The tenth adventure of Ogre Adventures RPG puts players in a challenging gauntlet against other Ogres!

This Adventure is for Level 10 Players only.

For the most part, you have to roll higher than a certain number to get past an obstacle or monster besides the boss. According to, higher level players have a better chance of beating lower level players due to having more damage, pet, and army bonuses.

Phase One

After rescuing the big Blue Ogre and defeating Gorbras, you set out on a path to find Gorbras but you must go through other Ogres that the evil demon has torment to do it. These ogres should be friendly but they will attack because they are currently at the whim of Gorbras. To advance, you must defeat each one. Roll twice with you being the first and the opponent being the second. A roll over 80 unleashes pets and armies while rolls over 90 activates the damage bonus as well. A red 100 or better triples the damage bonus. The winner will be the first to a certain number. If you do not win, the battle starts over! Names will not be used, but player levels will. The first opponent is a Level 6 Ogre and the first one to 2000 Points wins!

Phase Two

After beating the first Ogre, another one challenges you to a battle! This one is also Level 6, but you two will need 3000 points of damage to win this time. Also keep in mind that this Ogre has pet damage and no army damage yet. Later opponents will have armies and much higher damage bonuses.

Phase Three

The third Ogre is a little tougher as this Ogre is much higher in level than the first two! This Ogre also sports numerous pets and its very own club swinging army. To continue on this Ogre Spike Run, defeat this tougher opponent on the first try. Thus, you will need to amount 4000 points of damage before they do. If you fail this, you will need to start back at Phase 1. Nobody said this gauntlet would be easy!