Video games used to be played in dusty backrooms and arcades for most of the 80s, but it’s now a mainstream game genre and global interest continues to spike. One of the reasons it continues to grow is the genre’s ability to grow with technology. Online games have been established for years, while crypto games are now starting to take off as you can see from this list of top crypto poker sites that accept bitcoin. It’s also crossed over into the video game world as well, so let’s take a look at the most notable examples.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 is a masterpiece in every sense of gaming excellence. The expansive world allows players to dive deep into the Wild West and beyond. However, did you know that there’s a decent mini-game within Red Dead? There are seven points where players can interact with other characters and participate in different side games. Given how stunningly beautiful the game is this game experience feels exceptionally authentic. If you want to play the original Red Dead game, you can also find poker in that game too!

Grand Theft Auto 5

The same developers of Red Dead, Rockstar Games also make the Grand Theft Auto series. Poker can be played in both the offline and online variations of the game. Here you can play at various establishments and other nefarious settings among the general narrative of the game. Given the enormity of the GTA Online community, the game currency can drastically alter your game experience as a big win could allow you to buy a multitude of in-game items and upgrades.

Super Mario 64 and the New Super Mario Brothers

It’s hard to believe that the Mario series included mini-games even during its very early 64-bit days. Mario and Luigi can be seen playing a card mini-game. While it’s not as authentic as the experience in Red Dead, it’s fun to play with the Mario-themed cards. A lot of Nintendo’s older titles are now available to download for free on their store if you have a subscription on one of their newer devices, see if these titles are available!

Dragon Quest XI

It is hard to believe but cards is also a playable mini-game within Dragon Quest XI. The fantastical game featuring mythic beasts and drawn-out sword-fighting adventures still finds time to appreciate a hand or two of poker. Here you’ll play with a deck that features characters and themes from the game.

Far Cry 3

Remember the heady days of Far Cry 3? The world was a different place in 2012. One such difference is that you could play a mini-game in Far Cry 3, something you can’t do in the contemporary edition, Far Cry 6. However, the Far Cry fan community occasionally pop up on social media to vent their desire for the mini-game to return.