Whether a video game offers an engaging storyline or interesting gameplay, it’s nice to occasionally take a break from the normal action and get distracted with something new and shiny. That is where video game bonus levels come in handy. These miniature stages give you a reprieve from the typical gameplay, usually for a limited time, and promise players extra lives, points, and other items that boost your gameplay. Those bonuses make a huge difference when you’re trying to crash the final boss later in the game or nearing the high score.

Like getting a no deposit bonus from various online game sites, all video game bonus levels are built differently. However, the most memorable bonus stages normally feature snazzy visual effects, new backdrops, additional music, and a new type of challenge unavailable in the other levels of the game. Here are the top 8 video game bonus levels that will be remembered for years.

Archdragon Peak (Dark Souls III)

Archdragon Peak is an engaging bonus location that’s accessible by doing the “Path of the Dragon” gesture when you’re near the Irithyll Dungeon’s meditating dragon statue. As its name implies, this Dark Soul III bonus level features rock lizards, ancient Wyverns, and Man Serpents.

The bonus was seemingly created as a shrine for worshiping ancient dragons by the man serpents, but it doesn’t feature any dragons. The enemies in this level are tough, but their difficulty far outweighs its rewards. You get lots of upgrade materials, such as a stone that transforms players into dragons and rings.

Bloody Palace (Devil May Cry 4)

Bloody Palace is an engaging bonus level in Devil May Cry 4, unlocked after the Devil Hunter Mode. The mode gives you a long survival challenge, putting you against almost every enemy in the game, including bosses, and is based on Son of Sparda’s difficulty level.

In this fast-paced combat game mode, players can score style points and claim achievements by building impressive attack combos. At the end of the game, the player with the most style points is proclaimed the winner.

The Trial of the Sword (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

Trial of the Sword was developed as a DLC challenge mode in Breath of the Wild (Legend of Zelda), offering the toughest challenge in this game. Like other challenges in the Legend of Zelda, this DLC challenge mode involves surviving several enemy-filled environments using items that you salvage throughout the game.

This challenge takes away all your weapons, armor, power augmenting tonics, and all your health-restoring meals. You play as a barefooted link only wearing a pair of shorts and you have to make your way through three 125-level endurance trials that require you to eliminate a host of enemies using only what you’ve collected in this game mode.

Farewell (Celeste)

Celeste is a wonderfully surprising game framed around a powerful tale of recognizing and trying to overcome a mental illness. The Farewell bonus mode is staggeringly difficult for players, but it remains among the best bonus levels for modern indie gamers.

Farewell’s difficulty level might turn off some impatient players, but the game’s assist mode makes everything possible. This bonus level feels as good as Celeste has always been, with incredible new mechanics that bolster the terrific gameplay. At times, the game’s simple story of grief comes off as sorrowful and heartfelt to others, reminding everyone to celebrate those they’ve lost.

Long Journey’s End (Super Mario Odyssey)

Long Journey’s End features a sole story mission on the Darker Side of the Super Mario Odyssey and the final mission of this game. Your mission starts on the moon alongside various characters and Mario must capture a frog to jump across the platforms and go through a pipe leading to an area with a Yoofoe and Goombas.

After defeating the Yofie, Mario will be jumping across sinking platforms and climbing sinking poles. He will then need to capture a Lava Bubble to allow him to move across lava while avoiding moonsnakes. This bonus level also brings you lots of other enemies, including oil drums, donkey kong, pokios, barrels, burros, fuzzies, urban stingbies, pulse beams and uproots.

Path of Pain (Hollow Knight)

Path of Pain is an interesting sub-area found in Hollow Knight. You can find this sub-area within White Palace, where you will enjoy various quests, objectives, and secrets to uncover while encountering hostile characters throughout the journey.

You can access Pain of Path by obliterating a breakable wall located in the room above the lift that leads to the upper section of the White Palace. Completing this level allows you to get a cutscene depiction of the Hollow Knight’s younger version and the Pale King.

Test Your Might (Mortal Kombat)

For Mortal Kombat Fans, just thinking about this bonus stage will make you hear its sick techno music. Despite the game’s ultra-violence, this bonus level gives you something similar to a karate board-breaking demonstration. As such, you’ll either emerge as a winner or a loser as there’s no middle ground.