If you are looking for games on sale and you missed the Steam Summer Sale, the Black Friday sales, and, most recently, the holiday sales, you are in luck! Now with the Chinese New Year you can buy some of the newest and most expensive games at considerable discounts before the next Steam Summer Sale. In fact, Steam itself is hosting a Lunar Sale right now. Like bluffing art in poker all you need to do is take a chance on the sale that you think will give the best prices on the games you want before the blockbuster sale by Steam in the summer. Also, remember that just because it is the Year of the Pig, it does not mean that you have to be one!

Steam Lunar Sale 

Although the deals are nice during this long time gap, do not expect a big production for this sale that rivals the sales for the winter that just happened and the summer that is months away. Instead, you are looking at mostly steep discounts coupled with a little token system based on purchases. you do not have a daily que for cards or tokens or some fun mini-game. The tokens are mostly for cosmetic rewards that will not last after the sale. If you have 15,000 tokens, you can get $5 off your next purchase.


Fanatical may not have even close to the same clout as Steam or even Humble Bundle, which doesn’t have an official Lunar Sale right now, but its approach to its sale is far more inviting. Besides having great discounts, Fanatical also has an 8% off coupon for everything except Star Deals and Bundles. Thus, there is no need to buy games to get tokens for an extra discount. Even more exciting are the Flash Deals that are announced hourly. Lastly, the Star Deals should be watched the most as they offer the lowest prices ever (so far) on various games.

Recent Big Sequels

So what did I buy during these great sales? I stuck mainly with recent games of established franchises. For example, Far Cry 5 just debuted in 2018, but was able to purchase this blockbuster game on Steam for just $14.99. The reviews have not been kind to the game so far, but its a huge beautiful world where you can also hunt and fish! More importantly, the story is quite possibly the best of the entire franchise. Not to be outdone, Fanatical had an aforementioned Star Deal for the epic Middle Earth Shadows of War for just $13.99. This one lasted only 48 hours with limited keys. All in all, it has been a great time to pick up games for a bargain that are normally premium priced.