Whatever genre you took in computer games (except, perhaps, an airplane control simulator), you would always find that it either came from a board game, or vice versa, spawned a whole family of them. So, non-genre diversity distinguishes board games from computer ones.

 Advantages of Computer Games:

You can play whenever you want.

You can start all over again if you lose everything, or you are “killed.”

Play with a friend.

Colorful animation.

Wide selection.

Some games are educational.

You can have a good time.

At the moment, it is difficult to surprise the players at SCR888 download . However, 9 years ago and more, the games still had unique mechanics and interesting topics. We present you the best PC games of 2010 with the purpose to get you back to these times.

Mass Effect 2

This was a beautiful continuation of the space saga about Captain Shepard. At the moment, thanks to the number of partners, excellent role-playing system, lots of quests, interesting gameplay and a great story, this part is considered the best of the series. Create your hero, upgrade him, and join the first large-scale fight with the supporters of the Reapers.

Mafia 2

New city, new story, new experiences. You have to take control of a young military named Vito Scaletta, who lives and makes friends join the mafia web. Thanks to this game, you will feel what it’s like to be a bandit and what consequences this entails.

Fallout New Vegas

This is an offshoot of the original series, which will tell you a completely different story of a new character. Now, a new city has grown in place of Vegas, and you have to go through rather unusual and interesting quests to decide his fate. Anyway, that’s the favorite part of the fans of old and new games.

Metro 2033

This is a unique phenomenon — an incredibly high-quality domestic game based on the book with the same name. Take control of a boy named Tom and travel to an extremely dangerous world of the metro. You will see the paranormal, mutants, anomalies, gangs and many other things.

Starcraft 2

This is a sequel of the cult first game, where you have to continue the story. After four years without hearing anything about Zergs and Sarah Kerrigan (who became the new leader), worlds of the Terran and Protoss have been suddenly threatened again, and Zergs were not the worst problem.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Beautiful, dynamic, and easy game with a great soundtrack. At the moment, this is the best game without a story and tuning in the series. The area was very picturesque, the set of machines- decent, but the trailer is quite interesting. You will definitely have something to do here!

Call of Duty: Black Ops

This is the best game of the trilogy to the moment. In the role of Alex Masen, a CIA agent, you will remember about their previous surgeries and tell a unique story, which covers an unusual secret number. As always, there is plenty of action and different weapons!

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

The game also joined the list of the best games of 2010. This game, continuing the story of Ezio Auditore, not only repeated the success of the original second part but even exceeded it thanks to the unique system of ranks and a possibility of training recruits in brotherhood. Of course, here you’re offered a quite extensive and original plot, as well as unique gameplay features.


This unusual game that gives us an opportunity to look at an alternative history. In the role of an infantryman of the US army, you’ll have to go to the island, which hosted the development of a certain Element 99 and to investigate the radiation burst. In the role of Nathaniel Renko, you will fight against time and change an environment to fight with the soldiers and mutants generated by the island.

BioShock 2

BioShock 2 closes the list of the TOP games of 2010. The second part of another legendary series shows the events that happened two years before the original game. Again, you will have to go to the vast undersea city of Rapture in the role of the very first Big Daddy. Rest has assured that this game has something to surprise you, and its atmosphere is completely indescribable.