The Last of Us Part I has improved AI and graphics, and the series based on the beloved story is breaking viewing records. The popular TV series based on the famous game The Last of Us, which has become one of the hottest topics of discussion among gamers and moviegoers, is breaking all types of records. The fourth episode garnered even more views than the third. Even the Grammy broadcast didn’t affect the record numbers.

According to Variety, the fourth episode of The Last Of Us, which premiered on HBO, was watched by 7.5 million people. This is 17% more than the number of viewers who watched the third episode. According to some users on Reddit forums, this series can break the records of Bitcoin casino and other modern trends.

The series’ audience continues to grow (as well as crypto slots casino users – when it comes to discussions on forums). This is clearly visible against the backdrop of the fact that the fourth episode was broadcast at the same time as the Grammy Awards, but the viewership not only did not decline, but also grew.

Critics predict that The Last Of Us is on track to surpass Dragon’s Den in terms of views. But the premiere of the fifth episode of the series on HBO Max will show everything. The fact is that it was postponed from Sunday to Friday, February 10. The channel made this decision because of the Super Bowl, the final game of the season in professional American football (NFL). It will take place on February 13, and HBO Max will broadcast such an important event, so it has changed the premiere date of the fifth episode of The Last of Us.

On the one hand, the new episode gets more chances to be viewed, as moviegoers will be able to watch the episode before it goes on air. In addition, people who don’t have time to do so on Friday will have the opportunity to watch the series on the weekend. However, some critics believe that the Super Bowl may distract viewers from The Last Of Us.

The Last Of Us Series – What To Know

The series is an adaptation of the game of the same name, which shows the world after an epidemic outbreak. According to the plot, a parasitic fungus has mutated and can turn people into zombies. The series was filmed in Canada. It is known that HBO decided to spend $200 million on the first season of The Last of Us.

The first episode of The Last Of Us premiered on January 15. The series is broadcast on HBO Max. The second episode was released a week later and has already been compared to the game. The third episode of The Last Of Us was criticized for low ratings, but this did not affect the fact that the fourth episode did very well. It is known that The Last Of Us series has been officially extended for season 2.

The Last of Us Part I on PS5

The series is currently being broadcast on Prime Video and is a huge success, establishing itself as the best adaptation ever made of a video game for the cinematic world. So maybe it’s time to (re)play the game in question, as the latter has benefited from a rather interesting remake a few months ago!

Only released on PS5 (it will be released later on PC), this total remake doesn’t touch the story or the direction: the graphics have been totally revised and yes, it’s a graphic killer that will blow your mind. The gameplay has also been slightly tweaked to look more violent, more impactful while a lot of options and some bonuses are also available.

If you are not familiar with the game, you should know that you will play as Joel, who will have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies. Throughout the adventure, he will be accompanied by Ellie, a young teenager that he will have to protect at all costs. The interest of the story is to see the relationship between these two characters evolve.

Note that the cutscenes are much more realistic in this remake and that this greatly favors immersion. All this is possible thanks to new and more modern camera angles and the use of 3D models in the cut scenes, which allows for a better fluidity in the transitions between the cinematics and the gameplay phases.

An even more touching, more poignant adventure and definitely worth doing if you haven’t touched The Last of Us, or if you finished the game long ago.