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    We have looked at the latest, most […]

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  • Games are fun. And thanks to very talented developers, anyone can enjoy video games on different screen sizes, may it be on a computer, tablet, or even smartphone. Video games are the choice of entertainment for […]

    • People who love games should 100% go for their dreams and I’m all for more people doing all these things and in the gaming community/industry, but I want everyone to be a little realistic and do some research of their own before they just off and think (I can make it as a …)

      All of these ways to make money with games are way harder than most casual gamers are probably thinking.

      Videogame testing is a rough job, and for most a job that is not actually all that fun. I’ve been a game tester and most of your job consists of looking at tickets in something like Jira and then checking meticulously all the steps leading up to the bug to see if the recreation is accurate. It is definitely not (play this game and enjoy it to the end then give us feedback on it). Most of the fun, find the bugs, work will be done by those with more experience with the company, or by the devs themselves who will write the tickets that you will check. I was an experienced tester with a programming background and I was only seeing $30k as a tester (and I was paid higher than most other testers) and moved on.

      Streamer is probably the most glorious of them all in the eyes of gamers everywhere, but like the article says, it is much harder than it sounds. There is so much that goes into making a good channel and getting viewers. You need to be consistent, you need to constantly watch you own streams and see what you can improve and then make the adjustments, you need to increase your presence on all social media and really turn up the volume which can be annoying to many of your current friends/family members, you need to learn OBS and all the different gimmicks used to keep viewers interested in a channel, but most important, you have to be an interesting person. It takes a lot of effort and sometimes inherent talent wins out over effort and leaves you viewerless.

      Join Esports is way tougher than just being good at games, and more than that, it takes a certain mental fortitude. That’s like just deciding to join any pro sport. It takes hours and hours and hours of pure dedicated training with goals in mind each time. And it won’t end when you get in, you’ll go to bootcamps, training camps, you’ll live in a house with your other teammates and have your food cooked for you and be expected to eat specific meals at specific times and then continue your training regime which will include playing the game (of course) but with specific goals for practice in mind. You’ll be put through mental and physical training at many organizations because a balanced life helps you maintain stamina and focus, etc.

      Blogger is in a lot of ways like a streamer. You will have to work hard and be consistent, but you’ll also need some talent at writing and drawing in an audience. You’ll need to know how to run a site, keep it healthy, keep it in the search engines with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you want a chance at getting enough traffic for ads to pad your pockets, or you’ll need to create a loving, caring, awesome community with enough people and enough content to keep them interested and spending money on different products and services. Content creation is no simple task, and is even harder in some ways than streaming because you have to plan well and you don’t get immediate feedback.

      I have worked in and around the game industry off and on in different capacities for many years now, and that’s my take (this is the tl;dr version already, sorry).

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    • I myself using prescription contacts love the ideal that players can be both comfortable and safe while enjoying games ! Good show !

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  • It is 1996. Madden is transitioning to 3D. It is an amazing jump… technically. The graphics are clunky, and the player models are still 2D sprites. Tiberon wasn’t deterred, however, and continued to improve the […]

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