It often happens that there is absolutely nothing to do, and I’m not talking about procrastination or laziness, but about situations in which you just need to kill time. This often happens on the subway, train, or even in a queue. Now smartphones and the Internet have come to the rescue, but what if the network is not caught or you have already watched all the news feeds? The solution is games that are called time killers. That is how we call games where you don’t have to think too much till playing. They aren’t designed for special skills, but they are very exciting and their main purpose is to take away your time and somehow keep you busy for an hour or two. We advise you to always have a couple of representatives of this genre at hand, and today we’ll tell you about the best of them.


Despite the fact that the game has a semblance of a plot, supposedly two dots went on a journey, in fact, this is a time killer. In this game, you have one task. You need to connect the dots so that they form a chain of more than three pieces and disappear. Each round has its own task, but in fact, it sounds more difficult than it really is.

With each level, the game becomes more difficult but no less interesting from this. You have a certain number of permissible errors per day, so be careful, otherwise, you don’t have to wait long afterward. The game is very addictive, so it can take from you not only hours, but also days, and even weeks. The developers are constantly improving something and adding new levels, so you can play endlessly.

Flight Control

Have you ever wanted to be an air traffic controller? Now there is such an opportunity because in this game there is a task to keep the heavens safe. It will take a minute to figure it out with the control panel, but it will take much more to stop playing. Your task in this game is to land planes and helicopters on the runway without letting them collide. Seems like the task is simple?

Everything would be fine if you didn’t have to land several planes and helicopters at the same time. The task is getting harder and harder every second. You will need a well-thought-out strategy and a keen eye to make safe paths and keep this chaos under control. At your disposal comes a set of several airfields, 10 units of aviation, including jets and helicopters, as well as tracking statistics.


Plinko is a fun and addicting online game. Plinko’s story begins in 1983 when the game was first introduced on the British game show The Price is Right. Since then, the game has only gained popularity and people in many countries around the world fell in love with Plinko. Bitcoin Plinko allows you to enjoy the excitement from the comfort of your home.

Plinko looks like a pyramid with a ball falling from above. After the start, you’ll see a pyramid, from the top of which balls begin to fall. During the fall, the ball touches the ledges of the pyramid and gradually descends downward. It’s exciting and very interesting.

Zen Bound 2

Zen Bound 2 is the official sequel to one of the world’s most popular games. The new product has everything that was in the first part of the game, but there are also many new levels, games, and music. The creative thought of the developers from Secret Exit has reached such a stage that they decided … to make a simulator of a rope that is wound on objects of different complexity and sizes.

There are some things that were corrected and updated in the game: better graphics, more levels, in relation to the previous part. If you didn’t understand anything: the point is to rotate the figures in three planes, repainting them as you wind a special rope. It is almost impossible to lose: the game condescendingly forgives any mistakes.

The game is unique, such a concept has definitely never occurred to anyone before Secret Exit. Zen Bound differs from most of the works of interactive art because there is no goal in the game, everything here doesn’t even happen for the sake of getting into the table of records, It’s just a killing time game


The gameplay here is so simple that it’s even difficult to describe in an interesting way. Each level is a chain of interconnected circles. We control a small ball that rotates at a fast speed along the inner circumference of the first circle. When you press the screen, the controlled object can move to the outer circumference of the object, continuing to move at the same speed. It’s possible to move from one circle to another only at the place of their connection.

The complexity of the game increases along with the introduction of new elements into the gameplay, for example, such as spikes inside and outside, which make you constantly tap on the screen in order to correctly and timely take the desired side of the circle. In general, you will definitely have something to do for a few hours.