Stepping off the stairs from the private jet, the player’s gleaming Testoni’s dismiss the tarmac in favor of the plush red carpet that’s been laid out for his highly-anticipated arrival. As the player brushes the imaginary lint from his tailored Zilli coat, the gaming superstar makes his way to the waiting Aston, his perpetually-smiling chauffeur patiently standing at the open door. Sinking into the buttery leather seats, he sees his favorite Dom chilled to the perfect crispness, with tiny jewels of condensation on the frosted crystal flute. An array of Gurkha cigars are displayed for his perusal, filling the air with their signature cognac scent. The chauffeur floors it to the source of all this lavishness: the generously appreciative Esports team, where they eagerly await and learn more about the star’s sparkling gaming results.  

Invisible hands open doors keep his bottomless glass topped and settle the gamer’s gear in front of him. Game managers show just the right amount of obsequiousness, chuckling convincingly at his less than funny jokes. Pageant-bred hostesses present the VIP with a bevy of activities, from concert tickets featuring billboard-topping stars to designer shopping trips; all comped, of course. Later, the gamer will be escorted to his elegant penthouse suite to feast on his Michelin-star room service dinner and have a short, restorative snooze in his California King so he can hit the floor to win again.  

Becoming a Big Time Gamer

There are a number of ways you can achieve superstar status. These range from winning online game tournaments, to winning on a high profile Esports team, to winning huge Esports championships. Speak to the esports managers to find out what the requirements are to get into the exclusive esports teams-you might find that it isn’t as unattainable as you think. Some teams also show appreciation to those gamers who, whilst not necessarily winning eye popping tournaments and prizes, consistently win over a long period of time. Whichever method you choose, make sure to get yourself noticed. 

Is it worth it? 

If you’re all about glitz and glamour, then definitely; some say that the comps you receive come close to off-setting the cost of rubbing shoulders with the elite. What you have to consider is whether you would be able to maintain this lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to, with the high-volume of time and energy it requires. If sitting front row at a sold-out event or dining on cuisine that borders on the forbidden is your idea of a great night out, then this is the way to go.


  1. The world’s a highly competitive place. When you have hundreds of millions of people that play games everyday with tens of thousands of people competing and aspiring to become the next star gamer, it’s quite difficult to achieve such a goal. But if you stick with what you’re good at and have the time and commitment, it could pay off.

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