

Online Games:

Perhaps, online games are the biggest development made by technology in the gaming industry rather than your local casinos. The Internet has enabled online gaming. In the wake of Covid-19, the usage of online games has skyrocketed too. Players from the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, and other European countries are now regular online gamers.

Mobile Applications:

Smartphones and mobile applications are one of the biggest sources of entertainment today, and gaming can be played through mobile applications as well. Various online games can be now placed through mobile applications, and during 2013 to 2015, this trend grew by 84% and is still growing today! By 2018 the mobile gaming industry was found to constitute 40% of the total online gaming market.

Virtual Games:

Virtual games are another feature which technology has enabled in the industry of gaming. Players today can enjoy both 2D and 3D virtual games. These virtual games offer an expansive and luxurious experience, with highly interactive gameplay. Players can roam around the game world and engage with other players. Virtual reality allows players to get a beforehand idea of games where they want to go, as some of the games allow players to have virtual tours of them too. 

Effects of technology on Games in Europe:

Europeans love online games, and their game sites are famous in the whole world as well. European game sites have embraced technology in a very efficient manner. Online and virtual games provide around 24% of the total revenue of the European gaming market. Also, more than 40% of online games in Europe were played through mobile applications. European casinos are leading the world’s online game sites in developing new advancements in game-related technology.