Retro Bowl continues to impress as essentially the #1 NFL game on the market, and it only continues to climb higher as time goes on. Case in point, the latest update. Version 1.4.76; released on February 1, it addressed both glitches and game depth, in several areas. IF I could (I can’t, since it’s so awesome) name one thing that puts Retro Bowl above the top of its competitors, it would be the fact that Simon (Retro Bowl’s coder) seems to have a genuine appreciation for both the consumer and his game, that you can just feel. Which isn’t present in other games, even ones with similar style/subjects. That’s one of the many reasons why I love this game. And speaking of Simon, I have took to his Twitter to read up on prospects for future update material, and, oh boy, are there loads of potential ideas there that could make a killer update. Even if you just include tweets made following the newest update’s release, there is a stunning amount of potential there to somehow even make this game deeper. If you still crave excitement from gaming after all these updates, you can also register and bet online if that catches your interest.

First, though, let us look at the newest update. There are a few additions that aren’t exactly eye-catching. Things such as, “fixed clock issues” and “Fixed correct player question always being left button” on the update log, which doesn’t exactly inspire an eye-popping moment. But the majority of the update ranges from solid to reformative. Such as:

  • The updated playoff structure. Speaks for itself.
  • A bye week for #1 seeds. Speaks for itself.
  • Tweaked OF/DP awards. Do I even need to say it? Speaks for its-
  • A one minute quarter length. This is really useful, for both solo players AND Retro Bowl leagues, which have more participation and dedication than one might think.
  • Kicker accuracy and range affects kickoff distance. This, along with…
  • …the new onside kicks addition gives players greater depth when partaking in kickoffs, something that the most boring, artificial play in the game needed. Something we needed! And Simon listened. *Insert Obligatory Shot at EA here*
  •  You can now check a player’s stats when resigning them. This was one of the few things I genuinely lambasted Retro Bowl over. How am I supposed to remember a player’s stats when I’m too busy winning?
  • In all seriousness, this addition is really useful for gauging the value of a player when, well… resigning them. For example: What if I’m on the fence about a project defensive end who I feel hasn’t produced up to expectations in his career since I drafted him. But, I still need to be sure before I release him and lose locker room morale. Turns out, he actually isn’t as mediocre as I thought, and I am able to further build the defense around him, until the defense plays up to par with some of the best in the league. I now average 10-14 P.P.G. allowed several years later, and Mr. Darrel Sproles is still an integral part of my pass rush. (Albeit at a much more expensive cost.)
  • Finally, the reason why I so awaited this update: the uniform expansion! Now you have access to four uniforms instead of two! I have used this opportunity to make the ultimate NFL uniform package; I have made sure to spread across all of my save files.

We now reach the more… speculative side of this article. This section comes from a perusing of Simon’s Twitter feed/replies, and an active following of him on Twitter. I have proposed ideas about what could come next for RB, but I’ve never really had any leads. But now? I have so many leads in comparison you may as well call me a cowboy. And, speaking of cowboys, how about we corral all of those Twitter ideas into one section, right about… now