Creative jaw-dropping weapons come in endless waves when it comes to online games. Not only are these weapons great to look at, but they are devastating as well! Think of it as being similar to playing¬†online casino games¬†because you don’t know exactly what will happen. All you know is that you enjoy swinging that giant sword or blasting baddies with that epic gun.


Range and Melee Weapons


In general, there are two primary categories for weapons, range and melee. Range weapons mainly include guns and and some version of a bow. These allow players to deal damage from a distance and take on multiple enemies at a time. Weapons of this nature are more suitable to those smaller or weaker players who can not engage as well up close. Of course, more modern games like Call of Duty focus more on range weapons because of the military setting.


Melee weapons are usually found more in medieval games because of the fantasy setting. Going up alone against a group of unarmed monsters is nowhere near the same as being engaged in a firefight in modern times. Still, it is much more satisfying to use an epic weapon to plow through monsters as in Diablo or World of Warcraft on the way to finding a massive pile of loot! Some games even allow players to craft their own melee weapons to forge a stronger bond to those weapons. Other melee weapons are received after long periods of grinding. For example, I can still remember the epic mace called the Unstoppable Force I earned in Word of Warcraft participating in the PvP battles many years ago. Not only was it great to carry it on my character for cosmetic reasons, but it was great to swing since it dealt massive damage to anything hit. Using a special ability like whirlwind, made the weapon deadlier since it eliminated the slow swing time.

Ogre Weapons

Not surprisingly, almost all ogre weapons are of the melee variety! The spiked club is the most obvious ogre weapon and even appears on a number of logos. However, there are other weapons that should be mentioned such as the sword or cleaver, nasty axes, and even maces as club substitutes. In fact, the first Ogre themed weapon made specifically for GameOgre was a machete in an online zombie game probably over a decade ago.

However, AQ3D has recently made a few eye popping weapons with Ogres in mind such as Ogreman’s Cleaver of Boom and Ogreman’s Club. These two weapons are pictured below and can still be earned by being a part of the community here. The Cleaver came first since that was the easiest to make at that time. Although this weapon exudes wickedness, the club followed simply because it the weapon aimed more at ogres.



The Smashinator is the most recently made of these weapons and is quite possibly the best of the bunch. This mighty weapon emerged due to it its uniqueness as the previous club was already in the game as a weapon to an NPC monster. Fittingly, will end this awesome weapon list with a simple yet awesome weapon!


Future Weapons

Look for weapons to continually evolve in online games and MMOs as imaginations and games continue to reach ever higher every single year.