It’s that time of year again the MMORPG Showdown is upon us—but it’s time to choose our contenders. We still need a few more to be added to the field so that they may go head-to-head and find a clear winner for this year.

So far, the likely participants include Guild Wars 2 from NCSoft, World of Warcraft from Blizzard, DC Universe and Star Wars: The Old Republic from Sony Online Entertainment, Rift from Trion Worlds, EVE Online from CCP Games, Neverwinter and RaiderZ from Perfect World Entertainment, TERA, Runescape, Maple Story, and Drakensang.

To make the cut, a game must reach or exceed 10 votes and the follow titles are on their swing vote or close enough for you to make a difference: Marvel Heroes, Asura Force, Vindictus, Fallen Earth, 9 Dragons, Blood and Jade, Talisman Online.

Added for the first time this year Minecraft has shown up on the charts but is still 3 votes away from making it into the contest! If you’re a fan of mining, perhaps you can push it the final leg so that it can enter the contest.


MMORPG Showdown 8 Predictions

Soon. The tournament will heat up as games go mono-e-mono in an attempt to make champion of MMORPG Showdown and you can make your mark by betting on the eventual winner. Predictions are open for MMORPG Showdown 8 and the winning prediction will receive a $10 Ultimate Game Card.

If the game you chose doesn’t make it into the contest, you can still change your vote. Predictions are closing tomorrow December 1st (unless there’s an extension) so get your prediction in!

Past MMORPG Showdowns

Guild Wars 2 won the previous MMORPG Showdown 7. Is NCSoft and ArenaNet’s game still on the path to championship? It faced World of Warcraft and other top contenders last time; maybe something has shifted in the hearts-and-minds of the ogres to shake things up.

We won’t know until the final votes are in!

Come one, come all, participate and let’s see who is making waves this round!


  1. Too bad I didn’t get to make a choice at predictions, but the games listed are all good and it will be a though fight.

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